These 100 yuan can make people look at it in Weifang

What can 100 yuan do in Weifang? Some people say that they can’t do anything. Some people say that they can eat Taihua Food Street, and some people say that they will be gone in a blink of an eye! And now many people like to pay with Alipay. Every time they use the money, they only feel that when they have no money, they remember that the money has been spent … I still remember that when I was a kid, I only needed a popsicle for a few cents, and other snacks also Very cheap, you can buy a lot of delicious foods in 100 yuan.


And now 100 yuan to drink afternoon tea is gone, and go to the supermarket to buy some food, daily necessities, etc., 100 yuan is not enough! Intersection Intersection

It’s not easy to make money, but there are always so many people who need us to care and love. At this time, we also test our “wisdom of life”. How to spend 100 yuan out of 500 yuan!

Tmall Double 11 is coming. If you give you 100 yuan, what will you spend?

You may not know that before Double 11, Taobao’s “secret” released a special sale area “value -for -money purchase”. Without nonsense, the saved marketing and traffic costs will be given back to consumers. All the products are the lowest price on the entire network! Intersection


How much cheap good goods can I buy this winter for 100 yuan, let’s come to Kangkang together ~

What can men buy for their wives and homes with 100 yuan?

Shopping list: Good wife laundry solution combination (5 kg load) 12.8 yuan; home hair dryer 17.8 yuan; Antarctic people thickened lady pajamas; 7.9 yuan in storage box; bedside night light 3.9 yuan; ceramic bowl 4.9 yuan; The dry hair hat is 9.8 yuan; the oil -proof tablecloth is 2.4 yuan. Total 99.3 yuan

Good wife laundry liquid combination (5 kg load) 12.8 yuan. Recommended reason: “Good wife laundry liquid” is a foundry factory for many big -brand laundry liquid companies. The quality is not more expensive than the big name, but the price is only one -third. The product contains super clean factor, which is super strong, which can make his wife wash easier.

Sonzhi brand ion protection method hairdryer is 17.8 yuan. Recommended reason: Seeing the long and elegant long hair, wet on her shoulder after washing in winter. Buy him this “Suzhi” hair salon -level super -large wind hair. Strong wind speed does not hurt, especially suitable for winter use.


Antarctica thick Ms. Ms. keeps warm pajamas 39.8 yuan. Recommended reason: trying to take care of the family and prepare a warm and cute lady pajamas. “Antarctic” is an old brand of warm underwear. This time, it is dedicated to winter, comfortable and warm at home, and also reflects your concern for him. (On mobile Taobao, search for the keyword “178178” to find these products)


What can 100 yuan buy for her husband and home?

Shopping list: Xiaxin Wi -Wireless Bluetooth speaker 29.9 yuan; temperature display smart insulation cup 16.8 yuan; water washing cotton four -piece set of 26.9 yuan; men’s flat -angle underwear; 8.1 yuan for belt; autumn and winter men’s socks (3 doubles) 5.8 yuan. Total: 96.4 yuan


Xia Xin Wi -Wireless Bluetooth speaker 29.9 yuan Domestic “Xia Xin” brand high cost -effective Bluetooth speaker. The manufacturer sells direct sales, so the price is only one -fove of 10 of similar products. After making him hard for a day, he can also listen to Jay Chou he likes and fades the fatigue for a day …

Temperature display smart insulation cup 16.8 yuan


Produced by the old domestic thermal insulation cup companies, it uses high -level 304 stainless steel, which is not toxic and healthier. Factory direct selling, and the price is only one -fifth of the similar products in the market. There is also a temperature display function, reminding her husband to drink more hot water in winter. (On mobile Taobao, search for the keyword “178178” to find these products.) What can 100 yuan buy for parents? Shopping list: thickened and warm winter was 29 yuan; safe kettle 18.52 yuan; massage of 21.9 yuan for the barrel of the foot; 19.5 yuan for small electric cookers; 6.55 yuan for core rolls (4 layers of 12 volumes); 101.67 yuan

The thickened and warm winter was almost 29 yuan in winter, and the old quilts in this bed did not know how many years have parents used. This thickened warm winter is a well -known enterprise from the export field. The fabric is comfortable and the core is fluffy and warm, all of which meet the national quality inspection standards. Even if it is minus 10 degrees, it can still keep warm. Factory direct sales, not only the price is lower, but also has no reason to return the goods for 30 days.


100 yuan is very small, but love a lot

In order to allow readers to buy cheap good goods at Double 11, during the Double 11 period, we will jointly Taobao “value purchase” and start “Milling Super Value, Buy together” to promote the activity. Users do not need to receive coupons. Direct reserve price of all products. From now until November 11, including more than a dozen categories of family cleanliness, daily department stores, winter warmth, and small snacks, tens of thousands of selected products will be the lowest on the entire network (Taobao, Tmall And all e -commerce platforms), and free shipping. Participation method: On mobile Taobao, search for the keyword “178178” to participate in the event to buy the cheapest good products on the entire network.

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