Cross the mountains and rivers, the thorns, the thorns, PESU White Shark Electric Kidshand Car Evaluation

Demo -speed travel has set off a wave of electricity and waves in the domestic market with explosive models such as Monster and Bluebird. Now the speed travel has firmly occupied the first -mover advantage. The “explosive” products that are in line with the market impress consumers and became the few independent brand manufacturers in the “former waves” that can survive the “Qian waves” of that year.

In June this year, the number of entry -level electricity -White Sharks were officially launched, and the price was also directly explored to the price range of 6,000 yuan. The White Shark vehicle of the 250W motor version only cost 6199 yuan.

White shark product configuration:


越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

PESU aluminum alloy frame 27.5 16 “

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测


PESU 36V 13AH 468WH

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测


TTIUM 350W 85nm


TTIUM BC800 LCD HD LCD display


PESU ML32 Magnesium alloy oil pressure locks the front fork

Change: change:

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Shimano 9 speed


PESU hydraulic disc brake 160mm disc

Round Group:

Novatec aluminum alloy Shuangpei Lin Hua Drum

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测



越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测


250W motor version 6199 yuan/350W motor version 6699 yuan

From high -end to civilians, this operation is quite common in marketing strategies. After all, in the eyes of many people, the power assistance has always been synonymous with the fashion pioneer of the bicycle industry, and the price is naturally high. At present, the cheapest torque of the well -known international big name in the market starts with 10,000 or 20,000, which makes many riders unable to experience the happiness of electricity. The emergence of Double White Shark directly broke through the reserve price of the torque -type Middle Electric to help the mountain vehicle.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

In the naming of the model, we seem to smell the successful experience of Internet companies such as Tencent Ali Mei Group, such as beasts, blue birds, white sharks, and blue whales. All of them running on the ground, all walking in the sky, and all the wandering in the water are round.

In terms of painting, Mozi Black, Charm Red, Shark Gray, Deep Sea Blue four -color paint. The details of the white shark in the details of the frame, the huge shark fin on the battery echo the little shark on the frame, the upper fork behind the frame also hides the coating of the shark out of the sea. It also implies that the entry -level level The power assistance contains the strong motivation of sharks.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

The welding process of the White Shark Electric Aid frame is still well, maintaining the top level in China, which provides a stable and reliable foundation for the strong motivation of the vehicle to carry. Covering the Middle Motor part is exactly the same as ordinary mountain cars. The relatively slender tube type also brings a lighter weight, with a battery vehicle in the early 20kg.

The external 13AH large -capacity battery is tightly tightened on the lower tube battery bracket through three inner hexagonal screws, which is simple and rude. Compared with the lower tube of the white shark model of the Beast Model, the lower tube of the White Shark is relatively slender and the battery is not fully fitted. You can feel the slight shaking of the battery with your hands. However, the daily use will basically not affect the stability of the battery. It will be lock -locking gel for enhancement.

Although the White Shark positions the entry -level electric aid product, it has a “power heart” that does not get started. The three -generation TTIUM motor selected by the white shark surpass the performance parameters of the initial Monster. On the basis of similar torque, the smoothness and corresponding time are improved. The resistance and self -consumption of internal structures are reduced. However, the price of the entire vehicle is only set at 6,000 yuan gear (250W motor 6199 yuan, 350W motor 6699 yuan). The price is half cut, but the performance is further.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

It greatly reduces the entry threshold of the torque -type power -to -electricity, and you can buy a powerful power electric assistance vehicle with a power of up to 350W and torque of 85Nm with the same money to buy ordinary mountain cars. In just a few years, we have tasted the results of the technical decentralization, so fragrant!

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

▲ Gettinglment level 11-36t Shimano Altus Dial

The transmission system uses the SHIMANO9 speed system. The Tianteng dynamic 18T small disk is equivalent to the traditional 43T large market under the transmission of the internal speed mechanism of the motor.

Although the positioning is positioned, the White Shark has not shrank on the instrument. Still use high -definition color LCD screen, which can still see the screen display content in the strong sunlight. The screen view is delicate and without granular. anxiety.

, In terms of cost control, in terms of parts selection of the mechanical part, the speed travel is preferentially selected with stable and reliable domestic products, such as Zoom Three -piece set, Novatec aluminum alloy wheel set, etc.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Don’t underestimate these seemingly ordinary accessories, because the particularity of electric assistance is much stronger than ordinary bicycles. The selection and production of these parts from the front fork, the wheel set, the brakes, the cushion, the handle component, etc. The selection and production of these parts is based on a large number of supply chain selection, testing and certification, and cost equilibrium.

▲ Kenda 27.5*1.95 “tires should deal with multiple road conditions

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

▲ The instrument is connected to the battery through the male and female connector, which effectively isolates the external environment and other external environment invading the rainwater

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

32 Magnetic diameter magnesium alloy hydraulic lock in front fork -proof linearity and strong support. In addition to the slightly increased weight than the air pressure front fork, the shock absorbing performance exceeds the entry performance.

▲ The inner ride opens is located at the bottom of the frame pipeline

▲ Speed ​​sensor, capture precise driving data

Riding experience

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

There is no extreme short TT value, and there is no excessive XC geometry. Similar to the previous Jade Bird, the White Shark’s vehicle is more casual and comfortable. The addition of boutique accessories such as tooth tires, shock absorption, and hydraulic disc brakes allows the entire car to have more powerful and wide applicability, and can easily compete for daily commutes and outings on weekends.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

The product concept of scene design allows this in her early six thousand white sharks to help carry a variety of uses of entry users. It can not only meet the daily needs, but also enter the mountains to play, but also take into account the weekend outings, so that a car can exert more uses, and such cars are worthwhile. Demon travel in recent years has given the people’s bold attempts in the car plan, and the launch of the White Shark is also full of sincerity.

The coaxial motor of the TTIUM, the response speed of the Smooth series of the motor is very fast, basically there are foot steps, and step by step. What’s more valuable is that the small tooth plate has a faster start -up speed under the blessing of the 350W high -power motor. Get briskly, even on the uphill section of the mountain off -road, even if you lose a uniform trample, you are forced to stop. The second start is still fast, and there will be no delay.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Under the conventional ECO, Normal, Sport, Turbo gear mode, the motor assistance is always limited to a reasonable range under a specific gear to distinguish the aid value of several gears. In the riding, riding -saving operations can be used to obtain ultra -long battery life to use ECO and Normal gears. Those who like to be full of power can increase the Sport and Turbo mode of the gear. In terms of feedback to several unprepared power -supported colleagues, the Normal and Sport mode is fast and soft, and it is the best choice under daily commuting. Another friends of the mountain player prefer the Turbo mode, and he said that he was more confident when climbing.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Long battery life has always been the advantage of double -speed travel. Previously, the one+long -distance telephone -to -distance power model reached an amazing 300km long battery life. White Shark pays more attention to the ability to cross the obstacles and riding fun. It is also around 150km. Xiaobian belongs to the “violent warrior” with the greatest gear of love. After the actual testing process, 5 gears to the maximum help riding 90km in the actual test process, the battery still has the remaining 15%of the electricity. The power display is relatively accurate. Essence The battery life of more than 100 kilometers is enough to meet the needs of one day of leisure ride. If you really want to enter the mountains to go to the wild, unless you keep climbing the steep slope and the ups and downs, the power is stable and sufficient.

The quality of the front fork shock absorption, teeth tire and lightweight frames and the quality of excellent products make the white shark playable very high. The durable domestic boutique parts, especially the Cindon’s control component can withstand the murderer of electricity.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

The advantages of lightweight body body and medium -setting motor are exerted here. Under the bonus of electricity, the white shark can rush from the bottom of the slope to the top of the slope at a faster speed, and retain sufficient physical strength to do jumping and other actions such as jumping. In addition to the slightly soft bomb in the front fork, the stability of the motor exceeds expectations, and the stability of the motor exceeds expectations. There is no sign of loosening after the mountain jumping.

The performance of the 350W motor is not inferior to the motivation of the hard -tailed mountain in the 20,000 yuan price range, but you don’t forget that this white shark only costs more than 6,000 yuan. In the steep slope, you will have a clearer and direct feeling. White Shark can help you move forward steadily, and the sense of help is very natural. Even if you are very slow, you can sense the size of the torque and respond quickly. Fine -gear tires and personal control technology may be an important factor that restricts the stable output of this powerful motor on the rugged pavement.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

▲ The mud in the mountains can be described as “pervasive”. White Shark has compact motors and dense protection

Before we saw the old -fashioned models, Tianteng Power was set up to protect the safety of the motor by installing conventional guards. Thanks to the small volume of the new generation of TTIUM motors, the subsequent new models were changed directly to use directly. Crac welding the package to achieve the protection effect, which can make the motor more stable and comprehensive to protect, prevent accidental injuries in daily bumps and mountain cross -country, and can also make the waterproof effect better.

Excellent protection performance allows Xiaobian to try to ride various harsh environments and different road conditions, rotten pits, gravel roads, steep slopes, etc.

Speaking of waterproof, the performance of this white shark is also remarkable. After a mud war, the editor conducted a bold test, hoping that everyone would not imitate. Throwing the car directly into the pond, this “destructive” test has greatly exceeded the waterproof level marked by ordinary motors. After briefly cleaning up ashore, the electric aid system is still working normally, and then he is happy to cross the mountain road of 15 kilometers. Going back is another clean car. If you use and ravage how you use it violently, the motor can be stable as the beginning, work normally, and it is quite resistant.

In addition to the violence test, Xiaobian likes to enter the I-SPORT automatic mode for a long-press and plus file. Intelligent AI algorithm, speed perception, timely release of power, and effort. Automatically adjust the size according to the step of stepping, liberate the left hand, it should be fast. It’s like a traditional car has changed from manual transmission to an automatic transmission. There is no need to be busy with hands. You only need to pay attention to the road conditions in front of you. It is very happy.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Under the collaboration of the 18T small tooth plate with an equivalent 43T, the maximum speed limit can be reached quickly. The stable output is many entry -level electric aids and even some known as “high -end motors”. External batteries are easier to disassemble, don’t worry about the embarrassment of the elevator of the community without charging the tram. Although the imported battles of high -end models are replaced by domestic battles, with stable and mature craftsmanship and efficient and accurate motor systems, the entire vehicle can still reach 150 kilometers in ECO mode.


越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

1. Fast response, fast power

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

2. Good frame welding process

3. Long battery life, lasting power

4. I-Sport mode intelligent and convenient


越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

1. In the fierce situation, the chain is easy to hit the rear fork in the front section. It is recommended to install the chain sticker in the rear fork

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

2. After setting up the maximum speed limit in accordance with the standards of regulations, the motor tone is sensitive to withdraw from exit, which is a bit abrupt, but it is in line with safety specifications

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

Overall, Bei Speed ​​Travel is practicing the slogan with “making riding into a relaxed thing” with real products, making the cycling easier. People can afford it, spend small money to buy unparalleled relaxation, and the whole person is easy.

越过山河披荆斩棘 倍速PESU白鲨电助力山地车评测

In addition to the great price advantage, the multi -purpose and multi -gameplay of the white shark has greatly expanded the riding boundary of ordinary people and can enjoy outdoor life. There is no doubt that the launch of the White Shark will cover a wider range of bicycle enthusiasts, which can experience the same motor system of flagship models at a very low price. With less money, you can get the ride pleasure that you have never experienced, bring the white shark to go further, a good entry choice.

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