A must -have bracket for laptop, arbitrarily adjust in 8 gears, protect cervical spine, and efficient heat dissipation

A must -have bracket for laptop, arbitrarily adjust in 8 gears, protect cervical spine, and efficient heat dissipation

Modern people can work everywhere. In order to meet the temporary needs of Party A’s father, even if they are on the way home, they can quickly find a road tooth, lower their heads and bend their waist and handle the plan.

There are also small tables of high -speed rail, which is also a place where many people rush to work, that is, the place is a bit crowded, and the whole person must be bent into shrimp.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

This becomes you in front of the computer. The humpback shrugged, and the neck was unknowingly leaning forward, and it was unknown to stretch it into a “glans”.

When you are fun to play games, or watch the drama wonderful, you do n’t pay attention to your sitting posture, and you do n’t even know that you are like this.

Although it feels nothing at first, it will make the cervical and lumbar spine in a tense state, which will easily cause neck soreness, neck leaning, bending over humpback and other body problems.

The hardest thing is that once the humpback is developed, it is difficult to change the willpower alone. This is why you remind yourself every time, but in less than 2 minutes, you are humpback.

When bending down humpback, boys can instantly become dick. In severe cases, it will also cause cervical vertebrate and lumbar disc herniation …

In view of the health awareness of contemporary young people, many people will also install various fitness apps on their mobile phones, and hope for exercise correction.

But we are busy at work (this excuse is good) generally can’t stick to three days.

Therefore, the key to changing the state of the cervical spine is to start with the root cause. Today, I will introduce a stick that allows the laptop to instantly rise.

Nexstand notebook computer bracket

Every time I use my laptop, I am used to getting a large stack of books and raising it. It’s okay at home, there is no way to go to work or go out.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

For the shortcomings of the notebook screen, the shortcomings of the height cannot be adjusted. This stick can be solved in three steps.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Step 1: No assembly, one -second opening, sticks to brackets.

Step 2: The right height is adjusted with both hands.

Step 3: Go in the computer card and get it.

Starting work, entering the head in a second, the waist pole can finally straighten.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Left: You used to be right: You who used the bracket

Fool -like operation, you can get rid of the “glans” in three steps, a small stick, which is very useful.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

8 The height can be adjusted, a stick protects the cervical spine

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

We all know that we usually develop good habits, and more remedies are more useful than afterwards.

The standard posture of using the computer correctly should be consistent with the figure below

But to do this, the premise is that the computer is parallel to the sight.

To this end, this NEXSTAND bracket has a total of 8 gear heights that can be adjusted, which can raise the computer for 14 ~ 32cm to meet the needs of people with different heights.

The lifting operation, holding both sides with both hands and gently, can adjust the height arbitrarily.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Short, tall, and taller, how comfortable and how can it come.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

In order to better protect the cervical spine, Xiaobian does not recommend maintaining a height for a long time.

You can adjust the height every other time, so that the cervical spine is adjusted with height, and the activity is relaxed.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Environmental protection enhancement materials, stable enough, non -slip

A stick looks so small and thin, will it rot if it will be twice more.

You can rest assured, don’t look at it! Material is absolutely resistant.

It was finally determined that the NEXSTAND bracket was finally determined that the NEXSTAND bracket was used as a production material.

This enhanced nylon is mostly used in automotive, aerospace and precision instruments, and has excellent characteristics such as light, high strength, and high toughness.

After the expansion, it is penetrating the connecting rod architecture and mechanical design. The structure of the body is stable.

With the “rotation card ring”, the computer can be locked firmly after putting it on, lift the bracket, and the computer is not easy to drop, let alone the accidental collision.

Instead of stability, it has to be non -slip.

In terms of non -slip, the NEXSTAND bracket can be described as “from top to bottom, all armed.”

At the top of the back, the NEXSTAND bracket is equipped with a 3M non -slip mat, which enhances the local attachment of the computer to the bracket.

The stuck is stuck at the notebook, with a flexible anti -sliding cover. It can not only tighten the computer, but also protect the computer damage.

Place a computer on the upper end, and contact the desktop at the lower end, which is also non -slip!

The bottom of the NEXSTAND bracket uses a flexible anti -slip foot wheel, which is not easy to slip and roll over.

Stability and firmness are really not picky.

Only 420g, portable as mineral water

This NEXSTAND bracket has only one stick size when folding, 420 grams from weight, and only one bottle of mineral water weight.

It also comes with a high -end hand -in -hand handbag, which is convenient for the storage box. It is as fashionable as a sports equipment on the back as a sports equipment.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Going home overtime at night, maybe you can still be used as an anti -body stick.

Although the weight is light, the Nexstand bracket has a strong load -bearing capacity.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

The weight that can bear is over 10kg, and the large -sized game book is completely fine.

Can withstand laptops with more than 11.6 inches, most computers on the market, and a NEXSTAND bracket can be done.

360 ° heat dissipation, large games can also hold

The fever of the notebook has always been a problem that plagues people, especially when playing large games.

The NEXSTAND bracket computer bracket adopts the “touch -touch” design. The area of ​​contact with the computer is very small, and the computer can heat the heat 360 ° in all directions.

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

Even if you play large games for a few hours, you don’t have to worry about poor computer heat dissipation.


笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

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笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

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笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

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笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

NEXSTAND laptop computer bracket, cervical vertebral holder support desktop lift and folding portable heat dissipation black

¥ 78


笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

笔记本电脑必备支架,8 档高度任意调节,保护颈椎,高效散热

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