What are the application industries of glass fiber tubes and glass fiber tubes?

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Fiber tube

The classification of raw materials and glass fiber tubes includes the performance parameters of the glass fiber tube. This section introduces the application of glass fiber tubes and the application industry of glass fiber tubes. The glass fiber tube is a special glass fiber sleeve formed by a glass fiber to be woven into a tube.

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process, in the face of the balance and protection of population, resources and environment, governments at all levels have increased their investment in urban infrastructure year by year. Combined with advanced scientific and technological needs, the varieties and specifications of pipes and pipes are continuously enriched. The production has continued to increase, and the quality continues to increase, especially the development of plastic pipes faster, becoming today’s investment hotspot. The glass fiber tube is one of them.

The glass fiber tube has achieved extensive application with many unique advantages of online beams, household appliances, motors, motors, transformers, inverters, sensors, 5G communication, microwave radar, system energy vehicle three transmission and other industries. Essence

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, glass fiber tubes ushered in another larger application area.

Which part of the new energy vehicle will use glass fiber tube:

The so -called new energy vehicle Sanyang refers to the new energy vehicle driving point, the control part of the new energy vehicle, and the energy vehicle power battery part.

Due to its high temperature resistance requirements, new energy vehicle motors require certain wear resistance, cutting resistance, and a certain mechanical toughness. Glass fiber tube has become the first choice for new energy vehicle motor insulation sleeves. New energy vehicle motors will use 1.5kV glass fiber sleeves, 4KV glass fiber sleeves, and silicone -rubber thermal pipes that can resist high temperature and tear resistance. Among them Many.

Mercedes -Benz New Energy Vehicle Drives motor has been using Shunbo’s tear 4KV glass fiber pipe for 5 years, and there is no quality complaint.

Shunbo’s fiber tube, a number of Fortune 500 in the world, Mercedes -Benz, Toshiba, Panasonic, Siemens, etc. Choosing Shunbo Bolf Fiber Tube is to choose trust.

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