Life Encyclopedia: Four home skills add coffee and sugar to beer, pleasant taste

There are no convenient small operations everywhere in life. These small operations are actually very large. When cleaning, use small operations. The cleaning effect is more. When eating, it is equipped with some small operations to taste more. For example, clean dishes, wipe the glass, how to make the fried eggs softer, and how to make the beer taste more pleasant. These operations are actually very simple, let’s take a look with the editor

生活百科:四种居家技巧 啤酒中加点咖啡和白糖,口味宜人

Clean the dishwashing tank for the use of tea bags, which can get a good effect

The dishwashing slot can be said to be a gathering place for leftovers and leftovers. Each time the dishes are washed, the leftovers leftovers will be sprinkled in the dishwashing tank. It is greasy. After a long time, it will remain in the dishwashing tank if it is not cleaned, which is very unclean. Some friends like to wipe with detergent over and over again.

Add some liquor when rubbing the glass, it will be cleaner and bright

Wiping glass can be said to be a very large housework project. The glass is full of wind and frost, leaving a lot of stains. The transparent glass looks like sticking a piece of dirty things. Some friends buy a cleaning solution for clean glass. In fact, it is not necessary. You only need a little liquor to solve this problem. There is a little liquor in the home. When you wipe the glass, add some liquor on the rag, and the glass will be as bright as the beginning.

生活百科:四种居家技巧 啤酒中加点咖啡和白糖,口味宜人

When fried eggs, add white wine so that the eggs are more loose and shiny

生活百科:四种居家技巧 啤酒中加点咖啡和白糖,口味宜人

It just said that liquor can play a role in cleaning. In fact, the role of liquor can not only be cleaned. When scrambled eggs, some friends are pursuing the maximum scrambled eggs, and strive to be tender and soft. In fact, you only need a little liquor to achieve this effect. When scrambled eggs, you don’t need to sprinkle too much liquor, just a few drops, otherwise it will be easy to get on it ~ This fried egg is very soft and tender, and the taste is great

Add some coffee and sugar to the beer, the taste is pleasant

Beer is the most common alcohol, especially in the summer, while stringing beer while stringing, it is the best thing in summer. However, Xiaobian still reminds you that drinking a small drink and drinking. Some friends are used to drinking beer, and they also summarize some small experiences, how to make the taste of beer higher. Add sugar or coffee to beer, and the beer will become more delicious.

生活百科:四种居家技巧 啤酒中加点咖啡和白糖,口味宜人

The above is the little trick summarized by the editor. What experience do you have to share with you welcome the comments area and welcome the comment area

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