The tatami bed is improved.

If I did n’t listen to my parents, I bought a small hardcover room of 30 square meters in Hefei. I mainly saw it with decoration, saving trouble and money, especially in the tatami on both sides of the bedroom. Divided into the functional area of ​​the bedroom, the lighting and unobstructed are not covered, and it is comfortable to live alone ~


The bedroom itself belongs to a quiet area and needs to protect privacy, but the small open room cannot do partitions and doors. A glass partition is added to the tatami bed to allow the bed to automatically transform into an independent functional area. Because the glass itself is transparent, the light can be passed through. It will block the lighting of the entire opening. Although the area is small, the lighting is no worse than the 100 -square -square house.


其中之所以在两侧装半玻璃隔断,没有全封起来,主要是为了通风换气,这样当我晚上在榻榻米床上睡觉的时候不会产生压抑、封闭的感觉,而且紧靠窗户边,所以空气There is no problem in circulation. The sleep environment inside is relatively comfortable. When during the day, the part of the half -part -in -one space is conducive to promoting indoor air convection and small area, but the living environment is still good.

Some people may have doubts,


What should I do if the glass partition on the tatami bed is broken?


Don’t worry about this. It is composed of tempered glass+steel structure, so the strong level of glass partition is guaranteed. As long as it is not maliciously impacted, there is no problem in 20/30 years, and I live alone, and my family is also at home. There are no naughty children, so the case of glass partitions is basically not appeared.

Although the transparent glass is strong and transparent, we know what to put at home. It will not be avoided in time, and the glass partition is double -sided, so cleaning is also troublesome. Therefore, we must pay attention to cleaning. Otherwise, it is all gray, which affects beauty and also affects use.


In fact, the traditional Japanese tatami bed is mostly equipped with paper door on tatami+wooden frames. Usually open the door during the day, ventilate ventilation, and then close it at night to create a privacy and relatively quiet sleeping environment, but this inside If there is no window, it is not recommended to completely close the door.

Now many small open rooms want to make Japanese -style tatami, make a tatami floor bed, and then use the hollow wood grille plate to spread the bed to protect the privacy and divide the functional area. It’s also good ~

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