Belgium delvaux Brillant new seven exquisite fun small bags

“A sacred, unique brand”. The Queen of a fashion world has been so praised Delvaux. This reputational family company is founded in Brussels in 1829 in 1829, and now is highly respected. In the past two centuries, Delvaux has always adheres to its entrepreneurial purpose, with a keen era, the unchanging exquisite craft and the extraordinary works, and the extraordinary work. Many sisters should be a brilland handbag for this brand. This style has also become a representative of the brand. Recently, Delvaux will also launch a series of new handbags, come and see it.

比利时Delvaux Brillant新款 七款玲珑趣味小包

Belgian ladies delvaux home famous Brillant handbags This time I added seven pocket small partners, and the small style should be very good to control the goggy or the royal sister! Seven exquisite fun bats represent the seven big treasures of the foundation of the Belgian kingdom, you will find that the Waffles Cut Found Cut Tower and other “Belgian manufacturing” are all unclosed.

比利时Delvaux Brillant新款 七款玲珑趣味小包

On September 12th to 18th, Delvaux will show the handbags in Hong Kong’s land square. If you want to see this seven limited mini bag, don’t miss it ~!

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