Hercosting is less than ten times, Wald’s ultimate price is better than HD composite cutting wheel

“The craftsmanship manufacturing, perfect cut, practice showing the domestic custom wheel!”

Lift Wald, have to say Wald’s wheel products. Its application scenario is closely related to our lives, such as screen cutting of 3C electronic products such as mobile phones, iPad, computers, TV and intelligent wear. The electronic product is super highly precise cutting requirements, thereby visible. “Seeing the micron”, it is a true portrayal of the ultra-precision machining of the Walder wheel product. With excellent performance products and quality services, after years of technical accumulation and technological innovation, Walder wheel products have reached domestic leading, world advanced level, and have won the choice and use of many high-quality enterprises at home and abroad.

Diamond wheel product series

In addition to deep tillage, consolidate the application of high-end precision consumer electronics industry, Wald also focuses on the design of the toolwheel products in the field of more glass cuttings. After fully understanding the characteristics and application of various material glass, professional and fine exploration, precise and extremely cutting wheel products are created for a variety of glass properties. At the end of 2020, Wild launched an intermediate product of diamond wheel and alloy blade wheels – HD composite knife wheel, which uses special PCD materials, which have both diamond knife wheel high hardness and long life characteristics, but also alloy The advantages of diversifying the blade cutting edge can meet the individual needs of different customers. Compared with the alloy blade, the HD composite cutter wheel has a large increase, but the manufacturing cost is relatively low. The HD composite cutter wheel can be described as highly cost-effective products, widely used in photovoltaic glass, automotive glass, architectural glass and makeup mirror.

HD composite wheel (completed)

Of course, these features have been tested by industry customers. The F group company is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise, a maintenance of solar photovoltaic glass, high-quality float glass, engineering glass, home glass business, using Wald Diamond wheel products for many years, has become a representative of Wald’s wheel business. Cooperative customer.


Photovoltaic glass and car glass processing

Previously, the F group photovoltaic glass cutting production line was used as a general alloy cutter wheel. The main cutting thickness of 2.0 mm-3.2 mm photovoltaic glass, the service life of ordinary alloy cutters is 0.5 days or 1 day, with the product capacity of the product, for the F Group, the improvement efficiency is not easy. The replacement frequency after importing the HD composite blade is reduced, from the original half or 1 day, changed to half a month, replacing the frequency of the cutting wheel, enhances the product cutting capacity. On the other hand, the HD blade blade is combined with T-T-type tooth stronger, the cutting speed of the HD composite cutter wheel can ensure the cutting quality under faster conditions, and the cutting efficiency is also guaranteed under faster conditions. It can be fully improved. At the same time, the service life of the cutter wheel has greatly improved the previous life, and the life is more than ten times, which greatly reduces the customer’s cost, which is conducive to the terminal Cost Down.


Building glass and makeup mirror glass processing

Further, the HD composite blade wheel material has a high hardness of 9000-10000HV. The cutting wheel is sharp. The cutting line is continuous, the section is vertical, the penetration is strong, and it can bring better cutting quality; It can effectively reduce the post-glass grinding grinding cost. Therefore, based on a multiple consideration of the Walder HD composite knife wheel, the F Group resolution has been fully promoted in the group’s subsidiaries after small batch trials.


Knife wheel team

The customer’s recognition of the product is our inexhaustible motivation. But cooperation is only the beginning of success, but it is necessary to establish long-term cooperation with customers, and continue to support continuous technical support and quality service. During the docking process of the F Group, the Wald knife wheel technology team helped customers improve product cutting separation, segmentation flatness and knife wheel life, and transform the tool holder into reproducible use, helping customers reduce production cost. For the urgent appeal point of the customer, the products that match the cut-by-case matching client are collected one by one, such as the product separation. It is better to ensure that the cutting products can be guaranteed. Separation capability. After sufficient verification of the cutting edge process, the photovoltaic glass is well adaptable, the cutting slider is lower, and the stability is better. Wald made many attempts and innovations to better meet the product processing requirements of customers.

In recent months, more and more customers have selected HD composite knife wheels. From terminal feedback data, we are more firm in the industry to promote composite knife wheel products. We hope that through HD composite wheel products to help more customers have increased the effect, create more value for customers, and also hope to establish cooperation with more glass knife wheel distribution channels to promote photovoltaic glass, automotive glass, architectural glass and Efficient cutting of glass industry and other glass industries and add bricks.

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