Chinese aunt transformed into Ultraman? Anti -routine short drama “Aunt’s World” was won by netizens “tap water” Amway

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Speaking of “Chinese aunt”, this seems to be a slightly controversial group. Many people will immediately think of it, always like “square dance grabbing land”, “discount big snap purchase”, “bus grab seats” The negative news of the class, the aunts shown in domestic dramas are mostly a vicious and vicious image.

Recently, a “Aunt’s World”, which has just been broadcast low -key, has made many young audiences a “tap water” Amway. This hilarious short drama has subverted the stereotype of “Chinese aunt”, which shows the joy and hard core of the aunts. In his later years, he also showed the gap between the elderly group and the digital society in a humorous narrative method.

Like propaganda anti -fraud, the aunt plays the “squeezing” health product salesperson for the sharing economy; Some children spend a lot of money to buy a “square dance house”, so that the aunt is eligible to enter the square dance team where the national championship is won in the community … all kinds of anti -routing plots and the reversal of unexpectedly, make people laugh.

“Aunt’s World” can be said to be the “Canghai Restrication Pearl” in domestic dramas. When the majority of netizens from Tsui Water started Amway, it had been broadcast for several days (January 17).

This is known as “the first Chinese aunt romantic and hilarious short drama”, and the lineup is very eye -catching:

The cadre retirees of the heroine and the captain of the community square dance team “Aunt Wang” is the childhood goddess and sweet song of many people. Jade Rabbit “Li Lingyu played.

The left for “Aunt’s World” is “Journey to the West” on the right

Another heroine, Aunt Wang’s old girlfriend “Aunt Yang”, played by Mu Liyan, a “national mother” in domestic dramas in recent years. , “I am Yu Huanshui”, the mother -in -law of Yu Huanshui.


The left for “Aunt’s World” is “Ode to Ode to Joy”


Their wife is also an old acquaintance: one is Liang Tian who has played “I Love My Family”, and the other is Wang Bozhao, who plays the “Bailong Horse” humanoid in “Journey to the West”.

The supporting actors are also shining on the stars. The most mirror is Kou Zhenhai, the “deep rain” of the “deep rain” on the beach of the beach.


The main coffee “old drama bone” gathered, and the plot was even more surprising.


“Aunt’s Story” is a unit drama form, a total of 20 episodes, each episode only 5 or 6 minutes. It mainly tells the colorful life of Aunt Wang and Aunt Yang after retiring, showing the new generation of elderly people facing the era of online intelligence in the era of online intelligence The various challenges encountered, and the solutions of the aunts often make people laugh. The content of 20 episodes made 200 episodes of laughter!

The two old sisters began to have deep friendship from the inner roll of the square dance competition. The two chased the drama, anti -fraud, cp, and buying a blind box … completely breaking the stereotype of the aunt group. These “old baby” is life. “Surfing genius” in the era of digital intelligence.

The first episode of the first episode is “Wang Fried”, which pays attention to the anti -fraud issues that many children are worried about.

But I have never been so “distressed” for health products salesmen:

On this day, the toilet of Aunt Wang’s house was broken. Xiao Li, a health product salesman, helped her change the toilet and cleaned it.

Aunt Yang, who came to play, saw it, isn’t it: Isn’t this the most common sales of health care products to scam the elderly? She quickly reminded the old sisters to be carefully deceived.

Aunt Wang was lazy and put on a stance of planning. In fact, she knew that Xiao Li was a liar, and she just took Xiao Li as a free labor force. For the purchase of health products, she was looking for various reasons to drag and drag it.


Watching Aunt Wang enjoying the free labor service every day, Aunt Yang was very envious and recognized Xiao Li as his son.


Over time, the aunts in the entire community found that Xiao Li, who was “free of labor”, was a treasure, but the aunt was too small, and Xiao Li was too busy.


In order to build a harmonious community, the aunts learned to use the “sharing economy” alive and discussed that they would raise 200 yuan per week to pretend to be cheated by Xiao Li to stabilize him. Then everyone took turns to “squeeze” Xiao Li to do housework. Aunt Yang called ” Science raising Lee and scientific use Li “.

They also built a “little Li sharing group”. When the family was busy, they shouted in the group, and the next family went to find Xiao Li Qianhuo.

As a result, all households can see the busy figure of Xiao Li’s shaft.


In the end, Xiao Li collapsed: Forget it, I would like to eat the company’s health products, so a hundred!

In the next second, Xiao Li was crying because the police came to the door because he was arrested for suspected fraud.

Finally, you can escape the “magic claws” of the aunts! Police, do you know how long I have been waiting for you!


In the last publicity of the police, Xiao Li not only showed a sincere smile, but even became fatter in the detention center …


A little Li was caught and a little week. The aunts looked at the “free labor force” who came to the door showed a meaningful smile.

What is “the highest -end hunter often appears in the form of prey”!


The warm reminder after each episode


Not only did you knock against the elderly anti -fraud alarm clock,

In the film, some aunts lack quality words and deeds, and criticized and ironic them in a absurd plot development.

For example, the “square dance grab site” will definitely be mentioned. In the play, the aunts of the square dances have a few masters with basketball boys, and the damage that comes out is really not what the general brain hole can come up with.


As the captain of the square dance team, the leader of the square dance team launched a “magic attack” and kept asking the boys to “have a girlfriend” and “whether there was a house” such as “killing”.


In the end, the other party broke her defense and lay down. The aunts of the square dance team stepped into the basketball court with a ruthless music.


The boys were not bullying. The next day they drove a bus into the community and played loudly “respecting the old and loving the young, please give a seat for those in need.”

DNA’s aunt could not control the bus to grab the seat, but the dancing venue lost.


The aunts were angry, and they simply seal the basket with plastic wrap in the middle of the night; the boys continued to fight back and let the owner directly take the basketball court as a parking lot. No one wants to use this land!


But Jiang is still old: Auntie sprinkled corn in the basketball court, attracting “massive” pigeons.


There is also a episode. It is said that the aunts went to visit the champion of Tsinghua students.

There is a aunt who is the most outrageous. She even wants to put it in the bathtub in the bathtub in the morning!

Don’t be so polite … Brother frightened .jpg

Some plot settings, rather than telling the story of an aunt, are actually more like reflecting some social phenomena from the perspective of aunt.


There is no sensation, no preaching, but letting the audience laugh at the while laughing and “on the top”, so that the audiences of all ages can resonate from it.

Now the “blind box economy” popular in young people is reflected in the play, but the aunts grabbing the “Egg Blind Box”. This episode is the most “crazy” episode of the whole drama.

The aunts bought eggs crazy in the supermarket. As a result, the price of chicken soared, and the eggs became tight. It was difficult to find armed for armed escort.

Chicken is no longer a simple chicken, which is called “mineral chicken”; the chicken farm has also been renamed, called “mine”.


This fanatic style, in 2013, a large number of Chinese aunt acquired gold in the case of the continued plunge of international gold prices, which caused the largest single -day increase in the international gold price in that year.


In the Internet era, big data also affected the aunts.

There is a episode that the aunts are worried about what color square dance performances to buy. As a result, Aunt Wang said casually to eat tomatoes and fried eggs at night, and the mobile phone shopping app pushed her a lot of red and yellow clothes.

Later, Aunt Wang asked Aunt Yang to pick up her grandson. The class name was “Panda Class”, and the app pushed her black and white clothes. The two felt wrong, and finally found that the mobile phone software was listening, and then recommended the product according to their conversation content.


So in order to let the mobile software push out a fair and objective trendy clothing, Aunt Wang took away everyone’s mobile phone during the meeting, but did not expect that some children talked about Ultraman at the mobile phone store.

As a result … is this “mother of Out”? Intersection (Bushi)

Except for the daily daily life between the little sisters,


The entry point of “mother and daughter” is also a very exciting highlight in the play

, Make young audiences quite a sense of generation. When I was a child, my mothers fled to play games in the Internet cafes every day and ran around for school district houses. Now it is my turn to worry about this group of children.

Aunt Wang was addicted to watching the “IQ Tax” of health. When her daughter did not let her, she made excuses to hide in the Internet cafe. She was still ridiculed that some children were caught by their parents, and she found that her daughter was standing behind herself.

Later, her daughter sent Aunt Wang to the school of health prevention. Drinking water and drinking cola there, eating fried food, and baking feet was ice bucket.


Do you want to sleep early at night and let the liver detox? What to sleep, get up! Two index fingers are like two heavenly monkeys, pointing to the shining light ball!


In this wave of control, Yang Yongxin had to call “internal line” when he watched it!


At that time, the mother grabbed the school district for the child. Now there are children who spend a lot of money to buy a “square dance house”, so that the aunts are qualified to enter the square dance team in this community to get the national championship.

At that time, my mother urged her children to study, and now there are children who stop the aunts from letting go to play.

But if the child is not studying well, the mother can enjoy a “bamboo shoot barbecue”; if the mother does not study hard?

“What, can’t you hit me?


“I, I … then I hit your child!” The filial piety of the family.


The aunt has been useless after passing the test, and I have to check her children. What unit? Which position? How much is the annual income?


Is there any “Xiao Shengchu” flavor now? It’s a good reincarnation, who has the heavens spared …

Although it is an unpopular work in the recent domestic dramas, there is no traffic blessing, and it is not a big production, but this ingenious “big heroine” short drama is fast and short -rhythm, and the laughter is dense. In addition, the plot content is grounded. Old opera bone acting skills are fully online. Recently, under some tap water Amway, I finally won the attention and love of many netizens.

Many netizens shouted in the play as if they saw their mother’s figure, as well as hot reviews called “2022 happy god drama”. “This drama is not much better than traffic water injection drama?”

On the Douban platform, this drama has not yet opened points. Most of the popular scores of the popular comments are four stars and five stars. Among them, there are many comments saying that this film and television work like the middle -aged and elderly groups as the main character is that It is really rare, and it is rare to shoot so vivid and interesting.

The biggest problem is that it is too short. The funny life of Sister Wang and Sister Yang has ended the drama before watching it. The last episode is all the barrage of “Seeking Season”.

However, some audiences said that many network stalks were used on the group of the aunts. The audience of this play is not obvious, and the young audience may not be interested in the protagonist; For the content of the Internet culture, middle -aged and elderly audiences may not understand and keep up with the rhythm.


Therefore, some netizens believe that this “Aunt’s World” may actually be said to be a scene after the 80s and 90s women become the aunts, and it does not meet the current image of the aunt group.

According to the Yangtze Evening News, director Peng Chen once said that in his creation, he tried to build a bridge between young people and the elderly through the resonance of the intergenerational life experience. “Everyone says that there are always deep generation grooves between a generation and a generation. Although I am not very old, I can’t feel the colorful and spicy in the elderly life, but I think we are in response to the difficulties and trivial matters in our lives. At the time, the feelings of embarrassment, embarrassment, or suffering can be experienced by audiences of all ages. “

Starring Li Lingyu also mentioned that the new generation of “aunt” must break the stereotype of the public, “Who will not get old? We must continue to try new things, live old to learn old, elegant to old.” She also revealed that her son It is also chasing this drama. “Parents are getting older. This is a problem that every generation of young people will experience. Now it is also experienced after 00. Therefore, this topic young people will not refuse.”


In Li Lingyu’s opinion, the words “Chinese aunt” are widely mean, and the aunts in the play are also the epitome of this group. “Now the economic conditions are good, this can be reflected from the sunny and cheerful aunt. . In my mind, Chinese aunt is a very positive group that brings Chinese square dance to all corners of the world. “

Moreover, the concept of “Chinese aunt” is constantly being updated. Li Lingyu said: “In the past, everyone had a certain view of the aunt who danced the square dance, and now the aunt group is also advancing with the times. In terms of terms, watching TV on the Internet accepts new things to identify, many are also affected by young people, and they grow up with menopause and rebellion. “

“There are a lot of things we have to learn now. We must master the tradition left by the old generation and absorb some of the new things that young people brought to us.” In the pace of the previous era, “constantly trying new things, living until old, elegant. I think that people who are about to become aunt must follow up.”

Li Lingyu and Mu Liyan have also recently filmed “Men’s Form” magazine

Well, now with “Aunt’s World”, can you look forward to “Uncle’s World” in the future?

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