Why does this motorcycle have gear noise? The master checked like this and eliminated

Why does this motorcycle have gear noise? The master checked like this and eliminated

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Author: Ruan Tianlin

[Note] Ruan Gong took a series of articles in the grass -roots level. It was a case of faulty case collected by the former chief teacher of Chunlan to guide the maintenance stations in various places.


A CL125-3 Chun Lanhu cross-riding motorcycle map 1, driving for more than 50,000 kilometers. During the long-distance ride, an abnormal impact sound was made during a long-distance ride. Sliding at the axis connection, the two -cylinder crank handle axis is no longer within 180 degrees, and the crankshaft component has to be replaced.


After replacing the crankshaft, after a brief running -in, the main performance of the vehicle starts and accelerates is basically normal, but there is an abnormal sound in the right crankshaft box.

The maintenance personnel opened the right cover, checked the clutch large gear and high -speed gear meshing site, confirmed that there were abnormal friction marks, and replaced the clutch large gear and high -speed gears, respectively. The fault sound still did not change.

After receiving the feedback from the maintenance station, after arriving at the scene, after a brief communication and the basic inspection of the faulty vehicle, it was confirmed that the vehicle had an abnormal sound of the right cover gear.

CL125-3 Chunlan Tiger Motorcycle is a product that imitates Honda CB125T. The crankshaft structure is in Figure 2 and 3 in the crankshaft. The right end of the crankshaft is equipped with a high-speed gear. Figure 4, the connection method is the inner hole flower key connection.

Due to the processing of the crankshaft itself or due to other reasons, the flower keys on the right end of the crankshaft produce a radial beating, so that the high -speed gear installed on it has an abnormally beating, thereby generating a motion of motion when the clutch meshing.

From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that general maintenance personnel often only know that replacement of high -speed gears or clutch active hub large gears or high -speed gears that are matched with it. Examination (the right lower end screen of Figure 5).

Open the right cover under the cold situation of the engine and put the lubricant in the cleansing crankshaft box. After the lubricating oil is basically flowing, wipe the high -speed gear surface at the right end of the crankshaft with a clean cloth.

Inhale the magnetic table seat and percentage table on the exhaust pipe, place the roller with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 mm on the high -speed gear tooth surface, and use the black mark on the top of the high -speed gear (244FMI engine high -speed gear is 18 teeth) at the top of the top of the top The ministry has a starting point mark, trying to make the percentage surface measurement of about 0.20mm at the top of the rolling needle. After taking out the needle, use a sleeve wrench of 22mm to slowly rotate the tightening nut at the right end of the crankshaft about 40 °. The roller is also measured again on the high -speed gear gear surface again (note that at this time, you cannot touch the magnetic table seat and the percentage surface, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement).


In this way, the dental measurement is measured once, and only the measurement is completed. Use the maximum value to minimize the minimum value and then divide the two, that is, the radial beating value of the gear (the radial beating value of the high -speed gear is within 0.05mm, which is normal).


After several repeated measurements, the radial jump value of high -speed gear is above 0.30mm. It is inferred that the radial beating value of the right end of the crankshaft component of the crankshaft component is caused by the development of the radial beating value of the rhino tooth.


After communicating with users, in order to minimize the user’s economic losses, change a set of other fault engines (scrapped due to other faults) crankshaft components, carefully reinstate the parts of the parts and mobilizes, start the motorcycle, the engine sound is returned to normal, and after a little warming the machine, after a little warming the machine, the machine is slightly warmed. , Driving on the road, the engine running sound softly, confirming that the gear noise in the right cover of the original car is completely eliminated.

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