180 flat modern light luxury style, the design of the starry sky, the child shouted likes

The owner of this case is a family of four.

In the decoration of the new home, children are mainly children. In the bedroom design of the two children, they must work hard and spend their efforts to make their rooms have their own unique characteristics. According to the requirements of the owner, the designer chose the main line of the modern light luxury atmosphere, and the light luxury and low -key light luxury with black and white gray plain colors were used to create the interior environment. Inside the two children’s rooms, a starry sky top and pink design were created. Consistent with children.

basic information

Design area: 180 square meters


Design style: modern light luxury style

Materials used: gray marble floor tiles, latex paint, cortex sofa, vertical chandelier, etc.

01 porch

At the entrance is a porch. The door of the room was made of dark black hue, which was very solemn and calm. After entering the door, you can see that the room is paved with light gray marble floor tiles, and rectangular tiles also extend the length of the room. On the right side of the entrance door, a psionic cabinet is created. The door of the cabinet is made of wooden panels with light gray tones. The shoe cabinet is set on the up and down, and there is a small bar in the middle to place small items such as key watches. There is a gap at the bottom, and a light belt is equipped with light bands to make up the light. It can place high usage slippers, screen sweeping robots and other items below, which is very convenient.

The kitchen is inward from the porch. The two use transparent glass sliding doors to separate. The internal and lower up and down creation cabinets and cabinets are used to store kitchen supplies. The kitchen is equipped with a small window. illumination.

02 living room

The background wall of the sofa is made of dark gray panels and white marble wall tiles. The handover at the handover of the two is also equipped with light bands for light and decoration. Based on this Clean and atmosphere. The sofa is made of a leather material, which is better to take care of the later hygiene. The main color of the silver -gray color makes the sofa look more technological. The main sofa is equipped with a pier and a single sofa. The single -person sofa with brick red tones adds more decorative colors, black and white plaid sitting pier It also has a small fresh style. The coffee table uses a circular style, which adopts double -layer design to make the living room look more layered.

03 restaurant


The restaurant has large floor -to -ceiling windows on the side of the sun, which can ensure the lighting and ventilation of the room, and can see the beauty outside the window. The main wall surface is mainly brushed with light gray tone latex paint, and it is equipped with dark green marble wall bricks on the side of Xiangyang for decoration. The restaurant has created a very modern and luxurious restaurant light. The metal frame structure is equipped with a downlight to create a sense of simple and stylish.

There is an island platform below, which can provide a washing area. On the basis of this, a dining table is extended to the outside. The long style of style can meet the dining needs of 6 people. Essence

04 master bedroom

The master bedroom creates a square ceiling, which is outlined with black decorative strips. A concentric main chandelier is created in the middle. Xiangyang side created a bay window. The background wall of the bedside was generally used for brushing with light gray latex paint. A modern light luxury hanging painting was made in the middle. The background wall does not look monotonous.

The vertical line -shaped circular bedside lamp is high -end and elegant. The master bedroom is equipped with a cloakroom. On the right side of the window, there are more storage wardrobes. The door door is made of large glass doors to make the cloakroom look more fashionable. Beautiful.

05 Master bedroom toilet


Through the master bedroom cloakroom, there is a bathroom on the inside. The ground of the bathroom is paved with pure black with white decorative floor tiles, which is more resistant to dirt. The bathroom has created a bathtub, where the owner can wash away the fatigue of a day of work, overlook the beautiful scenery outside the window, and relax his mood. The wall is created by the wall and the washing table. The white wall tiles are built into a background wall with a large dressing mirror on it, which can basically meet the owners’ needs.

06 boy room


The most unique design of the boy’s room is this star empty top. He made a dot pattern on the blue starry sky, creating the shape of the white clouds and the moon, which is very beautiful. The overall room wall is pasted with a light blue wall cloth, so that the room has the vitality of the boys, the bed body is set against the wall, and it is made into a cabinet for storage items. The desk is set at the end of the bed, and two hanging cabinets can be used to increase the storage function. On the other side, piano can be used to allow children to develop a hobbies here. The boy’s room has a bay window and a light blue bay window cushion, which has also become a playful space for children.

07 girl room


The girl’s room uses the main color of light blue and gray, which is also warm and elegant. The bedside background wall is set up with cartoon patterns such as castles, the moon, and white clouds. The castle color is pink that girls like them. The side of the window creates a large bay window. It is a good place for children to leisure and entertainment. A gray single bed looks more resistant to dirty.


On the side of the bedside, a writing desk is created to meet the needs of children’s homework. The wardrobe is set up by the wall, and an open storage lattice is equipped. It can not only store clothes, but also put some crafts and small things, which is more convenient to use.

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