One of Zijin Specialty -Huanghua Tea

Huanghua Tea in Zijin County is named after the production of tea in Huanghua Village, Zijin County. According to the “Zijin County Chronicle”, it has a history of more than 500 years of green tea. Of course, the name of Huanghua tea was found in Huanghua Village, Zijin County. It has the benefits of anti -aging, antibacterial, blood lipids, weight loss, fat reduction, anti -dental caries, and clear odor.


Huanghua tea is produced with high mountains of more than 800 meters, which is rare and valuable. Due to the unique conditions of planting geographical environment, it is unique in planting and environmental protection. It has no pollution and environmental protection. It is called one of the three major tea of ​​Dongjiang by the Hakkas. Modern Huanghua Village people began to change the concept of a single decentralized planting in the 1990s, from decentralized planting to collective planting, followed by specialization, scale, standardization, and branding, and gradually formed a “yellow flower and green tea” series: Yellow flower ladies, yellow flowers royal, Huanghua brand boutique and other products.

紫金特产之一——黄花茶“黄花牌绿茶”被评为中国茶企产品品牌价值百强、 取得中国有机产品认证、广东省著名商标、广东省名牌产品、河源市农业金牌产品、最受深港市民喜欢的“十大茶业品牌”、深圳市消费者信行过品牌、 “中茶杯”全国名优茶评比特等奖、“国饮杯”全国茶叶评比一等奖、2011中国(广州)国际茶业博览会唯一指定绿茶等荣誉。公司始终以 “责任铸品质,诚信铸百年企业品牌”为己任,秉着“持久、专一、千锤百炼”的企业精神,让茶的自然价值与文化价值相融合,积极带动茶行业的可持续发展。

“Yellow Flower Green Tea” has been rated as the top 100 product brand value of Chinese tea companies, obtained China’s organic product certification, a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province, a famous brand product in Guangdong Province, Heyuan City Agricultural Gold Product, and the “Top Ten Great Tea “Industry Brand”, Shenzhen Consumer Trusted Brand, “China Tea Cup” National Famous Tea Evaluation Bit and other prizes, the first prize of the “National Drink Cup” National Tea Evaluation, 2011 China (Guangzhou) International Tea Industry Expo only specified green tea and other honors. The company always takes “responsibility for the quality of responsibility, the integrity casting century corporate brand” as its responsibility, and the corporate spirit of “lasting, dedicated, and thousands of refined”, which combines the natural value and cultural value of tea, and actively drives the sustainable development of the tea industry Essence

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