Li Jiaqi Live Trailer List 1.5 January 5, 2022 Li Jiaqi live broadcast time and list trailer

What are the products of Li Jiaqi 1.5 live? Li Jiaqi live broadcast at 7:30 on January 5th, so what kind of products will Li Jiaqi bring to us on January 5? The following editors will bring you the preview of Li Jiaqi’s live list on January 5th. Let’s take a look.

Li Jiaqi Live Trailer List 1.5

1. Live time

Li Jiaqi live broadcast at 19:30 on January 5

2. Live content


1. Find the material roll

2. Loulan honey language Golden phoenix raisins

3. Crispy pork

4. Changxin famous tea frozen top oolong tea

5. There is Leddao Chia seed biscuits

6. Pin -grained sandwiches

7. Choczero sugar -free black chocolate

8. Shenger and longan dry

9. Vitality Forest Countermeasure Lactic acid bacteria

10. Wheat and wheat oatoat oats drink

11. Little crispy non -fried potato chips


12. Zhou Shengsheng Charme series Twelve zodiac skewers

13. Liufu Jewelry Rabbit Gold Pendant

14. Skecker male and female printed shake pill jacket

李佳琦直播预告清单1.5 2022年1月5日李佳琦直播时间及清单预告

15. Sky couple mech shoes

16. Skecker’s 30th Anniversary Daddy Shoes

17. Sikecci classic velvet/no panda shoes

18. Sky couple retro street shoes

19. Sikecci Men and Women’s Latest Tiger First Plusal Sweatper

20. Sky couple with velvet trousers

21, protect Shubaoyun feel cotton day and night combination

22. Beidin Steamed Stew Pot G56A Double Layer Edition

23. ACA air fried oven

24. LOVO Intelligent temperature control mite removal electric blanket

25. Luolai Family Textiles and thick warm velvet kits

26, babycare royal diapers

27. Babycare Royal Royal Lara Pants

28. ASVEL measuring rice barrel

29. Starbucks New Year Menghu Series Star Cup

30. Jinghua 4 -in -1 Sakura Laundry Ningzhu

31. Dang Ni Li Xiangzhu

32. Ouile B mouthwash


33. Keyan High Hubs Cream

34. Opali time locks anti -wrinkle firming eye cream

35. Keyan Ah alcohol essence

36. Sassoon Repairing Water and Washing and Washing Suit

37. Sepatoma amino acid cleansing

38. Settolic cream C milk

39. Tosamura Xiu New Year Lipstick

40, Vinona light translucent white light spot mask

41. Strange Bathroom Betrine Body Milk

42. Quadi Qingrun Times

43. ONL Y Mineral S Chun ore mineral nourishing lip gloss

44. Pan Ting deep water cannonball

45. REISE Cleansing Ointment (spike)

(Fashion help broadcasting)

46. ​​There is no trace vest in the banana hot skin

47. Mo Xun bottom pantyhose

48. Curious Micis My Melody joint hooded hooded Arctic velvet bed robe

49. Internal and external women’s cloudless size light/medium -high waist pants single strip

50. Zhi Bi Window/Magnolia Orchid/Wind Snow Mao Woors

51. Solvig four -color wool woolen wide -leg pants

52. Tang Shi Half -neckline knitting bottom shirt girl

53. KBNE three -color long down jacket

54. Toutou rabbit ears hairy bag

55. Dialogue high -necked sweater

56, Leschi jeans

57. Momaco virtue sweater;

58. Athief Question Night Bar Baseball

59. Thousands of Baidu long cylinder knight boots

60, bosie agent college style letter print down jacket

61. Bosie Agender Fun Retro Rose Sweater

62, basichouse solid color down jacket

63. Tang Shi couples with loose guard pants

64, Boshili collar softening light warm down jacket

65. Sikecci men’s and women’s same knitted hat/backpack

66, vfl j sports bras/star sunny pants

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