Korean actress Xu Xian wears white pencil pants and white T -shirts to modify long legs

Xu Xianji Korean singers, actors and hosts, not only the lead singer and leading dance and sound responsibility of the girls’ group groups, but also excellent singing strength and piano strength and fresh temperament are also very popular with fans.

Xu Xianchang looks pure and well -behaved, gentle and sweet, and fashion is also a trendy vane.


The following editors will interpret the fashion matching of Xu Xian’s white pencil pants.

In the sunny spring, if wearing a black clothes, it may be beautiful. If women want to add some refreshing colors to themselves, white will add a lot of points for you in terms of shape and complexion.

It looks refreshing white pencil pants, with simple sweaters, T -shirts, jackets, coats, etc. are a good fashion wearing combination, because white itself is a versatile color, and it has a pair of white pencil pants. Wear concave shape.


Spring is coming, and Shan Shan will come in summer. Women who can’t wait to show their beautiful legs. White pencil pants wearing a curvature to modify the shape of the figure are also a good time to show their figure.

Maybe some female friends think that wearing white pencil pants will be fat. In fact, this idea has entered a misunderstanding.


White pencil pants can be worn, mixed or bottomed, or you may not expect the effect of wearing white pencil pants and thin thighs. It is recommended to wear white pencil pants to choose the elastic material containing Laika. Not only is it comfortable to fit the leg lines without restraint, but it can also modify the leg shape well.

Women with thick legs wear white pencil pants. The upper body can choose a large leisure suit or mid -length trench coat. With the lower body to create a layered match, it will weaken the thicker legs visually.


Xu Xian wore a white pencil pants upper body with a white T -shirt. The simple white T -shirt and white pencil pants combined to create a pure white.


Choose the dark blue short of the small incense wind. The basic color dark blue short outer jacket is high -level and has a thin effect. Stepping on the black character with high heel sandals, wearing the basic color jacket with white pencil pants in spring, Using the basic color coat to echo the dark high heels, there will be no light head and feet, and it is thin and thin.

Xu Xian wore white pencil pants to show long legs and white shirt skirts. Xu Xian’s white shirt skirt upper body button style, the skirt from the waist is designed with pleated skirt, visually effectively weaken the effect of wide buttocks and wide hips. Sandals, look gentle and sweet.

Xu Xian’s white skirt is designed with stitching lotus leaf edges. The length just shows the thinnest part of the calf. The thighs and the calf belly are hidden in the white skirt. , The drawing of the shirt collar is elegant, the length of the shirt effectively covers the hips, and the waist is a brown belt to create a small waist, echoing the brown sandals wearing on the feet, which looks gentle and charming.


Xu Xian wore a dark gray silhouette knit sweater. The retro lantern sleeves are very fashionable and fashionable. The hollow design of the shoulders is very design. Inside, this is not only exposed to the waistline, but also weakened the bloated feeling brought by the OVEVSIZE sweater. Dark -colored nine -point jeans are the style of straight pants. It is versatile and does not pick a figure. Long legs.

Xu Xian wearing this light blue nine -point jeans, paired with white pointed high -heeled boots, and a short boot boots wrapped in ankle. Girls who are afraid of cold are not only warm, but also create small small skin. ankle.

The upper body is paired with a white half -neck sweater, the fresh white slim sweater is combined with high -waisted jeans, showing high legs and long legs, and the soft neutralization of knitwear and the toughness of jeans. Choose a black and white small checkered casual suit. The irregular suit design, neutralizing the formal sense of the suit, looks unique and fashionable.



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