The third -generation Porsche Cayenne original matching tire love

Recently, Pribli was selected as the original tire supplier of the third -generation Porsche Cayenne. The Plyzon Duler H/P Sport tires will become the original tire of the third -generation Porsche Cayenne, including 19 -inch and 20 -inch tires. 19 -inch specifications: front wheels 255/55 ZR19, rear wheel 275/50 ZR19. 20 -inch specifications: front wheel 275/45 ZR20 rear wheel 305/40 ZR20, tires were fully developed by Prieston’s European Technology Center in Rome, The production will be completed in the Polita factory in Poland, and the tire side will be on the tire side will be on the Porsche Pacific Platform Merchants “NO”.


Regarding the provision of the original tires to the third -generation Porsche Cayenne, Vice President of the European OE business is very excited. It is proud of being selected as the original tire by this iconic model. The work of the item illustrates the technical strength and product quality of Prilys. It also fully illustrates the leadership of Prilys in the tire field and the beautiful cooperative relationship with Porsche.


On August 29, Porsche showed the new Cayenne 2018 in Stuttgart’s ancestors, and completed the start of the Frankfurt International Auto Show held in mid -September. This “ashes” SUV in the field of Porsche and even luxury vehicles finally ushered in the third -generation model. The highlight of this replacement is weight loss, greater horsepower, and new steering and suspension features to improve its cornering and accelerated performance. In 2016, Porsche sales were 237,778 units, Porsche 911 remained at 32,409 units, while Cayenne sold more than 70,000 units.

Author: ArticleManager