Have you ever seen gloves that can’t be cut off in sports cars. Have you seen it?

[Truck House Original] When loading and unloading goods or repairing vehicles, wearing gloves can protect our hands from harm, so we will always have several gloves in our car. There are many types of gloves. Different materials are made of gloves, and the uses and feel are different. The following will take a look at the gloves commonly used by several truck drivers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The biggest effect of gloves on both hands is to protect and keep warm. Gloves can be divided into two categories: sewing and knitting. There are independent fingers and divisions. You can concentrate on their advantages and disadvantages through the table below.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

1. Cheap but not durable

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

Site gloves can be said to be the most commonly used gloves for truck drivers, and the price is relatively cheap to buy everywhere. Now many gas stations will give you some pair of thread gloves when you refuel. In winter, because the steering wheel is cooler, many people will wear cables to drive.

Although wire gloves are more common, because it is compiled with ordinary cotton threads, it feels more comfortable when wearing. Because it is cotton line preparation, its biggest disadvantage is that it is not wear -resistant. The density of common wire gloves is relatively large, and the dirt is easy to enter the gloves and cause the hands to become dirty.

2. The penetration rate of nylon gloves is high

Nylon gloves and wire gloves are a bit similar, but the weaving materials are very different from wire gloves. Most nylon gloves are woven by nylon wires. Because nylon materials have high strength, its weaving gloves are more durable, so many drivers are many drivers. Will buy nylon gloves.

Nylon gloves are more densely woven, and they are more wear -resistant in daily use. Although everyone calls it nylon gloves, it still has PVC silk gloves. It is difficult to distinguish in appearance. Essence

3. Rubber glove waterproof ability is first -class

Rubber gloves can be seen literally that it is made of rubber. This glove has a good waterproof ability. It can be used when it rains, and rainwater will not enter the glove. This glove is also used on the truck. It can also be used when repairing the vehicle’s oil and butter, which can effectively avoid being stained with both hands.

The price of rubber gloves is not expensive, and one can be bought in a few dollars, but he has two disadvantages. One is that it is not durable and it is easy to damage. The other is because the sealing is too good. Both hands can feel uncomfortable.

4. One of the common gloves for soaking gloves

The rubber can be regarded as a combination of nylon gloves and rubber gloves. The reason why it is called polkin gloves is because it uses nylon gloves as an ontology, and the palm and fingers are performed. This kind of gloves are more breathable than rubber gloves.

This kind of gloves inherit some advantages of nylon and rubber gloves well. It has a certain durability and is more wear -resistant and breathable. There will be spots and patterns at the fingers to increase the friction of the fingers for facilitation. Thanks to the lack of adhesion on the back of the hand, the breathability of this glove is good, and it will not feel covering your hands for a long time, and the price is relatively cheap. It can be said that this glove is the most widely used glove on the truck.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

5. The nobles in the Cavra gloves gloves

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

Kafera is a fiber material developed by DuPont. It has a high strength. Earlier in the early period, Kafera materials were made of bulletproof coats. Because there were fewer companies that could produce, the price was more expensive. With the development of productivity, gloves woven by Kafera materials are now available. Although the price has declined, it is still a bit more expensive than nylon gloves, so the frequency of use on the truck is not very high.

Although the price of Kafela gloves is relatively expensive, its advantages are that other gloves cannot be comparable, that is, its strength is relatively high, and it is relatively light and comfortable to wear. Scratching, so for us to use it on a truck, its abrasion resistance is not a problem.

6. Leather glove wear -resistant anti -tie hand

Crucket gloves are sewn by cowhide, which is thicker and has a good wear resistance. It is also more oil -resistant and corrosion. Use steel rope or take some more hand -tied items to wear cowhide gloves to effectively prevent your hands from being tied. Because it is made of leather, leather gloves are more abrasion and durable.

There are also disadvantages of cowhide gloves, because it is sewn, so it is not a special hand, and it is thicker, so the hand becomes not too flexible when wearing. Especially in winter, it will be frozen. Although it is called cowhide gloves, the current cowhide gloves may be made from pig skin, deer skin or artificial leather.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

7. Canvas gloves are durable

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

Canvas gloves are similar to cowhide gloves, which are made of canvas sewing. The price is much cheaper in the price. Many drivers use canvas gloves, but the wear resistance of canvas gloves is obviously not as good as cowhide gloves. It will be damaged. And it does not fit very much. When wearing, your hands are not too flexible. It is more difficult to get small items.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

8. Keep warm glove northern driver must be necessary in winter

As the name suggests, this glove is used to provide warm use for both hands. For drivers in the south, they rarely use such gloves. However, for drivers in the north, two sets of gloves will be prepared in the winter car. Avoid frostbite with both hands, so this type of gloves is the most important.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

At present, there are many types of warm -keeping gloves. The earliest were handmade, and many Northeast people called cotton stuffy. The inside of the warm -keeping gloves is mostly cotton, and it is also light to wear while keeping warm, but there is also a disadvantage that cotton gloves are generally not wear -resistant.

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

9. Fire -resistant gloves are more resistant to high temperature

Fire -resistant gloves can be seen literally. Fire -resistant gloves are made of some flame retardant high -temperature materials such as asbestos fiber, carbon fiber, and glass fiber. They are generally suitable for use in an environment of exposure to light fire. It is necessary to prepare a set of fire gloves for the driver of the goods to prepare from time to time.

10. The strongest anti -cutting capacity of steel wire gloves

The force of this glove is a bit high. The steel wire gloves are formed by the many small steel ring. It has good wear resistance to effectively prevent the hands from being cut with both hands, maximizing the role of protecting both hands. Generally, it is used in the post where mechanical cutting. Although there is not much chance of using the truck, if necessary, you can also prepare a pair of steel wire gloves in the car.

Editor’s words:

在外跑车必备良品 刀都割不破的手套你见过么?

The 10 gloves introduced above basically cover the gloves we use on the truck. A suitable glove not only is comfortable to wear, but also can quickly complete various operations while protecting both hands. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the attributes of various gloves. Take care of both hands. (Text/picture Zhang Lixin)

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