Men’s casual shoes want to wear comfortable, mastering the following elements is important

Speaking of which, summer men’s casual shoes are not more than girls. Basically, they are similar to ordinary sneakers or we can almost think that except for slippers, that is, sneakers can often be worn by boys. However, the development of men’s casual shoes in the past two years has not ignored a control in material and comfort because of the single style. Often, there are always some different places in summer shoes that allow you to get and make you notice its highlights. So, what labels will be used when they are sold when they are sold? Let’s take a look at these major highlights today.


Presumably when choosing summer shoes, you will use the standard of comfort as the primary reference. Because if the shoes in summer are not breathable, it is really a life. There are more boys’ feet sweat than girls. In addition, boys often exercise more sweat. If the shoes are not breathable, it is basically unable to wear in summer, and it is easy to suffer from some diseases.




You know, boys, especially mature boys, basically do not have much exercise time. Most of us need to work in the office. There are some occasions that need to be in leather shoes. The styles of sports shoes are too casual and may not seem to respect. So if we need to appear in various social occasions, then the fabric of thick leather is estimated to have a headache. However, there are also many shoes that are similar to leather shoe styles that are stitched by mesh -eye and leather. It solves this embarrassment and has the effect of two purposes.


In summer, boys sweat a lot, except that the shoes are breathable. Sometimes when we sweat too much, we wet our socks. So the waterproof and breathability of shoes are almost one. In order to highlight this characteristic, some businesses will also do some breathable and waterproof experiments when they are sold. Some smoke and water are poured into the shoes to show a breathable and waterproof effect. We can see that smoke and water come out directly from the eyes of the shoe net, and there is no damage to the native upper. It can be said that this fabric is really precious and the price is more expensive.


The softness of shoes is also a highlight. Perhaps for girls, because of high heels, the comfort of our shoes is not better than boys. Therefore, it is also girls who often grind their feet in summer. The reason why boys are relatively rare is because most of the boys’ shoes are flat sneakers. When designing the upper, there are particularly soft fabrics. There are no cracks that can be twisted or rubbed with each other, so the comfort is very good. Many people also care about the softness of the upper when they buy.



We know that most of the boys’ shoes are sports, so there will be design of shoelaces. Shoe lacers can help us adjust the size of the shoes and make the shoes more fit our feet. However, the tightness and elasticity of the mesh fabric in summer are better, so there are also some pedal shoes more convenient to wear. We do not have to wear laces every time we go out. Moreover, when the laces are easy to open, especially when boys are still not safe when they are exercising, they are also very popular now.

Sole elasticity:

The elasticity of the sole is much more important for boys than girls. Without elastic shoes, boys are almost unwilling to wear. If our soles have thick rubber materials to make elastic soles, it will be very attractive to choose, because elastic fabrics are a assistant for boys, and they are very comfortable when walking.


Anti -slip:

In addition to elasticity, if the upper is too smooth, it is not conducive to our walking and exercise, and it is easy to slip on the puddle. Therefore, the anti -slip resistance of boys’ upper is very important. Only when the non -slip effect is good, we will be particularly stable when we walk, and it is not easy to fall when the bounce. Therefore, when we choose male shoes, we must pay attention to a non -slip design of the soles. If we are grinded or smoothed shortly after wearing it, it is very worthwhile.

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