Evaluation Real glue and environmentally friendly mattresses, good materials must be visible! Sleeping experience of bed mat

Hello everyone, I am a younger -time boyfriend. A Japanese -style work man who was engaged in five -star hotel management before is now a Japanese workman in the art industry.


During the hotel, it can be said that a lot of understanding of the mattress, plus 183 height and 180 weight, naturally requires the mattress!

The appearance must be beautiful, high comfort, good support, and changeable enough.

Not long ago, Xiaoyan was inhabited and an assessment of a dump of sugar, and I volunteered to participate. Then, the real good and straight man was almost bent by a mattress.


The reason is that when the mattress is delivered to home quickly, I can only carry a 2M × 1.5M mattress into the room with my own power.

A solid feeling is telling me that this is not a mattress that is perfunctory and increased traffic!

Well, open the courier packaging and officially start the mattress evaluation.


▼ Part 1 appearance ▼


Disassembled the cowhide paper to transport the packaging (as if it was the first gift for the first time), and found that in addition to the transparent plastic cover, the mattress also carried the thick protective layer in the four corners, and it was very convenient to take it. Finally, I moved to my bed. La!


As a Japanese workman, there are many base -colored T -shirts led by Henry in the wardrobe, which describes so carefully, because it is necessary to be versatile and reflect the hard work of the work. There!


This mattress is Wafer!

The cotton’s Walv Grid is not an ordinary grid. It has a lot of advantages.


Can’t afford the ball, not foster, absorbing and breathable.

When touching, the cotton material is very soft, skin -friendly, and the babies who are pursuing a natural sense must love this fabric.


▼ PART 2 internal texture ▼

The biggest selling point for habitat mattresses is that you can freely choose each layer of the mattress, which means that each layer of mattress

Both materials and prices must be completely transparent

Only to allow customers to choose a combination freely.


For customers who choose difficulties, Ipinato is also launched intimately


Standard style

It is standard, there are still three types of soft, hard, and moderate.

And this time I evaluated the custom model, I chose

Walph grid fabric (460 yuan), the filling layer is 2cm 3D material (2*460 = 920 yuan)+2cm latex (2*240 = 480 yuan)+2cm high -density sponge (2*180 = 360 yuan) To the bottom), the spring layer is an independent bag of spring (1600 yuan), plus the disassembly device (300 yuan), a total of 4120 yuan

Essence Every penny knows which layer of spent.


As a 1.83 -meter, 180 catties, the first step, I took out the tape measure to measure the thickness of the mattress.

The thickness of about 26cm as a whole, of which the spring layer is about 20cm, and the filling layer is about 6cm.

It has reached the mattress thickness standard of the domestic four -star hotel, very satisfied, appropriate thickness, don’t worry about being too high without security, and not worrying about humidity because of too thin.

In addition, the size of 1.5mx2m is completely suitable for scalability sofa beds, and it does not hinder the two people turn over and roll.

There is a zipper between each layer of the mattress,

The zipper uniformly use the YKK zipper system

, Pulling is very smooth. At the same time, the trapped zipper design reduces the possibility of accidental injuries (scrape) when sleeping.

Pulling along the zipper, the fabric layer can be completely removed and cleaned, which can get rid of the problem that the all -in -one mattresses cannot be cleaned. This can ensure that the baby can be washed, the girl leaked without traces, and the boy looked at it himself.

The most important thing is that I can’t solve the problem of drying when I love clean. If I can remove it, the sunlight is completely unobstructed.


Open the materials layer and turn on my sensitive olfactory mode. I am afraid of the smell of glue! But the first thing to see is a 3D material that helps fixed, and the mattress is more breathable with this material.

3D material four corners have physical fixed straps

, Fix the filling layer in physical fixation, so the entire mattress


No glue is needed to bond,

No need to guess doubt, very environmentally friendly and safe. Each layer is clearly visible, and what you see is selected.


You can choose the material of the filling layer according to your own needs. It can be replaced if it is not suitable. The core material of the mattress can be customized


Suitable for your comfort and hardness

Intersection Intersection

Just like this time we choose a high -density sponge+latex+3D material, if you like the current placement method, 3D and sponge are above, it will feel harder. If you want to sleep softer, you can adjust the latex layer by yourself. To the top layer.


After all, latex is always the best in the mattress. Those injects like cheese can always poke each of the tight points of the body, let the whole body relax, suitable for high -pressure people, and are good partners of sleep.


Is this mattress that can be freely matched with a real functional bed? Intersection Disassemble, assemble, customize, do whatever you want!


The most important thing is that the raw materials of the mattress come from the first -class factory supply. Everyone knows that the sponge comes from “Sano” Sinomax. The spring comes from the “Lien School”. All the fabric passes the “EU confidence textile textile “Certification”, all produced processes are transparent, all used materials are transparent, environmentally friendly and safe. I can clearly know where my money is spent? Intersection Is cost -effective!

▲ The filling layer and the spring layer can be separated as a whole, which is easy to replace


▼ Part 3 Try to sleep ▼

After verifying the material of each layer, pull up the zipper, or go back to the mattress.


First of all, I took an apple for experiments, and when I fell into the mattress, it was clean and neat.

High -density sponge+latex

The elasticity is just right and will not be thin.


Sitting at the corner of the mattress, the mitigation under the mattress is not obvious, and the support ability is still OK.

It is popular here that the mattress does not have to be thick or expensive, and the mattress that can greatly meet the characteristics of the human body’s physiological bending is the winning factor.

Sun Haolin, an expert at the first hospital of Peking University, pointed out: During sleep, the most reasonable assignment of heads, shoulders, waists, hips, and legs is 10%, 30%, 10%, 35%, 15%, so the support is supported by the support, so the support is the support The more accurate the ratio, the more refreshing the hypnotic effect.

As a free match with a mattress, even spring is available, each with its own characteristics. And the independent bags we choose, first of all, the anti -interference ability is very good! Jumping on the bed, the glass was unmoved. Never wake up the pillows because of turning over.


In addition, the springs of independent bags made of lives will be adjusted according to different parts of the body. The support of the support, the tolerance of tolerance, is very comfortable to sleep.


Lying up directly, whether it is my 180 catties of weight, or the weight of about 90 pounds of small research, I can get the gentle fit of the mattress. Feeling hard.

When lying on the side, the side waist can clearly feel a mild filling. For those who need to keep warm in the remote nest or abdomen, this design is very interested.

When the hips are supported, the hips have slightly sinking when the hips are supported, showing the sense of accommodation of the mattress, which can fix the body well. At the same time, it can maintain sufficient smoothness.


When sitting, the mattresses are equally strong. From the hips to the feet, they are arranged properly.


▼ Part 4 Summary ▼

In general, the first tactile, the texture of the Wastele of the mattress is very gentle and close, very pleasing.


The most rare advantage is the dismantling. Visualized materials can be freely selected and replaced. A cost -effective and environmentally friendly concept.

Physical fixed, environmentally friendly and healthy.

The mattress itself, whether it is supportive and wrapped.

Coupled with the form of purchase of this self -service side dish, the overall experience is satisfactory.

Well, I want to turn off the lights to sleep. You can not buy it, but don’t want to sleep in my bed!

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