“Fantasy World” dark and white snake biography, sisters grabbing scholars, the son of white snake becomes the ultimate boss

White snake blackization and green snake grabbing scholars, the son of the white snake became the ultimate boss. This dark version of the white snake biography, the brain is too big.

After seeing Zhao Yazhi’s immortal Bai Suzhen, Liu Tao’s gentle and virtuous white lady, he will know how terrible this darkness is.

When he did not fall in love with Xu Xian, he was deeply affectionate with the sister Green Snake, but after meeting a handsome scholar, he not only looked back with his sisters for love, but even turned into a senior green tea.

But she is also the worst white snake. Not only should she be able to marry her love, but she also lost her body and gave birth to the son of the demon before the wedding.

In order to cover up this fact, she exhausted the power to suppress the magic to her son, but after all, she still failed to stop it. The son became the ultimate boss.

Originally, the white snake and the green snake were both carefree forests, but after being transformed into people, they gradually became infected with human nature, and they killed each other because of a love of the world.

White snakes were selfish, and the organs were exhausted, but they were harmed. The green snake was deceived and was deceived.

In the end, the catastrophe came, and the two sisters finally reconciled. After cutting the demon and removing the demon, they scattered their powers and returned to the beginning of the fate.

In the mountains and forests, the green snake and the white snake have worked hard for a century before they finally succeeded, and they could turn into humanoids. They named themselves, Su Su and Qingqing.


The intimate feelings made them in the Lingyu Mountain Villa on earth after cultivating an adult shape. After many years of life, they are master and servants, but they are actually sisters.

When Qingqing practiced, he encountered a bottleneck. It was Su Su’s spending his own skills to help her breakthrough.

Su Su likes to read the words of the world. Whenever I see a pair of lover described in it, there is unlimited longing in her heart. Qingqing does not understand why Su Su wants to be so long for the love of the world. After all, for her, love and love and also There is no importance to freedom.

There is a cave beside Lingyu Villa with a monster cultivated by a black bat. He has the beauty of Su Su, often showing her love, but is disgusted by Su Su.

However, the mana of the black bat demon is not as good as Su Su, so he can only tolerate his disdain to him, hiding aside, secretly monitoring Lingyu Villa.

There is a book, named Ningdan, and is extremely poor in the family. He has a fingertips from a girl in Huanxi Town since he was a child. When he grows up, he stays away from the door and embarks on the town of Huanxi to find the road to fiancee.

The villagers near Lingyu Villa had seen the real body of Su Su and Qingqing, and learned that there was a demon snake. Because of fear, they planned to find a shemale.

When Ningdan passed through the village near Lingyu Villa, he was mistaken for the people who caught the monster, and the villagers forcibly took it to Lingyu Villa.

In the mountains and forests, Ning Dan met Qingqing, and the two people touched each other between the chaos, making Qingqing mistakenly thought that Ning Dan was a lascivious person, and he was very impressed with him.


This time, the villagers returned without merit. Su Su and Qingqing planned to go down the mountain to see the scenery on earth. The two appeared in the market. People taught a meal.

Ning Dan continued to follow the instructions of his mother, and even went to Lingyu Mountain Villa. When Qingqing saw Ning Dan, when he remembered that he was unreasonable last time, he let Su Su cooperate with her to act together and tease Ning Dan.

Qingqing pretended to be Ningdan’s fiancee and made trouble. Ning Dan could only bear the marriage contract between the two, but compared to Qingqing’s unreasonable trouble, the gentle and beautiful Su Su was even more attractive.


So Ning Dan was very admired by Su Su’s heart, but because he had a fiancee, he could only choose to restrain himself.

However, Su Su, who was yearning for love on earth, Ning Dan was very handsome again, like the appearance of the weak scholar in the book, and silently loved him.

Qingqing was in full swing, changing his way to torture Ning Dan, and ordered him to work on the ground. Fortunately, Su Su was helping him, making the two gradually deepen because of frequent contact.

Su Su and Ning Dan fell in love, and Qingqing finally found that the impression of Ning Dan was biased in the past. The real one was a straight and lovely iron.

However, at that time, Su Su had a deep roots, so for the sake of the affection between Qingqing, he forced the love in his heart.


But Qingqing’s deliberate alienation still caused Su Su’s doubts. She noticed the mind of Qingqing. In order to fulfill the love between herself and Ning Dan, she no longer acts with Qingqing. Ning Dan’s real fiancee.

But at this time, Ning Dan was also very enthusiastic. Because of his responsibility on his body, he got along with Qing Qing and had a subtle feelings for Qingqing.

How contradictions a man can be, Ning Dan, as a scholar who studied Confucius and Mencius since childhood, actually put his feelings in such a situation.

At the beginning, Ning Dan had a marriage contract with Qingqing, but he was motivated to Su Su, but guilty, and now he has cultivated his feelings with Qingqing, but was told that Su Su was his fiancee.


On the one hand, he fell in love with Su Su, but he also had a good opinion of Qingqing. He was guilty from his heart and successfully transitioned to the left and right.


In order to Su Su, Qingqing deliberately avoided Ningdan, but Ning Dan was attacked by the black bat demon and was thrown into the lake.

When he heard Ning Dan’s call for help, Qingqing jumped into the lake immediately to rescue each other. The two gradually sank into the lake, but there was an endless road, and there was a hole in the heart of the lake.

Qing Qing and Ning Dan crawled into the cave, Ning Dan was flooded and coma, and Qingqing cast his rescue, but he fainted because of his own injuries.

After Ning Dan woke up, he found that Qing Qing fell to the ground and thought she was dead, so she grabbed her hand and cried, and it was not until Qingqing was woken up by crying. Ning Dan knew that Qingqing had not died.


Due to the experience of just now, Ning Dan found that in his heart, he confessed to her, the two opened their hearts, showed their hearts, and spent the night together.

Later, they fled the cave and finally went back alive. However, the relationship between Ning Dan and Qingqing had a qualitative leap, so this time, he was even more embarrassed to face Su Su.

When Qing Qing saw Su Su accompanied by Ning Dan, she was very sad, but she didn’t want to hurt Su Su. She could only wait for Ning Dan to make the final choice silently.

Ning Dan has become a doctor for a long time since he was young, and he is proficient in medical skills. By chance, he also healed a villager. When he saw it, he encouraged Ningdan to open medicine. People.

Su Su decided to get married with Ning Dan on the day of Yaolu. Qing Qing was very sad after knowing it, but she couldn’t fight with Su Su, because if there was no Su Su, she was just a Xiaoqing who could not see the light. snake.

Suddenly, Qingqing found that she was pregnant, and Ning Dan could not make a decision, which made her extremely sad. The black bat demon provoked in front of Qingqing and bluntly said that she seduced her sister’s lover. Essence

Not only that, the black bat is also bluntly. If Ning Dan learns that Qingqing is a demon, he will no longer like her. This is ripple in Qingqing’s heart.


In order to test, Qingqing changed a snake. Who knew that Ning Dan’s courage was so small. After seeing the little snake on the ground, he was fainted.

Ning Dan was scared to death. Su Su rescued Ning Dan, and he spent a hundred years of skills to hurt himself and treat Ningdan.

When Qing Qing saw Su Su’s move, she understood how much she loved Ningdan, which was extremely shocking and moved in her heart. After Ning Dan woke up, she didn’t know Su Su’s dedication.


On the contrary, Qingqing was placed on the bottom of the bowl with a piece of jade, poured some clear water to drink Ning Dan, which was shocked, making him mistakenly thought that Qingqing saved him.

Su Su was very sad. He consumed his body and saved Ning Dan, but he just felt that Qing Qing saved him because of a bowl of water.

Then he decided to quit, and she met Ningdan alone and repeatedly confirmed whether he liked herself. After getting a positive answer, he hugged him.

However, the behavior of the two was seen by Susu. When she learned that the relationship between Ning Dan and Qingqing was so at the point, the anger and jealousy in her heart came up. Essence

The black bat demon noticed that Su Su was angry, so he was confusing. Su Su lost his mind. He agreed with the strategy of the Black Bat Demon. Qing Qing drank the male rice wine and jumped into the water to save Ning Dan. Essence

When Ning Dan showed such a terrible appearance, he knew her identity. He was scared, making Qingqing very sad.


After that, no matter how Qingqing explained, Ning Dan did not want to hear. Under extreme fear, he was stunned in the past. When Su Su was coming, Ning Dan was no longer saved. I scared Ning Dan.

Qing Qing obeyed Su Su’s words and left. Su Su took away the coma’s coma and took care of it carefully. In order to frame Qingqing, she also stabbed herself with a knife and lied that Qingqing hurt her.

This bitter plan has successfully provoked the relationship between Ning Dan and Qingqing, but Su Su was also hurt by the black bat demon when he was injured.

Black bat demon broke in while Su Su was wounded, and forcibly poured male rice wine to Su Su, which caused her to lose her mana, and he wanted to do whatever she wanted.

When Su Su woke up, he had been occupied by the black bat demon, and the black bat demon was worried that Su Su recovered his mana to kill him and had already fled.

In order to revenge, Qingqing found the black bat demon, but was almost injured by him. When Su Su chased, he saved Qingqing and ran away the black bat demon.

In order to completely leave Qingqing to leave Ningdan, she blamed her injuries on Ning Dan. After he woke up, he mistakenly thought that she was a snake, and he stabbed her, which made Qingqing sad.

Qing Qing asked Su Su, for fear of not being afraid of one day, Ruo Ningdan discovered her identity and stabbed him again. Go to a place where Ningdan never see Ningdan.

Since then, Su Su successfully married Ningdan to his wife, while Qing Qing left with Ning Dan’s child and left alone. This is a farewell to the once intimate sisters.

In the past sixteen years, Su Su helped Ning Dan to operate Yaolu, which made Ningdan’s medical skills famous, and was also called Yaoxian by the people.

Su Su gave birth to a child and a daughter for Ning Dan. Her life is no different from ordinary people, while Qingqing has concentrated on cultivation, educating his son, has a very clear -heartedness, free and free, and his appearance has not changed at all.

Su Su’s son Ning Ye is actually the blood of the black bat demon. This is the secret that she has been struggling for eighteen years. Because Ning Ye has the blood of the magic, Su Su must have suppressed her in her own mana for many years. Magic.

In addition to the magic, Ning Ye’s temper is not very good. He is extremely lascivious. He is not doing business. He searches flowers and ask Liu every day.

However, Su Su’s daughter is very well -behaved. She is kind and gentle, and inherits her mother’s beauty. Compared with her brother, she does not know how much better.

Qing Qing’s son is called Ming Sheng. Although he couldn’t speak, he was very enthusiastic and kind. One day, he went up the mountain to pick medicine and saw a woman with a snake on the mountain.


But the woman did not know that this person was to save herself, and he couldn’t speak and couldn’t explain, so he misunderstood that he was a apprentice and slapped him.

Although Ming Sheng was beaten, she also fell in love with the girl at first sight. After returning, she secretly painted a portrait for her and was discovered by her mother Qingqing.

Qingqing is a reasonable mother. When she learned that her son had a heart, and he planned to go down the mountain, he did not stop it. He just protected his son secretly.

Su Su and Ning Dan’s family came to Xianxia Town and planned to open a Wanling Hall here. When Ning Dan was waiting for his wife in the restaurant, he happened to save a diner, and Su Su made a wave of publicity by the way.


After the Ming Sheng went down the mountain, he reunited with the girl who met before. She was called Ni Xiaoxue. She was kind. The mother in the family was sick in bed all year round, and she had no treatment.


Due to the deep roots of Ni Xiaoxue, Ming Sheng often came to take care of Ni Xiaoxue’s mother, but Ni Xiaoxue misunderstood that he had no intention, but he couldn’t explain it.

Ningdan passed here, and learned that Ni Xiaoxue’s mother’s condition, then used the hand of Ming to heal it. Sure enough, the medicine was removed.


Ni Xiaoxue understood that when Ming Sheng was a good person, especially when Ming Sheng gave himself a portrait he made, he saw Ming Sheng Miao Bi Qing Qing, and completely changed his ambassador.


Later, Ning Ye went to the Qinglou to drink flowers. He met Ni Xiaoxue. Because of his beauty, he was born with his heart. However, Ni Xiaoxue was very incapable of watching this second ancestor and scolded him directly.

At that time, a woman was sold into the green tower and was entangled by the guests because of her beauty. Qingqing appeared to drive away the guests and learned that the woman’s experience was very sympathetic.

The woman’s love is sculpting stone statue. Without money, she couldn’t bear to be dismissed by her marriage, and she couldn’t bear the marriage.


Therefore, Qingqing was called a marriage fairy by this couple, and she also made a stone statue for her. When she saw the stone statue, she was very puzzled, and she was so similar to her mother.

At this time, someone came to make trouble, and Qing Qing shot to make a siege. Because she was covered with the veil, Ming Sheng did not recognize his mother.


The stone statue of the marriage fairy was seen by Ning Dan, which reminded him of Qingqing again and fell into the past contemplation. Xu was a deep fate of his father and son. Ning Dan met with Mingsheng frequently. He accepted as an apprentice.

One day, the two went up the mountain to collect medicine, but met the female ghost king. In order to protect Ning Dan, they ignored their own safety. In the crisis, they could suddenly speak.

The stone Taoist who took the demon and removed the demon had an apprentice, named 蚱蜢, and was very naughty. Because of teasing the master, he went away with the master.

When Ning Dan and Ming Sheng encountered danger, Fortunately, they appeared to help the two from getting out of the danger. Ning Dan felt the sound of stimulating the sound and rescued each other, and transferred the jade Pei given by the old Qingqing to Mingsheng.

The female ghost king pretended to be a fairy, and the innocent people were everywhere. Qingqing persuaded the female ghost king. Who knew that the female ghost king had not affected, and attracted the stone Taoist.

The stone Taoist suspected Qing Qing’s identity, and then opened the altar, forcing Qingqing to show his true body. In order to prevent his son from knowing his true identity, Qingqing could only bear it, causing serious injuries. Finally, he rushed to save his mother.


The Stone Taoist felt that he was blame Qingqing and was guilty. He took the initiative to treat him. He called Ningdan for diagnosis and treatment. Who knew that before they came, Qingqing had been healed by himself. It’s right.

Qing Qing saw Ning Dan from the side. She hadn’t seen it for many years. At this time, Qingqing’s heart intersecting, but she never dared to recognize it with him, and could only follow Ning Dan silently.


When Ning Dan crossed the river, Qing Qingben wanted to cast and rescue each other, but was interrupted because of the bright voice. In desperation, Qingqing could only use the branches to save Ning Dan with his son.

Ning Dan, who was rescued, was shocked to see Qing Qing. Qing Qing said that she was a mother of Ming Sheng, Ming Da, pretended to be calm to avoid being recognized by Ning Dan. Ruins.

Qingqing left the runes to prove that she was not afraid, but Ning Dan had not seen that Qingqing had taken the hand of rune paper and had been burned.

Ning Dan insisted on entanglement. She had to let her admit that she was Qingqing. In desperation, Qingqing could only drink male rice wine to prove that she was not a snake demon.


Seeing that her husband was very abnormal these days, he was suspicious and tracked. He heard the voice of Qingqing, and felt anxious.

When Qing Qing was going to drink male rice wine, Su Su rushed in, preventing Qingqing from seeing the situation, and still pretending not to know them.

At this time, Qingqing was no longer afraid of male rice wine. While drinking wine and regulating herself, there was no panic. However, Ning Dan still felt that Ming Dasao was Qingqing, and even suspected that Ming Sheng was his son.

Xu Yi remembered the past. Ning Dan was very sad, so he drank the whole altar wine, drunk was not saved. Qingqing excused to wash clothes to the river. At this time, her hand was already due to those rune paper, and she was now because of the rune paper. The original shape.


Su Su also doubted Qing Qing’s identity. Qing Qing noticed the breath of Su Su in the river, and fell into the water until Su Su rescued her. Qingqing hoped to use this to eliminate her doubts in her heart.

Ning Dan finally believed that Ming Dasao was not Qingqing, and Qingqing persuaded him not to add to the past. Spend more time on his wife and family. Su Su was very happy.

The feelings of Ming Sheng and Ni Xiaoxue are getting deeper. Ning Ye is jealous of this. He tried to find out that the two were unable to succeed. Essence

Therefore, the magic in Ning Ye’s body was suddenly out of control, and Su Su was helpless. He could only take away Ning Ye secretly, and Qingqing first tamed the female ghost king in the stone Taoist, so that the stone Taoist was completely convinced.

Ming Sheng’s talent is extremely high. Ning Dan is very optimistic about Ming Sheng, but instead of hating Ning Ye hates iron. This is in the eyes of Su Su, and she feels very angry. She even thinks that Qingqing is using Ming Sheng. Pull into her relationship with Ningdan.

Under the anger, Su Su was looking for a showdown, and Qing Qing was helpless. He could only decide to take his son to leave. He learned that he was about to leave, and he was reluctant to Ni Xiaoxue.

In order to drive Qingqing and the sound, he left his son, which made him successfully get Ni Xiaoxue. After that, Ni Xiaoxue felt sorry for the sorry, and broke up with him because he lost his body.

Tranquility knew the truth, and couldn’t bear the difference between Ni Xiaoxue and Ming Sheng, so he informed the truth. After knowing the truth, he hurried to find Ni Xiaoxue, but at this time, she had committed suicide because she couldn’t think of it.

I was distressed. After he put Ni Xiaoxue’s body in the ice cave, he went to Ning Ye to take revenge, but He Ming could not beat Ning Ye, but he could only guard it all day and died. Ni Xiaoxue beside him.

When Ning Dan didn’t know the truth, she asked Su Su. In order to maintain Ning Ye, Su Su was lied to Ning Dan. Ning Dan couldn’t bear to be so depressed, so he told him how to lose the Qingqing. Essence

Ning Ye’s magic is getting heavier, and Su Su has gradually controlled. Once, Ning Ye even launched madness and hurt Ning Dan.

Ning Dan was dying, and Qingqing couldn’t help it. She could only save the blood change. She asked Ming Sheng to change the blood with Ning Dan, and finally made Ning Dan alive.

Su Su was worried that Ning Ye would hurt people again, so she closed him. Who knew that Ning Ye coaxed her sister to quiet and put him out.


At this time, the black bat demon, who had disappeared for 16 years, appeared again. He saw Ning Ye magic and planned to let him enhance his mana for himself.

After Ning Dan woke up, he learned that he was rescued by the blood change, and he understood the relationship with his own. He asked Qingqing to ask.

Qing Qing could only admit her identity. With the face of a snake demon, she intends to scare Ning Dan. The stone Taoist suddenly appeared, thinking that Qingqing was going to live his life, so she fought with her.

Ning Dan was struggling to rescue Qingqing. The two finally talked about sixteen years ago. This pair of mouth was not tight, and he found that Su Su’s heart was directly found.

Qing Qing was injured, Ning Dan was treated for her, and a scene of hugging in two days, seeing Su Su who was here, at that moment, like a thunderbolt, Su Su could no longer believe Qingqing.


After the people of the stone were not harmed the evil demon, they misunderstood her again. They also felt that righteousness and evil were not necessarily. Therefore, even if Qingqing was a demon, she no longer hostile to her, and she joined forces with her to remove the demon.


Ning Ye was blinded by the Black Bat Monster, thinking that he really taught himself the mana and made himself cultivated a mixed demon king. Regardless of his mother’s obstruction, he worshiped the black bat demon as the master.

When the black bat demon and Ning Ye practiced, they were hit by Qingqing. Qingqing drove away the black bat demon. However, Ning Ye did not lead the Qingqing feelings. Instead, he satirized that she was a fairy.

Su Su does not want his son to contact the black bat demon. He can only go to him in person. In order to let him go through Ning Ye, he can only lose himself again. Su Su could not beat him.


The black bat demon has become a magic power, and plans to eat Ningye’s growth skills. In a hurry, you can only tell the truth of Ning Ye as the biological son of the black bat demon. Essence

Knowing that he had a son, the black bat demon was happy. He drank a lot of wine and was so drunk. Blood.

Ni Xiaoxue became a ghost after his death. With the help of the apprentice of the stone Taoist, he met with Ming Sheng, but Ning Ye came to catch Ni Xiaoxue’s ghost. Fortunately Ning Ye was taken away.

After Ning Ye grabbed the tranquility, she had a big madness and insulting her sister. When she saw her son doing such a thing, she was so painful that she couldn’t beat her son at this time.

I was humiliated quietly, and she didn’t want to survive anymore. She told her father not to blame her mother anymore. After that, she jumped into the sea of ​​fire and died of suicide.

Su Su lost her daughter and was painful. After experiencing such a pain, she thoroughly enlightened, and Ning Ye intends to kill all his loved ones, including Su Su and Ning Dan.

Ning Ye wounded Su Su, Qing Qing came to help, but she and the stone Taoist were not the opponent of Ning Ye. Fortunately, she arrived in time. Qingqing bounced Ning Ye with the help of the generly yang of the sound.

The Stone Taoist used the peach and wooden sword to thorn in Ningye, and the cast was completely eliminated. The crisis was lifted. Su Su lost his son and daughter and was sad.

In order to make up for the past mistakes, Su Su intends to help Ni Xiaoxue return to the sun with her own way. However, Su Su’s mana is not enough. Qingqing and Su Su co -produced all the true gas to Ni Xiaoxue, making her return to the world.

However, because Su Su and Qingqing exhausted all their true anger, they would change their original shape after three days, become ordinary snakes, and re -cultivation.

In the remaining days, Su Su accompanied Ning Dan with Qingqing, making Ning Dan enjoy the blessing of all people. Essence

Many years later, Ning Dan has become a white -haired old man.

Ning Dan could only look at dresses, and they were all the same as the two, and they went further and farther in the umbrella until they could no longer see it.

The TV series “Fantasy World” is a fantasy love mythical drama. It was broadcast in 1990. It tells the story of the two snake monsters of the green snake and white snake.

“Fantasy World” was broadcast in “The Legend of the New White Lady”, but the story is different from “The Legend of the New White Lady”. The setting of the mind is very interesting.

In the inherent impression, the white snake is fresh and refined. The green snake is ancient and weird. In “Fantasy World”, the white snake belly is black and jealous, and the green snake is generous.

White Snake Susu consumes mana to save people in one words. The previous reason for the promotion of the green snake, which consumed her mana, and then consumed the qi and blood to rescue the scared Ningdan. Suppressing magic.

And the green snake and Qingqing left home without moving. First, she was calculated by her sister and ran away with the ball. After many years, she returned with the son, played with cosplay into the marriage fairy, and then refused to admit her identity. The son ran away.

I have to say that the previous TV series was really huge, and the plot was set. The screenwriter once said that this story is not the story of the white snake, but just the same story of falling in love with the snake.

There is no water in the golden mountains, nor Xu Xian’s monk, Xu Shilin saves his mother. There is only a dark version of the white snake. It is a third party for love, the thick green snake and Qingqing. You can get your lover.

What’s even more bold is that the green snake and the white snake are children in the same life. Qingqing is pregnant, and Su Su lost her body before marriage.

The white snake gave birth to a son for a black bat demon. The son of the white snake in the white snake biography is the redemption of the white snake, and Wenquxing is reincarnated. The son of the white snake here is a second ancestor of the second generation, or the ultimate boss of the play.

Because the son was to become a mixed demon king, the white snake was almost killed by his son. In the end, he combined with everyone to remove the demon. He first lost his daughter, and then watched his son dying. This is probably the worst white snake in history.

In the end, the villain was killed, and after the blue snake and the white snake lost their cultivation, they became a lover, and they became re -cultivated. After many years, they got the person, and they re -started and met Ning Dan again.


However, this time, the white snake and the green snake will never fight for each other, because Ning Dan has become a white -haired master, so the story of the white snake and the green snake with a big brain is really wonderful. Essence


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