Green Union Apple Gigabit network cable converter, green link digital accessories are easy to use and more durable

Green Union Apple Gigabit network cable converter


This model Apple iPhone/iPad external Gigabit network card converter, the function can realize the access network of the device.The network card adopts Apple’s official MFI certification chip. The key is not more secure; supports Gigabit wired broadband, which is more stable than WiFi, and the live/game is one step fast; the network card comes with the Lightning charging interface, you can play while you can enjoy the video gameEssence

Get Apple MFI Security Certification

Support Gigabit Broadband, faster and more stable

Play while charging, happy without stopping

Aluminum alloy plus anode oxidation, high -end durable

Product Name: Lightning to Gigabit Network Port+Lightning charging

Model: CM325


Net card chip: RTL8111EPU

Interface type: RJ45, Lightning mother mouth

Lighting interface: C37B lightning mother connector+C78H lightning public connector

Network standard: 10/100/1000Mbps

Charging current: 5V/2.4A MAX


Material: aluminum shell


Line length: 30cm


Use Apple mobile phone computer friends, when the device interface is not enough, you can be used as a must -have digital peripheral! Thank you for your attention!

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