The good sound quality is only a thousand, and several civil wired headphones with transparent sound effects are suitable for novice student party

In the way you choose headphones, as long as you meet your sound quality preferences, it is good headphones, which can bring the earphones that can be immersed and satisfied with the ears, and you don’t have to blindly compare it with nobleness. In fact, if you want to get a good listening experience, you do n’t need to be extravagant headphones at all, because even if you are a good headset, you will be tired after listening for a long time. Tens of thousands of headphones are just thrown on the side to eat ash. It is better to choose a civilian headset, because the sound quality of the wired headphones is similar now, and the upper limit cannot break through. After the sound quality of the headset reaches a certain level, there is no obvious difference, so civilian headphones are enough to bring enough enough to bring enough to bring enough to bring enough to bring enough enough




Hik S1

Tesla headset

In fact, the previous difference is that on the driving architecture, the headphones of each brand have their own unique sounding direction. There is no obvious gap in the overall effect. Only the analysis and details of the headset can be separated. This headset uses the Tesla rings, and his architecture has extraordinary places. The coaxial mixed drive process has improved the sound effects of each band. The bass is pure and sinking, the treble is flawless, the analysis of the clear and redundant is realistic, the transmission of silver -plated wire transmission is stable, and the integrated body effect is comfortable to wear.



The shape of the headset has already indicated that it has an extraordinary driving system, the structure of the square, and provides space for the application of the iron architecture of the headset. It not only has a cool appearance, but also has good sound quality. The inside of the earphones has an independent work of moving iron and dynamic circles, which takes into account the high and low frequency sound effects. In contrast, the difference in sound quality can be obviously heard, but independent drive and sound effects can inevitably disturb each other.



Now the shape of the headphones is getting more and more diverse, but there are not many cute shapes like this headset. It is hidden under the smooth appearance of a moving ring drive, which brings not only the soft glory of the paint, but also wonderful. The sound effect. Compared with the traditional dynamic circular, the internal converter technology is incorporated inside the headset, which not only broaden the sound range, but also enhances the delicate sense of sound, but the scope of analysis of sound quality is limited.

Iron triangle



The shape of this headset is extremely appropriate to its brand. The appearance uses an irregular triangular outline design and has an abstract imagination. In addition to optimizing the car ring process inside the headset, it has further improved the effect of the bass. Unlike the common headset driving method, this headset uses a more kind of dual -dynamic ring driver to better refine the details of the headset. Make the bass performance more abundant, but the high frequency effect is not so colorful.

Different driving methods will make the sound and expression of the headset a certain partial bias, and


The mixed drive process enables the three -frequency sound effects to balance, and the analysis of the effect in the analysis can restore the original effect, and the three -dimensional sound shock.

Hik S1


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