Create the original wood and beautiful style for 2 years

It took 2 years to build, although it couldn’t talk about it, but it also took a lot of energy and hard work. Looking at your own photos, just like your own child, although there are still such regrets and shortcomings

I still feel like ~~~

The cabinet in the door is both beautiful and practical


Exit hot -selling HH American Simple Pure Copper Lantern European Modern Wall Lantern bedside full copper beauty home


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Morandi’s modern decorative painting living room sofa wall painting restaurant European -style hanging bedroom American -style painting


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Craftsmanship flagship store Jane Ai HUDSON VALLEY Simple American all -copper light modern American pure copper chandelier

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Full copper American mirror front lamp Chinese European -style LED mural lamp dressing table bathroom bathroom makeup mirror lamp


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American/European and American original imported paintings/character landscape decoration paintings/famous paintings/European -style French oil painting style/082

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When it is not very hot, it is a very pleasant thing to turn on the chandeliers and the wind blowing.

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Original Foreign Trade Original/Nordic/American/Village/Antique Retro/Damning Mirror/Decoration Wall -Mount Mirror/Bathroom Mirror

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The practice of the traditional bedside hanging paintings has been abandoned, and 2 small paintings are hung on the two sides of the side wall, and the small scenery is also beautiful. The color of the room is simple, but it is refreshing.

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American Classical/Retro Paradise Decoration Painting/Black and White Static Restaurant Painting/Original Imported Painting Core/200


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American/cartoon/English letters decorative painting/imported painting core/children’s painting/gray -blue solid wood as old box 379


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Take a closer look, the waistline of the bathroom is stitched from the small brick of the kiln. There are also unique spelling styles on the ground echoing


Beds, bedside table woods are used in American red rubber, black open paint wipe gold.

In the choice of curtains, the designer had a clever movement, saying, or saying that we should walk and match the Chinese style. The curtains have a bit of Chinese -style taste.


The green of the children’s room is as gray, not gorgeous, and it is quite clear. It is better than my own expectations. The color of the furniture is quite dark, and the green brightens the color of the entire room. It is lively and stable.

Modern simple American/boat/oil painting style decorative painting/original imported drawing core/living room porch study room/727


¥ 900

Home must not only be beautiful, but also practical. The form of water here is an extension of the kitchen. Putting the kitchen small appliances, it is not appropriate

Craftsmanship flagship store American rural ceiling lamp retro studio lit lamp European -style lamp corridor crossing balcony lamp


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The design of the old man’s room is relatively pure, and the light -colored system is used as a whole, which is relatively uniform as a whole

HH American rural all -copper chandelier European -style living room restaurant bedroom Studycons Substantron lanterns modern minimalist 8 -head chandelier

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American living room bedroom Studycuts Paper Geometric Elephant Painting Imported American Decorative Painting Core Retro Carpet Pixel Painting

¥ 200


I really like the angle of this picture. Standing at the door and looking in, the depth is very strong. The original structure was a door at the end, and later changed to Duanjing, I like this design very much.

Chinese -style blue and white porcelain decorative painting original imported drawing core static restaurant porch study room with frame paintings/019

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Full copper wall lamp double -headed American rural rural rural retro lamps European -style living room bedroom staircase corridor cross -lamp lighting

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Many friends thought that I thought it was a wallpaper, but it was actually a bit of Persian tiles. The decorative mirror in the middle is also a big love


Mediterranean tile film Spanish matte plane tile restaurant mixed geometric small tile 200


¥ 3.98

Single tiger chairs and other sofas are not a set, but it is another match, and I don’t even feel too picky.




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