Chen Linong’s latest blockbuster, red checkered suit is handsome and handsome.

Speaking of Chen Linong, I believe that many young friends are no stranger to him? He is a Taiwanese pop male singer and a film and television actor. Since 2018, he participated in the iQiyi idol men’s group competition to develop a reality show “Idol Trainee”, and finally joined the second place in the second place. After the men’s singing group NINE PERCENT, he officially debuted into the entertainment industry.

Now that Chen Linong has released a number of singles and albums with the group, which has attracted much attention in the music scene; and he also participated in many reality shows and variety shows, such as “Perfect Restaurant” and “Singing Good”, etc. It is deeply impressed, has been very popular, and is loved by a large number of fans.

Although Chen Linong’s debut time is not long, he also released a number of singles and albums with the combination. He has a small accomplishment in the music scene, and has rich stage experience. In the field, in 2019, he co -starred with the “current boyfriend” Li Xian starred in the costume fantasy movie “Red Fox Scholar”. The acting strength is also highly praised, and now it has attracted much attention in the film and television industry.

In addition to having strong business capabilities, Chen Linong’s appearance conditions are also very picky, and good clothes give her high charm; he has unique insights on all kinds of LOOK, unique taste in fashion, daily private server, daily private server LOOK is quite charming; recently shooting a fashion blockbuster, this set of look is handsome, attracting the eyes of many netizens, everyone may wish to take a look together.


Chen Linong’s latest blockbuster, the red checkered suit is handsome and handsome, it is indeed the beauty of “milk foamon”. Recently, Chen Linong filmed a fashion blockbuster and wore a red checkered suit look to appear in the photo. Not only did he not show his mother -in -law, but he added handsome and handsome.


I saw Chen Linong wearing a set of watermelon red Looks to appear. Everyone knows that this color of the color is not easy to control, especially for boys, it is easy to appear mother -in -law. But after wearing this set of watermelon red suit, the overall upper body effect is very good.

Although this suit uses a solid color design method, it adds plaid element embellishment, adding a lot of fashion highlights, and it will not look too monotonous when it looks at it; Tie, embellishment with embroidery elements, feels particularly delicate.

Pearl suit gorgeous noble

If you pay attention to Chen Linong, I believe that many friends will know that he is very tasteful in fashion; some people may feel that Chen Linong looks like a feminine style. For boys, this style is not considered to be the appearance Special pleasure, there is no feeling of sunny atmosphere; but Chen Linong finds the style of dressing suitable for himself, so as to maximize the advantages of the appearance.

This time, Chen Linong wore a black suit look to appear, showing a strong fashion atmosphere; a suit jacket is biased towards the casual style, the version is relatively loose, and it looks quite simple and comfortable. Part of the pearl element as embellishment is particularly gorgeous and noble; the neckline is open to expose the white pullover inside, plus black casual trousers, the overall look is quite charming.

Embroidered shirt low -key and eye -catching

Black and white matching is a very common fashion look. As a classic basic model, it is very simple and generous. This time, Chen Linong started with black and white look to interpret the basic model with a full fashion atmosphere.

I saw that he was wearing an embroidery shirt to appear in the photo, with white as the main tone, and added black embroidery patterns as embellishment. It seemed to draw a ink pattern on the white shirt. Exquisite, the overall upper body effect is still very eye -catching. The following is paired with black casual trousers and white sneakers, but the simple foundation is bursting, which is really attractive.

Long -ties to interpret unique charm

The proportion of Chen Linong’s figure is still very good. It has a height of 1.85 meters. Even in the entertainment circle where handsome guys are gathered, they are also very competitive. It has a strong ability to control all kinds of LOOK.

This time, Chen Linong wore a set of black Looks to appear to interpret a unique fashion charm, which is also very attractive. I saw that he was wearing a black long trench coat and appeared in the photo. The long trench coat felt quite domineering. Although this item had high requirements on the figure. After wearing it, it seemed like stealing the clothes of adults, but Chen Linong obviously did not have such troubles. He came out in a long black trench coat and felt very cool and domineering.

It is paired with a black shirt as a single product. Below is a pair of same -color suit trousers. The pure black fashion look sets off his skin tone fairly white, but it is not like the sense of “cream niche” in the past. There is male charm.

Striped elements show personal taste


Chen Linong has a strong sense of fashion, and the taste of private server is also very good. Even if it is just ordinary items, after a simple match, it can still show a full fashion atmosphere, which is really attractive; just like this look, it is unique to highlights. For eye -catching.

I saw that he used the white shirt as a single item, and the outside was paired with a small suit jacket. It was embellished with purple and black two -color striped element to show a unique personal taste. Fashion highlights; below is a pair of gray -blue jeans. The fresh -like design enhances the fashion atmosphere of the overall look. After with small white shoes, it feels very attractive.



Don’t look at Chen Linong’s debut time for a long time, but with his strength, he has developed well in the circle; he not only has rich stage experience, has good singing and jumping ability, but also has a fashionable taste. Extremely charming, really fascinating.


If you pay attention to the entertainment industry, I believe that many netizens have also found that many young idol artists now always have a sense of “de -genderization”. And boys are also inclined to take a cute and sweet style, which makes many netizens feel unacceptable, but like Chen Linong, with his strength to speak, now he has gradually stood in the circle. Having said so much, I do n’t know what everyone ’s impression of Chen Linong is like? You are also welcome to share your views in the comments area.

Author: ArticleManager