There is no clue to wear in winter? Try these warm and comfortable short jackets, which are high and foreign

Life lies in exercise. Although girls are born without exercise cells, they can be good at exercise. In order to be able to live for a long time, in order to have a powerful body, I think exercise is very necessary. Let’s take a look at how the short coat has a sense of movement. It is better to go to the morning to run together. The vitality is full of skin.

A: White sports thick coat.


Sports can accelerate sweating, and sweat can take away many residual skin garbage. This is why the lady who loves sports is generally good in both skin and body. There is no clue to wear in winter? Try these warm and comfortable short jackets, which are high and foreign.


In order to drive exercise, I have to move these three sports styles up. The sports style must have such a sense of sport, but as a daily life, it can not be exactly the sports style. After all, it is impossible to go to work or go shopping, just choose a sense of sports. On the way home, you often move.


And the slightly motion -motion combination often has a large extent that there is a kind of sports beauty. To reflect the aesthetics of sports, there are three methods. One is that there is a good body, and the other is a sporty clothes or pants. Three It is a spiritual head, giving people a sense of vitality. No matter what kind of choice, we are indispensable for us.

I often look at the chicken soup, pursue independence, and pursue a better self, so we can’t let this momentum go on. This style can also be used as a home to facilitate housework. You can go out and go out, so the details can be promoted to a good set.

The white bottoming shirt is paired with a black V -neck sweater, and a camel -colored skirt. If you only look at the inside, it belongs to the fresh literary style. After all, the white bottoming shirt is a bit thin. With the V -neck sweater, it can increase the thickness. The feeling of stacking will look more energetic!


The camel’s skirt with a side bag on the right. The young lady who likes to intervene will be able to lead the gods. The interpretation of the black and white is how much the black and white are, because the sense of movement gives this set to the vitality.


B: Yellow exquisite minimalist short jacket.


This more suitable vocabulary is a short down jacket. Although there is no movement in the matching, the overall feeling is capable and daily. It is recommended that the younger sister can also replace the yellow short jacket to the yellow sports jacket. The collision of Lan is already very suitable, so there is no need to change other colors.

The blue high -necked pullover sweater with blue and white jeans, first talk about high collar, because the material is soft, forms a three -stack, which seems to be half -neck. White jeans, there is no shrinking taste from top to bottom, but when the trousers are put out with rubber bands.

This approach will appear to be bloated, and the yellow short jacket has a very consistent feeling. It is also convenient to exercise and adapt to daily life, because there is no need to be too stubborn every occasion. You can better feel the beauty in life.

C: White temperament fashion short coat.


In the previous two, you may still feel lack of something, so this one is close to perfect in the feeling. Although it is not the first one with a strong sense of movement, it is not like the second one with a sense of simplicity. It is to be introduced between the two, fashionable and temperament, but it does not show gentleness, which covers a refreshing feeling.

The white round neck sweater is paired with light khaki straight leisure pants. In fact, judging whether a pair of pants are casual pants, there is no specific statement. Except for wide -leg pants, jeans, suit pants, etc., we just look at the texture, so a piece of repair Leisure pants with leg shape are already an excellent choice.

The white sweater style is more conservative, but it also reveals the atmosphere of life. The light khaki is close to the white, which is closer to the sweater inside. The subtle design on both sides is very fashionable, and the overall combination is not lacking in vitality. It is perfect, and it is also good to copy.

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