The fur coat in winter allows you to have both temperature and demeanor, fashionable and handsome

Winter warm jackets are always the same. It is easy to hit the shirt. I don’t want to hit the shirt on the street. Why not try the fur coat, the simple and handsome fur, retain the neat handsome fan of the leather jacket, the lamb hair inside, fluffy and warm. Simple and handsome fur is definitely a new choice with concave shape and warmth ~ Cool handsome.

In recent years, the fur -shaped fur of the concave shape has also become a must -have item for fashion tide people out of the street. So how to choose fur coats!

How to choose a fur coat suitable for you?

Choose from style


There are two types of fur coats: long and short. Compared with long models, short fur coats will look more concise and neat. And the short fur coat, the leather area is large and the plush area is small. The sharp shape can reduce the swelling of the coat. take.

The long fur coat is even more atmospheric, with a coat and coat feeling. However, long fur coats are more good at girls with tall figures, and it is easier to wear a stylish aura.

How to match fur coat


Fur -in -one jacket+trousers

When it comes to the matching of fur coats, the first thing to think of is pants. The warm and neat fur integrated gives people tough and handsome. With the sharp pants, it is fashionable and capable.

He Cong wore a short brown fur coat, put on a pair of dark jeans, a black bottoming shirt inside, and a refreshing and simple shape, giving a retro fashion sense. Essence Stepping on a pair of small white shoes, showing youthful vitality.

Long fur coat, black leather with white lamb hair, black and white with classic atmosphere. The long fur is more profitable and stylish. Stepping on a pair of yellow boots, it just echoes the yellow bottom shirt. Simple and warm shape matching, fashionable and comfortable, hand -white handbags, fashionable and elegant.


Fur -in -one jacket+skirt


Winter skirts are still popular. The elegant and elegant skirts are paired with warm and handsome fur coats. They are handsome with a soft style, and the trend is very temperamental and super charming.


An irregular tube top skirt on dirty pink ruffles, elegant and stylish, a brown fur coat, thick fur coat, warm and comfortable, and with elegant tube top skirts And soft, intellectual and charming, stepping on a pair of leather short boots, neat and stylish, full of coolness.


The blue bottoming shirt with a long brown fur coat is full of gas -filled shape and full of gas. A high -cut lace skirt underneath, elegant atmosphere, showing a pair of charming long legs, full of charm. Stepping on the blessing of the boots in the middle of the boots, super handsome. This modern temperament is full of coolness. The soft skirt can also wear different trendy fashion models.

What style of fur coats do you like? Welcome to share your views in the comments area and become fashionable together ~

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