Telling true, this year “Old Beijing Babel” is really fire, look at their fashion match, I want to enter a pair

In many people’s minds, nostalgic old Beijing cloth shoes, almost all shoes that will be wearing. Although this shoe seems to have some rustic, it is indeed very comfortable, and it is durable.

When the old Beijing cloth shoes are fire, many fashion bloggers are mixed with old Beijing cloth shoes in the winter clothes of the simmer atmosphere, and let us appreciate it together.


First, skirt + old Beijing cloth shoes


Old Beijing cloth shoes is small, so it is very suitable for use with a large A word half skirt. This khaki high waist pleated half dress is matched with a white sweater, and the feet are black shoes and bottoming socks, forming elegant and ladies style, showing a different retro feelings. And this black shoes and black bottoming socks are in one way, and the role of prolonging the calf lines, the calf looks fine and very slender.


In the elegant dress, the lower body uses gray bottoming socks and gray cloth shoes to form a harmonious feeling, and unrequently extended leg lines, which seems to be slender and slim. This loose A word dress is better for the modification and inclusion of the body. A gray beret is also wearing a gray beret, exceptionally elegant.

Second, coat + old Beijing cloth shoes

We all know that the old Beijing cloth shoes are very beautiful, so it is used to match the thick coat more atmosphere, and it will not form a lightweight feeling. This pure black woolen coat uses a loose H-type version of the green scarf, which is cleverly enlightened. The lower body is mixed with deep gray bottoming socks and black shoes, using the Panasonic tight match, The child weakened the old feelings.

The matching of the monsors and jeans is very common in daily life. If you match a pair of high heels or sports shoes at this time, it will look too common, try novel old Beijing cloth shoes, with a different trendy sense, very eye-catching.

Third, suits + old Beijing cloth shoes


For wearing bloggers, choosing simple-based clothing in daily matching to take shoes, create a casual and gentle style, this daily match is very practical, suitable for most girls. Full-featured suitcase, with casual free cloth shoes, let the serious looks more casual, highlight the sense of daily atmosphere.

Among the suits and trousers, the lower body is very eye-catching, in the daily match, if you want to create a different bright spot, you can choose this high saturation clothing. It is highlighting personality. Black shoes on the feet appeared to have a pair of petite and delicate, and the overall match is very atmospheric.


In the use of suits jackets, there is always a light color match, it will inevitably make people feel monotonous. So, in this case, it is cleverly uses black shoes and white high-hit stockings to form an anti-difference color comparison. At once, we will weaken the old feelings brought by the cloth shoes, create a casual and distinctive style.


Four, trousers + old Beijing cloth shoes

Choose this nine-point style of denim straight pants, with black shoes, showing simple and low-key leisure style, which is very daily, worthy of girls. The trousers and shoes are perfectly connected together, and they play the role of extending the leg lines, and the legs look very well.

Loose black lamb jacket, version is relatively large, so the upper body is easy to look bloated, the lower body is matched with light casual pants and exquisite and small cloth shoes, forming a leisurely casual style, highlighting the gentle temperament, very generous.


If you want to be more refreshing, you can choose denim nine pants with black old Beijing cloth shoes, and use it without wearing socks to expose slim ankles. The legs look too much.

It turns out that the old Beijing cloth shoes is such a fashion. After reading the above sets, do you feel that your winter is still lacking a hundred and fashionable old Beijing cloth shoes, anyway, I want to give yourself a pair to try it, too fragrant.

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