12 mop evaluation: Which mop is more durable? Is more convenient to operate?

Mopping, one of the trivial matters that contemporary youth must face. Although it is small, it also shoulders the spur of “why not sweep a house, how can you sweep the world”. In the face of this pride, equipped with a durable and saving mop will make each young man with a tiger and wings fly.

Which mop is easy to use and worry -free?

In June 2018, “Macau Consumption” evaluated

Sigao, camellia, Shulang, Powerful, Jiali, Baole, Zhicheng

The mainstream mop of the 12 markets involves three materials such as cotton, fiber, and rubber cotton.

The evaluation items include the bending strength of the mop, the coexistence strength of the traction head and the handle, the degree of drift resistance, the metal component’s corrosion resistance and other quality indicators; as well as water absorption and other performance indicators.

The evaluation results show,

Welida cotton line mop, Shulang print non -woven round tug, family moral hair multifunctional mop


Three water absorption, strong and durable, worth recommending.

Camellia cotton gauze cleaning mop, power fiber mop (blue), power light gel cotton mop


Waiting for practicality and durability, the performance is relatively inferior, and the score is at the bottom.

What are the mainstream mop in the market?

In the face of a dazzling mop in the supermarket, choosing a suitable mop is definitely not just as simple as the price is. The material of the trailer, the shape of the tractor, etc., all need to be considered according to the actual situation.

According to the material, there are cotton mop, fiber mop and tape mop in the mainstream traditional mop type. The main selection of this evaluation is


Cotton -type cotton and fiber mop.

▲ Jet beam mop


▲ Plastic cotton mop

Bundle mop

, That is, the tug head part is composed of multi -cotton wires or fiber fabrics. After wetting, the dust and hair of the floor can be taken away; High -efficiency and convenient. The advantage is that the mop is cheap and easy to get started, so it is the most common in home cleaning.


Glue mop

Generally, PVC troops are used, like sponges, softly push after sucking water, and can easily wipe off the water, dust, hair, etc. on the floor. This kind of land mop generally has its own squeeze function. Compared with the bundle mop, it is more convenient to save trouble when cleaning. The disadvantage is that the tug head is not durable and easy to fall.

Which mop is more durable? Is more convenient to operate? Just see the next evaluation!

Simple comparison of operation: more convenient to replace the tug head with cotton and fiber mop

The mop is good or not, mainly depends on whether the tractor is convenient or replaced. During the test, the bundle cotton or fiber mop is obviously easier to operate than the tiny mop.


This is because the cotton or fiber mop of a bundle type, mostly the tractor adopts traditional spiral interfaces or inserted interfaces. Consumers can spin the towing handle in the same instinct when they replace the tractor. Dark head, or easily insert into the embedd

In contrast, the trail of the tiny mop is mostly used to use the small card position of the tractor


The grooves of the mop, the disassembly and installation of the tractor are more complicated, and it is not convenient to replace it.


The quality comparison of the mop: the joint intensity of the joint trailer and the cotton thread is poor, and the metal part of the rubber mop is easily corroded

After the traditional mop is split, there are generally handles, towing heads, cotton threads/cloth strips/cotton cotton. The intensity of the coexistence between these components, the curved strength of the special components, the corrosion resistance, and the degree of drift -resistant water will determine the quality and durability of the mop.

When mopping the floor, a little force is often broken. The wooden handle is okay. When encountering metal materials, it is likely to scratch the palm flesh and flesh. In this case, it is generally caused by the bending intensity of the tugpad.

In this test, the handle of the cotton cotton gauze cleaning the handle is better, and the handle is not easy to break;

Another case is that the mop often “separates the body” when cleaning: either the tap head drops from the handle, or it is a cloth strip or a cotton head. This evaluation also conducted the joint strength test between the mop components for these two situations.

The results show that the rubber cotton mop is relatively polar: Jiadefa, exquisite workmanship, good coexistence strength;

But guarantee

Lejie and Viada are poor.

Most of the trap heads and handles of cotton or fiber mop are mostly inserted or spiral interfaces. Although it is convenient for replacement, the actual combination strength is generally general. In addition, compared with the cloth strip head, the cotton threading head is more likely to fall off and fall off, and the durability is relatively poor.

Some people will worry that the sponge of the rubber mop is easy to fall, but from the test point of view, the four types of rubber mop of Togeta, Sigao, Powerful, and Pauljie are well performed well. Their tracting heads were applied to 20 Newton’s load, and after 100 cycles of ground wiping the ground, no damage or drop of the glue cotton head.

In the home cleaning, the mop may also encounter some special circumstances: if the mop color is smooth, the color will be used to clean the mop, or it is easy to corrode and rust in a humid environment. So, will these conditions affect the appearance, performance and service life of the mop?

The answer is that after using bleach, the appearance of the mop is basically no effect, but the coexistence intensity of the tractor and cotton/cloth strip of the bundle -type mop will decrease overall. The translation is that if you usually like to clean the mop with bleach, your mop will easily “lose hair” or even “bald”, and even “retire” in advance. However, the tiny mop is basically no such trouble.

But the “more technology” tape mop also has troubles: afraid of corrosion. The evaluation put the metal parts of the sample in 5%of the neutral salt mist for 24 hours, and found that the coating mop collective was collectively corrosive traces. Cotton or fiber mop is much better.

Water -absorbing test: good performance of camellia, Zhicheng, tall cotton mop and other glue mops such as Sigao and Victoria

In different mop ads, you can always see “super strong water absorption” and “sponge water absorption”, which shows how important a mop water absorption ability is. The water absorption is not good, and it needs to be dipped over repeatedly. It is not convenient to use.

This test will immerse the 12 mop in water for 3 minutes. After dripping excess water after a suspension of 3 minutes, weighing the weight comparison to test the water absorption ability of the mop.

The test results show that although the tape mop is fine, the area is small and the water absorption power deviations are still available alone; the water absorption power of the camellia ultra -fiber cleansing mop is very prominent.

Buy and use small TIPS

1. Large -scale cleaning, it is recommended to choose a cotton -containing bundle mop with a strong water absorption of the mop; the small area is cleaned, you can choose a tiny mop.


2. Try not to use or use bleach water to clean or disinfect the bundle -type mop to avoid reducing the service life.

3. Try to buy a mop that can be replaced with a tractor so that you can change new when the mop is damaged, and it will not be wasted.

4. In particular, you need to pay attention to the bending strength of the handle of the mop. Do not continue to use it when the handle is bent or broken, so as not to cut the palm of the hand.

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