DIY practical small cloth bag: teach you to make a double -layer simple beam pocket

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I like beam pockets. Better pockets of different sizes can be used to install small gadgets such as mobile phones, change, M scarves, lipsticks, and put them in the bag, which is very convenient and practical.


In the bundle bag of this tutorial, I want to use mobile phones and earplugs, so that the mobile phone in the bag can not only be protected, but also easy to take.

The production process of beam pockets is not difficult to understand. It is easy to understand. After mastering the basic steps and points, you can change the pattern and adjust the different sizes. During the production process, we can follow the following ideas to understand the production steps:


First, make a channel for piercing: Before the fabric suture

Second, make the bag body: stitching after the decoration of the fabric increase

Third, wear rope bands: learn to wear rope methods

1. Fabric:

1. Fabric: cotton cloth/linen

I use cotton cloth here, which is relatively thin, so I use two cotton cloth, make table cloths and librarys, and suture into a thick cloth. If the fabric is thick, use a layer of cloth.


2. Fabric size: 40 × 14, mobile phone size: 13.5 × 6.5


(You can adjust according to actual needs. If you want to make a bigger, cut the corresponding size when cutting the fabric.)


Second, tools and auxiliary materials

Tools: sewing machine, scissors, ruler, pen,


Accessories: Two rope (the length can be determined according to the length of the pocket mouth, which is slightly longer than the length of the pocket mouth), and lace lace (for decoration, maybe)


First, the two thin cotton cloths are squeezed into a thick cloth.


Note: If the selected fabric is thick, you can ignore this step and start directly from the second step.

(1) Sewing tables and Libu

(2) Sewing return

(3) Tiring cloth

Second, make a channel of rope wearing rope

(1) Inner folding suture to form a rope -through -pass channel


(2) Add lace lace: that is, you can make decoration, or you can cover the obvious stitching

After the left and right sides are added with lace:

Third, make the bag body

(1) Sewing on both sides

Note: When suture, press the black line in the figure. Do not seal the opening of the rope channel.

(2) Bag angle treatment: This is to pay attention to the treatment of the bottom of the bag at the bottom of the bag, but you can do it or not

After turning to the front, the picture of the bag corner processing

Fourth, rope method


If there is no rope, you can find it from us. I like to use a small black hair clip to wear rope. They are thinner and convenient. When I can’t find a small hair clip, I have used an eyebrow clip, or I can use it. ,Ha ha

A rope left in the left

: As shown in the figure above, go in from the left, and after a circle, come out from the left;

Enter the other rope to right in and right

: As shown in the figure below, put it in from the right side, and after a circle, come out of the right.

Five, complete map

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