Fix one second to repair the network cable crystal head Akihabara again out of the artifact

Many people accidentally throw the network cable when they accidentally use the crystal head. Although it is not too difficult to repair it, it is very cumbersome (need to prepare network wire pliers, new crystal heads, scissors, and you must press the line by yourself.Preface 568B standard, from left to right: 1 orange -white, 2 orange, 3 green white, 4 blue, 5 blue white, 6 green, 7 brown white, 8 brown connection), so few people who can really cultivate themselves.

So when there is a problem with the crystal head, most of them can only ask professional staff, but now there are new methods.

A artifact appears in Akihabara, a special crystal head repair kit, which can make the crystal head that is cut off to restore the entire function.

This SSC-13LAN repair kit is very simple. It only needs to be put on the damaged crystal head, which is very suitable for ordinary users to operate.

一秒修复网线水晶头 秋叶原再出神器

In terms of price, a set of 380 yen (about 23 yuan) contains three kits.■

一秒修复网线水晶头 秋叶原再出神器

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一秒修复网线水晶头 秋叶原再出神器

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