Autumn and winter lazy wind and loose robe cutting pictures, loose and warm

Today we share with you the lazy and loose robes of autumn and winter, which is a more practical top in autumn and winter. The lazy wind and loose robe, the practice of even the sleeves, the hem reduced appropriately, which is a bit thinner. If you like A -shaped type, you can let the hem have a larger painting than our bust. It ’s not very long. Just look at the relevant data. The neckline is a normal round neck method. It will be better if you do double -layer. If you do n’t do a double -layer friend, our neckline needs to be made into the edge of the edge. The place where the sleeves are combined needed to add a sewing head. Our tailoring drawings are not added in the place where the sleeves and sleeves are connected. If there is no cutting foundation and a sewing foundation, it is recommended to learn the entry tutorial. Picture, material for this top: Gate amplitude: 150cm 2.5 meters. If novices can buy a little more, you can also buy a little more. When you choose the fabric and cut the cutting, you will also have different elasticity of the fabric on the data. If you change this, you need to pay attention. This style can be suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the effects of different fabrics will be different. The black line of the tailoring picture is the front film, and the red line is the back film, because in the same tailoring drawing picture The front and rear films can be seen more clearly, and everyone can operate more conveniently.

Reference data (unit: city inch)

Clothing: 33/





Belt bust: 36/



Shoulder width: 12.5/


Sleeve length: 17/



(This can be according to everyone’s needs)

Author: ArticleManager