Canteen glass reinforced meal table and chairs have more options

FRP dining tables and chairs adopt glass reinforced psychic desktop. The appearance is beautiful and durable. Many schools and enterprises and factories and hospital cafeterias will choose FRP dining tables and chairs. The color is bright. It brings bright colors to the unchanged cafeteria, and also makes the diners more appetite. The iron welding of the cafeteria table and chair of the table and chairs of the cafeteria uses carbon dioxide to protect the welding. It is cured at high temperature. The material is strong and the design is beautiful. It is simpler and easy to clean in terms of cleaning, without leaving marks, like new ones.

Canteen glass reinforced dining table and chair

The main features of the choice and advantage of the canteen glass turtle dining table and chairs are economy and beauty. For the sum of the table and chairs of FRP dining table and chairs, the price is the most affordable and economical dining table and chair commonly used in cafeteria.

1. The choice of glass reinforced dining table and chair:


The designed glass reinforcement dining table and chairs are more durable in their service life. There are four, six, eight, and ten people in the selection.


Second, the advantages of multiple selection of glass reinforced meal dining tables and chairs:

Starting from the reasonable deployment of the decoration layout, the reasonable layout can make the diners more appetite, the dining is more pleasant, and can attract more people to dine.

FRP dining table and chair

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