Internet celebrity isolation sharing, enamel isolation is thin and thin, Keyan’s zero -bad review, Lange isolation net red same model

The role of a cream in our daily makeup is still quite large. Don’t underestimate the effect of an isolation. Cream creams can not only help us resist the damage to the skin, but also effectively eliminate some harmful substances in the air.


Today, I will share with you some good reputation creams. If you want to know more friends who want to learn more about the cream, let’s take a look!


Number1: Kyan’s whitening and queen isolation milk


This isolation milk not only has a high sunscreen multiple, but its texture does not feel heavy and greasy. The texture is relatively refreshing, and the face is very good, and it is easy to push away. It will not block the pores. Friends who are afraid of causing acne and sensitive can use this isolation milk.

The texture is relatively thin, and many stars are also using this one. It is easy to push away. It is not heavy at all. The online review is also very good. It can be said that it is an isolation of zero bad reviews.

This isolation cream has no effect, so its makeup removal will be relatively simple. It can be washed off with facial cleanser. It is very suitable for lazy people.

Number2: lλneige Lanzhi


The first is that Lange’s isolation cream does not pick people. Lange’s cream is suitable for any skin type. In addition, Lanzhi Xueyi soft isolation texture is relatively thin, and it does not stuffy acne. It can easily isolate external pollutants. SPF25 sunscreen value can also meet daily sunscreen needs.

There are three color numbers to choose from in a cream, which is convenient to meet different base makeup needs. Purple cream can modify the dark yellow and uneven skin tone of the face, and can also help brighten the skin tone. Green partition can modify the redness of the face. Acne marks, etc., help improve skin tone; and blue cream can correct the skin color, showing the sense of clear nakedness and beauty.


Number3: Paol & JOE enamel cream


The popularity of this cream is very popular, and the people in the counter are full. This isolation cream is more suitable for babies with some oily skin. They are designed for oil skin. After applying it, the face can be as delicate and fair as the enamel doll.


The texture of the lotion is very moist and thin, as comfortable as velvet, thin and breathable ductility, and make makeup easier, but this is also a disadvantage of the cream. The concealer ability is not so good. Sister who are confident in your skin or want to create a bare metal can just wipe it out.

Number4: RMK isolation cream

RMK’s isolation cream is also super high. Its moisturizing ability is very good. It contains the essence of silk, suitable for some dry skin and fine -late sisters. The older sisters can also choose this isolation cream.


The texture of the cream is very refreshing, it will not feel greasy, it will also play a role in modifying the skin. It can lighten some fine lines and make the skin smooth, uniform, suitable for the isolation milk modified before makeup. Babies with large pores will be thick -pores. I like this isolation cream very much.

There are three different color numbers in RMK’s isolation cream. You can choose according to your favorite. The transparent model is recommended to people with small fine lines. Ivory color is suitable for some friends who want to be brighter. After using this isolation, it will obviously feel that the makeup will be more convincing, and the card powder will change a lot.

The above is some of the more useful bar creams shared with you today. After reading it, there are better recommendations. Welcome everyone to leave a message below and share your opinions with more people. If you like our recommended every day, please pay attention to us.

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