The college entrance examination notebook is scrambled to collect a lot by the teacher.

Photo by Chen Xiaotong, a mathematical note reporter made by student Zengni

“Teacher Su, I have left you specifically, and the others have been” grabbing “.” On the morning of the 28th, Zeng Ni, a freshman of the eleventh middle school, came to the school’s math teacher’s office and secretly took out from the schoolbag. His two mathematical notebooks gave his teacher Su Min.

There is a tradition of the eleventh city of the city -after the college entrance examination is over each year, the freshmen freshman will organize the flea market once to give their notebooks and teaching auxiliary books or sell them to schoolmates and schoolgirls at ultra -low prices. ” This year, the flea market has not had time to do it, and the teachers “intercepted” the notebooks of the school bully. Zeng Ni, who scored 670 points in the college entrance examination, contributed 15 notebooks in 6 courses including Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, and creatures.

It is understood that more than 200 students’ laptops have been collected by the teachers this time.

Su Min said: “There is a reason to become a school fighter. Our teacher also wants to study their notebooks and ‘crack” learning password. “Open the mathematical notebook of Zeng Ni Gao’s second semester, the handwriting is beautiful, and the writing is neat. Zeng Ni not only records the classroom knowledge and book knowledge in the notebook, but also uses a black pen to copy or directly cut it on the notebook with a black pen, and then write down the problem analysis and thinking with a blue pen. Then use the red pen to mark and write down the cause of the error. Because there are a large number of clipping, the finished pages notebook is nearly twice as thicker than originally.

高考学霸笔记本被老师争相收藏 不少写得比教案还好

Su Min also collected the Chinese notebook of student Gong Fanzhe. Gong Fanzhe signed the notebook to divide the notebook into “novel reading”, “classical Chinese reading · poetry”, “idiom · disease sentence · language use” and “composition”, which records the regular test sites and problem -solving ideas.

“Note is the wisdom generated in learning. I wanted to buy a school sister’s notebook in the flea market last year. Unfortunately, I did n’t have to grab. I am happy to dedicate my notebook. Inspired and helped. “Zeng Ni said,” Notebook is my most important learning tool, and I spend half an hour every day to organize and reflect. Many of our school students have their own unique learning methods. I often borrow other students Summary and study. “

Su Min said that many Xueba scores when they first entered school, but the college entrance examination scored a high score. Notebooks can best reflect the three -year progress trajectory of their high school. It is very valuable and has inspiration for students and teachers. “The current students are active, and the perspective of thinking is very clever. Many students ‘notes are better than teachers’ lesson plans. We are teachers who want to summarize their experiences from their notes.” (Reporter Chen Xiaotong)

Author: ArticleManager