2205 application of stainless steel cathode line

2205 application of stainless steel cathode line

The 2205 Yin line has the advantages of high mechanical strength, not easy to disconnect, clear ash, low cost, low cost, and simple processing and production. It is suitable to use or transform the old electric dust collector in the new electric dust collector.

2205 stainless steel cathode line

A high -voltage electric field is formed between the yin wire of the high -voltage DC power supply and the grounding of the ground. Due to the electromotive discharge of the yin, the gas is ionized, and the negative gas ion is carried out. Under the influence of the electric field force, it moves to the yang. When you touch the dust particles in the exercise, the dust of the dust is negative. Under the influence of the electric field power after the lotus, the dust particles also move to the yang. , And the purified gas is discharged outside the dustproofer.

Suitable for a variety of high -voltage static dust collectors. 2205 Yin Line is characterized by auxiliary discharge pests on the supporting round tube, and the straight edge of the edge is sandwiched between the two supported semicircular pipes. The new type of thorns is thorough. The electric dizziness current is large, and the small different levels will not drop a type of pipe -shaped thorns that will fall off the pimple, which makes the electric dust collector running reliable dust removal efficiency and low energy consumption. There are many types, the more the effect of the discharge pointed angle is the better.


The 2205 Yin line is an important facility applied to the dust collector, but because the yin line is generally a ballistic problem during the operation, it also seriously affects the dust removal effect. The tube -shaped vaginal lines that are pressed on the round tube are now solved by uneven electromotive current. The electric dust removal of the dust removal can be installed in a variety of horizontal or vertical electrostatic dust collectors. The electrocaled dust removal cable (also known as discharge or electric halo) forms a non -uniform electric field with the yang to generate electric halo current. It is composed of the yin line, the yin frame, and the shade hanging device.

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