Refrigerator must not be placed here, too many people do not understand, they often make a big mistake

Many people will feel that there is a refrigerator is not particularly important, because some people have a special fondness for cold itself, but not the refrigerator at home in the summer food is very easily broken, it will not only affect our usual restaurant, but also waste a lot of money, so the refrigerator has a special meaning in our home. Many people like to drink something cool in the summer, so that we can know the meaning of existence refrigerator in the summer. However, some people do not understand the placement of the refrigerator, the refrigerator is necessary to find a correct position, if placed properly, may affect the life of the refrigerator. So,

Home refrigerator should not be placed where


First, the refrigerator should not be placed where?


, Should not be placed in the kitchen

Today, many people will put the refrigerator in the kitchen, because cooking convenience, food can be taken directly from the fridge for cooking. But in fact, the refrigerator is not in the kitchen, after all, is a difficult refrigerator cooling appliances, and the kitchen is a “Huo” place for cooking at the same time will emit a lot of “hot air”, to a certain extent on, it is difficult to put in the kitchen refrigerator cooling, increases losses, long time down, refrigerator life becomes shorter.


On the other hand, the kitchen will produce a lot of smoke, easy to breed bacteria, in addition to the refrigerator becomes dirty, resulting in increased difficulty cleaner, the food stored in the refrigerator is also easy because the bacteria and spoilage.


, Should not be placed in the living room

In addition to the refrigerator placed in the common kitchen, but there are a lot of people will be accustomed to the refrigerator in the living room because the living room is home to the most generous space to put the kitchen refrigerator can save a lot of space, but also facilitate our usual life, out cold drinks and fruit from the refrigerator, comfortably enjoyed on the couch.

But actually, our daily stay in the living room is the longest time, the refrigerator will be more or less electromagnetic radiation, especially long-term placed next to the sofa, our health will have a negative impact.


, Should not be placed in the bedroom

A small number of people have this habit, large bedroom space, then put a small refrigerator in the bedroom, put some cold drinks and fruit, usually adequate out of the door, will be able to come up with a can of Coke in the fridge, a watermelon, lying in bed very pleasant watch TV.

As it comes to the above, how much will a little fridge radiation, sound and will produce electricity during the operation itself, while the bedroom as a place for people to rest, if placed in a refrigerator, in addition to affecting the rest of sleep, will go a long time for people’s health affected.


, Should not be placed in the embedded cabinet


Today, many people in order to save space, a set of custom cabinets, in addition to increasing the storage space of storage, but also refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and so on embedded appliances placed in the cabinet, looks very atmospheric. However, as mentioned above, attached great importance to the refrigerator cooling, embedded closet, it will seriously affect heat dissipation, long time down, not only the costs of electricity, but also easily broken, it should not be embedded in the refrigerator cabinet.


, Not being on the toilet

The toilet is in our daily lives the most “dirty”, where they are most likely to breed bacteria, refrigerator should not be placed near the toilet, everyone knows this is common sense, but in addition to addition, the refrigerator should not in fact facing the toilet, open the refrigerator when bacteria easily run into them, food contamination, affecting people’s health.


Second, the refrigerator at home which location is better?

In fact, the restaurant will be placed in the refrigerator is a good choice, the restaurant is not high frequency of use, time to be in the restaurant not long, so the impact of radiation on the human body refrigerator it a little. And if the restaurant kitchen can be avoided in the refrigerator to avoid oil pollution, such a refrigerator daily cleaning will be a lot of convenience.

Some friends will be putting refrigerators restaurant, which meet the basic necessities of food and restaurants generally do not put too much stuff, it is very harmonious overall look, things get put too convenient, but also not afraid to take up space can effectively take advantage of the restaurant’s floor space, so it will be more comfortable life.

But also pay attention to the refrigerator placed about a few things:


1, where the temperature of the refrigerator is placed as low as possible, because the temperature inside of the refrigerator to prevent convection and the external temperature.

2, to avoid direct sunlight, away from fire or other heat sources.

3, since the heat radiation cooling effect of the refrigerator is good about the condenser, thereby cooling the refrigerator easy mounting needed, air drying.

4, generally from the back surface of the refrigerator should be 10 cm above the walls, both from other objects around 20 centimeters from the ground elevate the bottom corners of less than 10 cm, the ground to be strong, flat, box adjustable screw feet, so that the refrigerator in the horizontal position , other items should not be placed on the cover or drape, so as not to affect the cooling.

The above is about

Relevant knowledge, I believe you can bring some help. All in all, the refrigerator is placed pay attention to certain skills, some places are not suitable for placement of the refrigerator, if placed, not only to the refrigerator itself is not good, but also may violate feng shui taboos, the impact of family fortunes.


Home refrigerator should not be placed where

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