What are the types of hose specifications?

Hose specification

How many types of metal hose joints are common?

软管规格表 软管型号 金属软管接头种类有哪些


Outer thread joint

: It is mainly used for connection between the local wiring box and hose.The local box is opened, the joint is plugged into the joint, and the mother is fixed with the lock mother.


Internal thread connector

: It is mainly used for wire buckle connection of cable tube and hose.


Card cover connector

: It is mainly used for the connection between the metal hose and the steel pipe. The installation of the jacket connector does not need to be set on the steel pipe. The connector is at the end of the steel pipe. One card is in jail. It has the characteristics of convenient installation.


Internal insertion

: It is mainly used for small gaps in the intensive intensive pipe, inserted into the inner diameter of the steel pipe, and it is easy to install.


Adjustable joints

: Mainly used in the case of inconsistency between steel pipe and metal hose, it can be arbitrarily larger and smaller according to the requirements of on -site installation.

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