The young people are also very fragrant! More than 20,000 Bordess deep dive II not only gas lamp

Bolwat, it is very small, it seems that it is not possible, after all, the Golden light light in the Polka is very famous. But to say that it’s sense of existence, it is really not so strong, it seems that there is nothing to take the right place in addition to night light. Is this really true? I do not think so. It is called an extremely excellent toolkit.

This Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II watch we can see the literacy of the tool table, the metal material gives the plain appearance and the temperament of tough guys. If you don’t understand it, it is easy to think it is a steel shell steel strip, but its use is titanium metal, and it is more complicated. In fact, the housing of the watch is cast by whole titanium metal, integrally forming, and structurally stronger. The reason why the titanium metal is selected is because it has strong corrosion resistance, even if it is in high salt in the sea, it can be safe. At the same time, titanium is still relatively light, for this 42 mm, thickness of 15.5 mm, with titanium, is much better than the use of fine steel. In addition, titanium has a characteristic of skin, generally rarely allergies because of titanium metal.

The aesthetic overall aesthetics is relatively rough, which is also reflected in this Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II watch. The integrated titanium metal case is mainly dumb, and there is a polishing portion on both sides, and the lines of the hook the housing are subjected to a strong contrast to improve the texture of the watch. This is a “deep dive” watch, many of the details of the watch also serve its “deep dive” function. For example, the design is a very unique submersible lap. Each scale above is actually composed of separate components, and the metal sheet treated with sandblasts is inserted on the lap, not only easier to read the dive time information, which is uneven pits Can increase the sliding length, even if the diving glove is worn.

If you want to really do “deep dive” worry-free, the nightlight effect of the watch is also critical, because the more the light is getting deeper, the worse the light. However, this is the most hand of the Polka. This Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II watch uses Boernsignible “autologous light-emitting mini light”. The autologous light-emitting micro-air lamp itself has a small size, precise, and lightweight advantage. Through solid techniques, these luminescent microflights are inlaid on the pointer of the watch and the dial, which can rule out the risk of damage, and will not be subject to any radiation when wearing. The autologous light-emitting micro-gas lamp does not require the sun to supplement the light source,


Not required

Any battery. The brightness is higher than that of the general fluorescent coating, the service life is over 25 years. We can find that there is an autologous light-emitting micrometer lamp, 6 and 12 two large Arabic numbers, are also combined by the micro-air lamp on the scale and time division of the watch. The large triangle and the first 20 minute scale on a single-rotating lap are superluminova luminous coating.

Here I want to have an additional time standard design of the Portoform’s mini-light lamp, except for the exception of the night light, this time scale scale or Arabic number is also attractive, angular numbers. Dictionary and very stereoscopic. Boer has a similar design on its many watches, and it is also one of its features.


This Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II wrist has a waterproof performance of up to 1000 meters, which is a deputy deepest watch. Like this waterproof depth, there will definitely have a rowless valve, and Boer has. However, and common row valves are different. Boer puts the automatic helium emissions valve in the crown, which is the patented design of the Polka, which allows for accumulation in the watch in high pressure environments Helium can be safely emissively emissively in the decompression process, and does not destroy the watch structure. This design is the first time.

The watch cover is engraved with the US Navy Senior Diving Skills, which is both professional symbols and decoration. Inside the watch, the Ball RR1101-C automatic mechanical movement (based on ETA 2892-A2), COSC Swiss Astronomical Table certification, power storage 42 hours. Boer Performance has launched the first home manufacturing surface certification movement Cal. 7309, vibrating frequency 4Hz, power storage 80 hours. Unfortunately, there is no application on this Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II watch.


The new Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II wrist table has two types of black dials and white dials, which can be used with black rubber straps or metal straps, wherein the metal sheet is made of titanium metal and stainless steel, a patented triple folding See you, you can resist 1400 Newtonians. The table is buckled with a maximum of 22 mm. In addition, the watch is equipped with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass mirror, with 4,800a / m anti-magnetic properties, through 7,500 GS impact test.

The Bordeine Series Deep Dive II Watch is a superior performance of a deep-dive tool table, and the integrated titanium sheet and tough unique metal appearance is very male charm. To some extent, I think I think the Avengers of the 100-year spirit series deeply latent sea wolf watch. However, the Porto is undoubtedly low-conditioned, and the application of titanium metal materials also makes the wrist watch more light and comfortable. This Bordic hydrogen series deep dive II wrist table metal table is official price


25,900 yuan


RMB, rubber table with official prices


24,900 yuan


RMB. More than 20,000 Titanium deep dive watches, cost-effective is still very high.

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