Portable multi -function milk powder boxes have many benefits, Bao Ma travels and feed in the middle of the night, no longer irritable, no trouble

I believe that many new treasure parents are really big in feeding the baby. The milk powder that the baby drinks every meal is quantitative. Just like what scientific experiments are doing, you ca n’t make mistakes at all. Sometimes the baby wants to drink milk, and it is even more troublesome to adjust the milk powder. In addition, it is a big problem to breastfeed your baby …

Therefore, the editor of Duoshang.com is very convenient to recommend a travel, daily, or even in the middle of the night -honeymoon Beibei multi -function milk powder box!

Compared with the colorful milk powder box on the city, the honeymoon Beibei multifunctional milk powder box uses a transparent bottle body, smooth and transparent, and the internal food can be seen at a glance. It does not take time to open it from time to time. Without BPA, it is more assured of storing milk powder and supplementary food; each layer of seal is strict, the food does not taste at the same time to isolate air and harmful substances, packaged and stored, and stays healthy for a long time ~


It is worth mentioning that this multifunctional milk powder box can be disassembled by single, used independently or combined, and more flexible. Sometimes it takes a short time to go out. Two grids of milk -regulating powder, reducing the burden on the travel, and it is also convenient for more places to bring other necessities to the baby.

As an object that directly contacts the baby’s mouth, the quality is believed to be very concerned about many Baoma and Dad. The honeymoon Beibei multi -function milk powder box contains a pacifier that passed the food -grade detection. Okay, it is not easy to damage. The model is commonly used in other breast bottles. After the baby is used to it, he is not worried about the troubles that you need to change because of changing the bottle, and it can also be used as a pacifier sucking when the baby quit milk.

The baby’s schedule is often the opposite of our adults. When I sleep during the day, I always love to make trouble in the middle of the night. After the milk temperature, you can doze off when you stand, and you have to coax your baby to sleep, so you can be at ease. With this honeymoon Beibei multifunctional milk powder box, Bao Da Baya can put milk powder in the milk powder box before going to bed. When the baby wants to drink milk, take it out directly to remove the milk powder pot. The time of measuring milk powder, that is, it is convenient to worry that the amount of milk powder is wrong ~


As a “face value”, it can also be transformed into a “toy” when you can’t play with your baby. You only need to put a few small milk beans or small biscuits in the milk powder box, shake it gently, and then shake it. It can attract the attention of Baby Baby, but also stimulate the baby’s curiosity and develop intelligence.

So good things, come and get it in Duomhang.com ~

Author: ArticleManager