Drops, strap skirts are also too older! Mature women are looking for, showing young and stylish

In the summer, the veneering skirt, the popularity of the backband skirt is obvious, whether it is in the fashion blogger out of the street, or in the star private service, still in the stars, and the pants The lens rate of the trap skirt can be described as high.


Of course, in addition to the absence of the strap pants, the veranders have exceptional effects, there is also a big relationship with such single items and wide range of applications. After all, the strap trousers, the strap dress is not a girl exclusive, as long as the style is selected, mature women can easily control. This time, I came to share a group of Japanese style ventrays, the veranda dress with demonstrations, so weeds so much in summer, the mature woman took the young, showing young and fashionable, let’s take a look!

First, how to choose the back with skirt

The strap skirt varies depending on the color system, can be divided into a variety of types, such as common black and white ash, beige, denim blue, or khaki, camel, brown and color. Mature women want to put the vectors of the vectors and age, first, first need to choose the color suitable for you.

In all colors, the black back skirt is the most applicable range, the most practical choice, except that there is not much limited restriction on the age of women, the low-key black system can also reduce the sweetness of the strap skirt, in age, will not Sweet.

The black strap skirt with the high waist design is deeply favored by the Japanese blogger. If you want to wear a fashion point, you can top the navy’s hat or a small hat, enough to be fine.

Compared with the black line, the color strap dress is more winning this little girl, but it is recommended that mature women prefer low saturation color or Moradi color line, in addition to visually soothing, this kind of color is completed in color Also very friendly.

If your skin is white, then Moradi color is easy to have milk muscles, if the skin is yellow, black, and you don’t have to worry.

Woman walking the women’s native route, try the apricot, khaki, cof color, camel or brown strap skirt. Since it belongs to the earthquistence, this type of tone is very textured.

When wearing a summer, it is superimposed in other earth-colored, which is both simple, and is not disturbed.


Second, choose the material that suits yourself, style

The strap skirt is different, the style is different, and the mature woman is best to choose the material and style suitable for you.

The cowboy strap is the most common style in summer, which can create a freshly breath of youth, and the street is full of fashion. But many mature women may worry about the short cowboy strap skirt too energetic, then try the long denim straps.

In addition to the ability to block the legs, the long version can add a light and elegant adjustment to the shape.

The solid color strap skirt is simple and fresh, while the stack of printing elements is not common, but is built in summer romantic breath, such as printed back skirts or striped veranders.

In this type of style, mature women should follow the principles of “sminy conclusions”, thus avoiding the weight of clothes.

Third, a variety of collocations of the strap skirt


Whether it is a strap pants, or a strap skirt, there is a variety of choices, and mature women can wear a favorite shape by adjusting the inside.


First of all, the straps can be dressed, or it can be superimposed on the shirt, and for the slender women, the previous one can show their own advantages while increasing the skin area.

And used to overlay the shirt, you can upgrade the clothes, and don’t lose playful fashion.


If you like sweet and light, then a small shirt that superimposes your career is definitely your best choice. With wooden ear, petal collar or small sleeve small shirt combined with strap, the skirt, can double the sweetness of the shape, belonging to the summer integrity and sweetness of the summer.

I don’t want to be too strong, but I want to wear leisure age, then try to use short-sleeved T-shirts to act as a strap trousers, with a skirt, simple, but age is fashionable.


In addition to the T-shirt, the stripes are also typical leisure products. They are equally with the strap skirt, and the strap trousers is very taking, but when using this kind of work, the stripe color needs to make color echoing with the strap skirt, such as black and white stripes Black strap skirt, red and white stripe with white verald pants, etc.

The above is the Japanese wind strap pants who share it for everyone, with a skirt matching, if you want to wear sweet fashion and elegant, then you may wish to refer to it!

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