Women who are 50 or 60 years old should wear less wide -leg pants+casual shoes.

At the age of fifty or sixty years old, it was beautiful, and it faded away the green and immature. The books I have read, the roads they have experienced, all the wind and frosts experienced in their own elegant temperament have been subtly transformed into their elegant temperament. It’s not the age that is not suitable for dressing up, but instead

Let the wind bone be in my heart and let the elegance show on the wear

It is the most beautiful state.

The spring atmosphere of gradually warming brings a different fashion background board. For elegant ladies, the combination of “half -body skirt+flat shoes” has been locked in a variety of dresses.

They do not have the horizontal width of wide -leg pants and sneakers, and they are not too neutral. They are very suitable for the temperament of women 50 or 60 years old.

So how should we put the “half -body skirt+flat shoes” out of the most beautiful posture that should have this spring? This issue will teach you how to choose and match to be more elegant. Let’s take a look together ~

1. Box skirt is best in classic models


In color.

There are a variety of colors of half skirts, and for elegant and temperament women in the age of 50 or 60, solid color skirts and styles without excess design are most in line with this stage. , Silk, stiff hair, suits, and denomals, not only modifying the figure without losing their energy.

On the version

Essence First of all, the length of the half skirt is the key. The length of the decent body is generally two places: two centimeters below the knee; and two or three centimeters above the ankle. These two lengths have a maximum improvement role for people with small people or fat people.

Second skirt

Design of mid -high waist

It is a weapon that optimizes the proportion;


The design of the waist is very critical:

It is necessary to be smooth and smooth. The skirts with other embellishment design on the waist and waist will expose the defects of women with raised belly. If this style is selected, the corresponding shirt can cover the waist. it is good.

2. Supply with point design sense

The colorfulness of life is indispensable to wear a pleasant mood. In addition to the classic half skirt, there must be some styles with a little design. Beautiful as elegant


Pleumal skirt, split skirt, printed skirt, buckle skirt, etc.

As long as you match well, don’t have a taste.

3. Light selection of flat shoes


Even if a woman with a fifty or 60s keeps her good figure, the flesh has an irresistible sagging feeling, causing the procrastinating cumbersome appearance.


We need to create a light and elegant atmosphere on wearing, and lift the focus from the bottom up. At this time, the soles of the shoe type should not be thick, the toe should not be paused, and the material should not be heavy, that is, the toe, the shoe body The best flat -headed shoes are the best.

After knowing how to choose a more stylish skirt and shoes for your own, the top of the top and accessories is harmonious into it.


The entire elegant and charming shape can be more perfectly displayed on women aged 50 or 60.


→ shirt+half skirt+flat shoes

The color impact is the strongest, so it will be the first to enter the eyes of people, and will it be distinguished to look at the color matching.

The mother in the picture below only uses a color system on the whole body. The pure white hard shirt is straight and the same color as the hat and Lefu flat shoes. In order to avoid monotonous, the skirt chose a pink white white with a little gray. The color is harmonious and smooth, and it is thin and elegant.

→ sweater+half skirt+flat shoes


A sweater with a versatile and age -reducing effect is naturally one of the most popular items that women in all ages. It is more complemented with the half -body skirt and parallel shoes.


The best flowers and one vegetarian. The sweater and skirt are too simple and easy to fall into the vulgar set, so it is better to let the colorful half skirt increase the style of wear. Because the sweater has a certain thickness, do not simply use the “plug jackets The way of the corner is lengthened,

The length of the sweater just covers the navel, neither procrastination nor short


Or directly choose

Split design

The proportion of the sweater outlines the proportion of the lower body. Because the sweater is a little casual style, the flat shoes should not be too feminine. A pair of simple canvas shoes are small and emphasize the consistency of the overall tone.

→ sweater+half skirt+flat shoes


The occasional cooling of the spring season is caught off guard, so I still have to prepare the sweater. The high -grade gray profile sweater and the gray pleated skirt chosen by Misaki Mom, a leather belt to suppress the expansion of the sweater and outline the waistline, the high -level sense Full;

Brown flat shoes look good and easy to match. On this basis, the belt, hat, and handbags that echo the color of the shoes are selected. Although there are only two colors in the whole body, the layering of the wear is not lost at all.

Of course, although the shirts, sweaters and sweaters mentioned above are three common jackets commonly in spring, there are more matching methods, such as suit jackets, trench coats, knitted cardigans, etc.

Pay attention to the harmony of color, the material is smooth

Basically, it is a beautiful landscape in spring.

The content of this issue is over first. What supplementary discussions can be expressed in the comments, goodbye to you next time!


Every time I have a beautiful knowledge harvest is to meet myself better


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