How to match the “shell science” living room restaurant lamps?

1. The lighting of the restaurant should be bright and spacious, and consider coordinating with the decoration design style. You can choose the corresponding warm -colored lighting lamps, which can make the environment of the entire dining look refreshing and transparent.

2. The dining table of the restaurant can be used with high color rendering lamps. At the same time, the lampshade should be arranged down above the table. The warm color system can more stimulate appetite and make food and cuisine more attractive.

3. The lamps of the restaurant should not only be brighter or too low. You must choose the source of the lamp with warm colors and adjust the brightness. Therefore, you must pay attention to both decorative and practicality in the selection of lamps.

4. Low -carbon environmental protection and comfort are also important starting points for the choice of restaurant lamps. You can consider choosing environmentally friendly LED light sources to save energy and save power, but also make the dining environment more comfortable and comfortable.


5. The living room is a leisure and activity space in the home. The lighting of the living room can be interacted with the lighting of the main lighting and the auxiliary lighting to create a sense of space.

6. The living room is a lamp for the main lighting. According to the style of the space, you can choose a chandelier or ceiling lamp.

7. The selection of living room lamps should also fully consider the difference between ceiling and activity space. If the floor height is too low, it is not advisable to use a long chandelier. It is recommended to use the ceiling lamp.

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Precautions for choosing a bedroom lamp

1. According to the decoration style of the bedroom:

The decoration style of the bedroom determines the style of the lamp. If the bedroom is modern and fresh and simple, then the bedroom style is on the lamps, and the modern style crystal lamp can be selected. If the bedroom is classical style, choose a European -style crystal. Lights, it looks classic and elegant. The lamps must be coordinated with the bedroom decoration style.

2. According to the size and height of the bedroom:

The choice of lamps is related to the bedroom style, and it is also related to the height of the bedroom. If the bedroom is high enough, you can install a crystal chandelier, which is comfortable to use it. If the bedroom is not very high, you choose the ceiling light. It affects the quality of rest.

3. According to the age of the owner of the bedroom:

People of different ages have different choices of bedroom lamps, so choose lamps according to their habits. Elderly people generally require simple and generous lamps, as well as lamps with strong brightness; middle -aged people often like to arrange according to their preferences and tastes, and the lighting of the lamps is simple, the lamp design is suitable for the style of the bedroom style, and the bedroom style is suitable The pursuit of personality in the pursuit of personality, the range of choices is relatively wide, generally active and bright colors, and have a personality and strange lamps. Pay attention to the choice of lamps in children’s rooms. For children’s nature, you can choose cute cartoon patterns or shape lamps, but pay attention to the development of children, not suitable for too strong lights to avoid hurting the eyes.

4. According to the needs:

Among them, desk lighting, the illuminance value is above 300lx, generally uses writing table lamp lighting. The lighting lighting should be above 300LX, and the light source should be incandescent or triple -based fluorescent light. The lamp is installed above the mirror, and the field of view is 60 degrees of three -dimensional angle to avoid glare. The lamps installed in the children’s bedroom must have a certain height, making it impossible for children to directly touch the light source, and it is not advisable to place mobile lamps such as table lamps indoors in children’s bedrooms.

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