Graphene, gas gel, amino acid … Come to Jingdong 12.12 to buy new materials to keep warm clothing

Welcome to the rain and snow in many places, and the temperature began to fall all the way, so that the cold stars were afraid of “emo”. Fashion and warmth can also be available. During the 12.12 of, Jingdong Fashion Home released the “2022 Pioneer Warm Inspection”, starting from the application of new technology and new materials, inventory of the current Incare and home trends to keep warm things, which provides consumers a trend for consumers Keep warm boutique shopping guide.

Warm wear! Science and technology cold resistance to the streets is more fashionable

Fashion trendy people “one whole” to wearing autumn pants and fancy cotton jackets? May wish to penetrate these tide and cool black technology down jackets. “The Light of Domestic Goods” Bosideng gathered more than 100 experts to develop China Original Dream 2.0 down jackets, innovatively applying China Beidou positioning search and rescue system and aviation intelligent temperature adjustment materials. Inside the heat reflection, the heating effect is higher than 14%of the national standard, and it has -35 ° C with -35 ° C. Super strong cold force. There are also Langzi big hair collar goose velvet jackets with the highest thermal conductivity. There is no more than extremely cold space to challenge the human limits, and the thumb white Tsa fills the core insulation material of the Aerospace clothing in the cotton jacket. The air content is as high as 90%, unlocking lighter and warmer men’s business leisure wind.

Can clothing keep the skin from drying the skin? The UBRAS muscle underlying this year uses innovative amino acid fabrics like a “muscle bottom liquid” on the body. It is anti -static and far infrared while letting each inch of skin moisturize in winter. There are also Zhou Dongyu’s same UGG classic jelly boots that take care of warmth and personality. The upper uses a life jacket and the same fabric TPU. The waterproof and cold -resistant also shines every step.

Comfortable home! Science and technology guardian house is warmer

From the bedroom to the bathroom, New Technology also brings us a different comfort home experience. In winter, sun exposure time is relatively short, and the bedding is easy to become a “bacterial hotbed”, and Mercury’s spinning winter is not only selected for Australian high -quality fine wool to bring warmth to winter cold nights, but also sleep “black technology, using antibacterial rates, using antibacterial rates As high as 99%of antibacterial fabrics, guarding every night’s healthy dream.


Put the toilet to the toilet pad warm but not hygienic, the Jiu Mu smart toilet solves this problem well. Open a comfortable cleaning experience. In the winter, you should also pay attention to preventing colds. Op thermal energy ringwind and warm baths not only incorporate the thermal ring patented technology, but also the 360 ​​-degree ring of wind and warmth, bringing a new experience of comfortable heating, making winter bathing a kind of enjoyment.

During the period of science and technology, during the 12.12 period of JD, many fashionables, including the above pioneer warm products, can also participate in the number of Beijing stickers with a number of 20 minus 20 minus 20, and some products and other products. JD fashion home 12.12 place to place an order, open a warm winter life!

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