In autumn and winter, wearing a “knitted hat” is so fashionable, warm, comfortable and versatile, fashionable and essentials love

In the season when the temperature is getting lower and lower, some items that protect the cold and keep warm need to be prepared, which can not only increase the sense of fashion hierarchy, styling, but also bring some practicality. The special knit hat that is particularly suitable in autumn and winter is one of the small items that are very seasonal. The good match can play a finishing touch for the entire shape.

Soft and glutinous knitted hat, comfortable and delicate touch, warm and comfortable to wear, can well modify the face shape

Essence It also has good warmth in autumn and winter seasons, injecting some fashion presentation into the overall dress. And according to different styles, it is also suitable for different people, creating a different trend style, and the changes in clothing will also be correspondingly changed.

Different colors of knitted caps are worn, and the visual sense revealed will be different


Girls with darker skin tone can use low -saturated colors such as white smoke gray apricot color, which will make the skin color look fair, and it also has a brightening effect on the skin color. With casual items, when it is a sweater jacket, you can wear a lively and playful youthful sense of youth, and the coat will show the intellectual and gentle breath.

Knitted hat+jacket


Some popular fashion elements have always been loved by many fashion women. The fashionable sense of fashion will always look particularly eye -catching and picky. Like the classic leopard omolic or striped ripple point elements, it has always been prosperous in the trend circle. It is made of items made of these elements.

Combined with solid -colored knitted caps, it looks comfortable and comfortable



Some elegant color items are the love of the temperament ladies. They look intellectual and gentle, and they do not seem publicity and high -profile. It is also a good match as a workplace color system. The style of the coat or windbreaker, even mature women, favors it.


Wearing a pinch hat can easily wear an elegant and romantic fashion atmosphere, and it will also look very picky when you go out of the street.


Many girls in autumn like to cover themselves strictly, but for those fashionable trendy girls,

Sometimes I choose some single -skinned items to create their own unique and sexy style of being careful.

Essence It is a good way to wear a small dew -waist shirt in a thick coat. It will not feel cold and perfectly interpret this faint sexy style.

In the dull autumn and winter seasons, wearing some more beautiful colors will make people look good, and the complexion is also very good


Essence Like a pink coat with a sense of age, it is very suitable. If you want to wear a high coordination, then it is OK with a color -like knitted hat, creating a sense of coordination of the overall shape, and you can wear it full of full -scale style. Full of fashion youth.

The same color items are always well matched, and they are not worried that they will make mistakes, so that the sense of fashion of the whole wear

Essence It is possible to use the same color or the lower body of the upper body or the lower body, or the rules of echoing and the end of the end. These are equally suitable. Like hats and shoes, or the colors of the top, the sense of fashion of the whole wear is the same, and they are not worried about the whole match.


Knitted hat+skirt

The skirts that can be worn all year round are just because of the changes in the season, and some conversion will be generated in the material. However, its fashionability is still the same, so in the autumn and winter seasons, many girls still like to wear skirts as home clothes, like skirts with small shirts or coats. These combinations are also very common. The appearance rate in daily wear is also quite high.

Arrange a simple and versatile dress upper body. It is simple to wear without worrying about matching. For lazy cancer girls and girls who do not wear them, they are all good choices. As long as you choose the color that is suitable for your skin tone, you can wear your own fashion temperament. If you are worried about the error, you will not have a big problem with the low -saturation color system.

With some other small items, such as hats and bags are strong, you can go out of the street to smell the beauty.


Some of the colors that are too publicized are very eye -catching in autumn and winter, but also need to be combined with dressing scenes and their own skin texture

Essence Like a big red jacket, the elements of joy and joy are enough, and they will look good when they are worn, but because the saturation is too much, the black skin girls have a slight suppression. Then you can set up a white or black turtleneck or a lapel -collar underperform to dilute the color of the neck, so that the skin tone will not be suppressed.

Knitted hat+pants


Classic elements that have always been popular, in fact, each season is popular every year. In the wear of many girls, it can be easily seen.

Essence Classic grids or thin stripes, or playful ripple dot sweet florals, etc. When a piece of clothing has the blessing of these elements, then its original simplicity will also be broken. And when the fashion is wearing a lot, it is more suitable with other items with pure colors.

The dark -colored items are collected in one, and they look elegant and implicitly wear, and they also have some restrained feelings. Many mature women like it very much.


Essence Then if you want to make highlights in the whole dress, you either use some fashion cutting methods or incorporate some popular elements embellishment, so that you can wear the fashion focus you want.


The color that is too beautiful, and generally requires some of the lowest items to be weakened, so that the whole dress looks more layered

Essence Combined with the proper choice of the previous style, you can also wear the style you want. It is easy to learn from the popular puppet method of the special popularity in autumn and winter. It is easy to create a sense of layering. It is also easy to wear fashion and foreign flavor with other items.



These fashionable and simple knitted caps have different colors, combined with different clothing, can create a different fashion sense. Friends who like it can combine their favorite attributes to match and wear your different charm.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide, so that you no longer worry about dressing!

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In autumn and winter, wearing a “knitted hat” is so fashionable, warm, comfortable and versatile, fashionable and essentials love

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