Aqara | OPPLE ceiling lamp MX650 pro -test: quality is guaranteed, wireless scene switch is perfect

With the development of the times, in the home improvement market, the glass lamps in Hua in the past have gradually been replaced by ceiling lights with higher brightness and more natural light. Because the fashionable and simple ceiling lamp has the characteristics of saving space, convenient installation, easy cleaning, and good overall lighting effect, it has become the basic lighting choice for many families. Since entering the intelligent era, ceiling lights have become more and more intelligent. While lamenting the development of technology, we are also enjoying the convenience of technology for life. Today, I want to share with you a pro -testing smart ceiling lamp -AQARA | OPPLE ceiling light MX650.


Believe in the power of the brand

In the dazzling commodity market, no matter what we choose, we first look at its brand because we believe in the power of the brand. MX650 is a smart ceiling lamp jointly created by AQARA and OPPLE. Op Lighting provides consumers with differentiated overall lighting solutions and is committed to studying the reasonable use of light. The union of AQARA and OPPLE is a brand new attempt. It is the professional integration of smart home product technology and Opi Lighting, bringing us a high -quality life.


More than 20 years of focusing on the lighting industry OPPLE quality is trustworthy

AQARA | OPPLE ceiling lamp MX650 is a spherical ceiling lamp. The lamp is thin, the design is simple, light and beautiful, and atmospheric and stylish. Comfortable.


One of the focus is that the MX650 uses Op high -quality LED lamp beads, unlike traditional LED lamp beads, with patented four -in -one precision optical lenses, the light is more uniform and soft, glowing and brighter, increasing optical reflection, reducing light losses, bringing brings to brought light losses, bringing brings to the lesion of light, bringing brings to the lesion of light, bringing brings to the lesion of light, bringing brings to the lesion of light, bringing brings to the lesion of light. Higher light flux.


AQARA | OPPLE ceiling lamp MX650 also uses an optical acrylic mask. This material mask has the advantages of light quality, solid and light transmission effect.


Brightness and color temperature dual adjustment

Lighting is not just as simple as lighting. Different life scenes require different light atmosphere. AQARA | OPPLE ceiling lamp MX650 can freely schedule brightness and color temperature to adapt to our home scene. Bright cold light is bright and natural, to meet the needs of learning office; bright warm light is warm, suitable for relatives and relatives; dark warm light is quiet and warm, watching and entertainment are adapted.


High -quality installation service


Aqara | OPPLE ceiling lamp also provided a complete installation service. After receiving the goods, the master called to make an appointment with me. The installation master came to the door on time, and the installation process was very careful and meticulous.


Let’s talk about punching first. Because my family had already installed the lights before, and it was also Op’s lamp. After the master first demolished the previous light protection, compared with the MX650, and then poured back. This lamp is installed in the bedroom and is in the middle of the bed. In order to prevent the ash falling down on the bed, the master prepared a triangular plastic bag on the impact drill. awesome.

Next, the master began to install the chassis of the lamp beads, and the wiring power was completed after fixing.

Finally, cover the optical acrylic mask and install it. The entire installation process is like a cloud flow, which is very sharp.


Tall six -key wireless switch

The lights are installed. Let’s take a look at the six -key version of wireless scene switch equipped by AQARA | OPPLE’s top lamp. Without the gateway, it can switch and adjust the color temperature and brightness. It is very convenient and tall.

Seiko quality, trustworthy

First, its panel can be switched by 50,000 times. The selected flame retardant temperature is as high as 850 ° C with high -quality PC materials, which can effectively reduce hidden safety hazards, and meet the ROHS standard, and pollutes the home environment.

Magnetic ingenious design

The clever magnetic design is usually a wireless wall switch. It is a wireless remote control. It can be placed with small and portable. You can take it to the balcony, bedroom, and kitchen.

The traditional switches all need to be wiring, which is very troublesome, and the wireless scene switch perfectly solves this problem. For example, my bedroom does not know who designed it. The wired switch is set opposite to the bed. Every time I read the book in bed, I have to get up to turn off the lights. When I saw this wireless switch, I was so excited. The wireless scene switch was also equipped with sticky glue. I just stick to my bedside. Lying on the bed to reach out to the switch and color mixing temperature.


AQARA | OPPLE ceiling lamp MX650 MX650 is simple and beautiful appearance, guaranteed quality, convenient use, simple operation, and good installation services, especially the six -key wireless scene switch, which is the most perfect design.

Author: ArticleManager