Which electric kettle is strong? In the first quarter of 2021, the TOP50 explosion list was confidential! Do these brands dare to start?

This article is an electrical water pot of the “2021 Home Appliances Explosive Product List”.

Data originated from JD, Tmall, Taobao, Suning Tesco, and Gome Online. In the first quarter of 2021, the total sales data of electric kettle categories.

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I believe that after reading this article, whether you are shopping consumers or market practitioners, you will have a new understanding of the brand structure and product trend of electric kettle.

Thanks to the consumption habits of Chinese people who love to drink water and make tea, electric kettle has become one of the most popular small appliance categories in the family. However, in recent years, due to the lack of technological iteration and product innovation, the sales of electric water hot pots have been weak, and the price has continued to decline.


In the first quarter of 2021, the sales of electric kettle in the 5th line of the 5th line were 941 million yuan, and the sales volume was 9.8079 million units. The year -on -year sales increased by 13.52%, the sales volume increased by 14.16%, and the average product price was 96 yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 1 yuan.

From the perspective of product details, the proportion of sales of each product volume is: 5.86%, 1.5L (inclusive) -1.7L to 28.03%, 1.7L (inclusive) -2.0L accounting for 35.85L (inclusive) -1.7L (inclusive). 2.0L and above account for 30.26%.


From the perspective of the price range, in the first quarter of 2021, below 90 yuan, more than 300 yuan, 200-249 yuan, it is the three most prices sections of the electric kettle, which occupies 44.06%, 13.76%, and 8.11%of the market sales. Essence

In the first quarter of 2021, the TOP10 brand list of the electric kettle, Midea, Supor, Jiuyang ranked in the top 3, Xiaomi, Oaks, Bear, Rongsheng, pictorial seal, hemisphere, tiger cards, ranking 4-10 respectively, 4-10, respectively. name.

In the first quarter of 2021, the electric kettle TOP50 hot -selling model. In the sales list, Supor was on the list of 15, 14 Midea, 5 of Jiuyang, 5 Xiaomi, 2 Oaks, and 9 other brands.

How to choose an electric kettle? What brand of electric kettle is good? Which brand of electric kettle is easy to use? Which electric kettle brands are worth buying? The most worthwhile electric kettle recommendation …


How to choose an electrical kettle, an article on an article on electric kettle shopping strategies and electric kettle purchase guidelines everywhere can be seen everywhere. Recommended products are also diverse.


However, in fact, the most reliable ultimate shopping strategy to buy home appliances is one trick: choose professional brands that specifically categories, or well -known brands with this category as the core business.


Many consumers buy home appliances and like to take “brand fame” as a priority factors, while some anchors with goods are well versed in the mystery, often hanging “big brands, trustworthy” on their mouths.

In fact, multi -category development is a common phenomenon in the home appliance industry. In addition to the main products, many brands are produced in OEM and are not as beautiful as the brand, but the price is much higher.

Therefore, the wise approach is that professional and quality are the key factor that must be considered first. At the same time, according to its own needs, according to the functional technology and cost -effectiveness of the product, combined with the brand’s market performance and reputation, a comprehensive judgment is made.

Based on the above standards, these 5 brands are recommended for electric kettle: Beiding, Supor, Midea, Tiger, Pink Seal.


Go directly to the picture! In the first quarter of 2021, the top ten brands of electric kettles, the top 10 brand sales list and the top50 list of electric kettle thermal sales products were presented one by one.

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