Super high -definition video track acceleration layout

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5G+ultra -high -definition cloud guide remote production system has debuted at the technology transaction of innovative product transactions in Guangzhou ultra -high -definition video industry. Photo by Xu Jianmei (People’s Picture)

4K ultra -high -definition large screen, 8K sports events live broadcast … With the promotion and application of 5G, 4K, 8K and other technologies, more and more ultra -high -definition equipment and video content have entered people’s lives, ultra -high -definition videos ushered in the golden development period, the market is in the market, and the market is in the market. The coverage rate continues to increase, and enterprises accelerate the layout. According to statistics from the China Institute of Electronics Information Industry Development, the direct sales revenue of China’s ultra -high -definition video production and terminal presentation in 2020 exceeded 850 billion yuan, driving the scale of hardware sales and applications of vertical industry exceeding 930 billion yuan, and the total scale reached 1.8 trillion yuan Yuan.

“Hundred Cities and Thousand Ping” is promoted

At night, walking into the world of Beijing World Trade, large outdoor screens above the hanging head played various high -definition video content, attracting a lot of guests to stop and watch. In the future, such a large -scale outdoor screen will land in many cities across the country, and the clarity of the content of the broadcast will gradually be upgraded to a more “eye -catching” ultra -high -definition.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Central Propaganda, and other six departments have recently deployed the promotion of “Hundred Cities and Thousands” ultra -high -definition video landing promotion activities. The theme of the event is “Lighting the Baicheng Qianping Colorful Super ultrasound”, supporting cities with conditions to set up ultra -high -definition public screens. By displaying high -quality ultra -high -definition video content, enhance the penetration of the ultra -high -definition video industry, accelerate the ultra -high -definition The fusion and innovation and development of the video in many fields.

Ultra -high -definition video is a new generation of videos with 4K/8K resolution and compliance with technical requirements such as high frame rates, high -level depth, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range. Compared with ordinary definition videos, 4K/8K screens can be improved to 4 times, 16 times, or even higher of high -definition. The characteristics of high resolution and high fineness are more suitable for display on large -size screens. There is a lot of room for outdoor public public screen.

“China’s ultra -high -definition industry is welcoming major development opportunities.” Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL, believes that China’s ultra -high -definition industry has strong foundations, superimposed policy -driven and user needs to continue to rise, and the industry has entered a period of gold. According to the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)”, it is estimated that by 2022, the overall scale of China’s ultra-high-definition video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, and the total number of ultra-high-definition video users will reach 200 million.


With the acceleration of commercialization of 5G technology, problems such as uneven development and weak industrial supporting industries will be resolved. In the next 3 to 5 years, China’s ultra -high -definition industry will be produced from high -definition panels, video production and other upstream equipment to settings to settings, fiber optic transmission systems, and then production of downstream content. The entire industrial chain ecology will be more mature.

8K to help the Winter Olympics broadcast

The “Ice Cube” of the National Swimming Center of the Beijing Winter Olympics venue has recently ushered in the 2021 wheel chair curling World Championships. In the field, a high -definition electron “giant screen” with a wide high -definition electronic “giant screen” with the entire ice rink stands at the end of the curling track, overlooking the 4 -out chair curling competition at the same time, which is particularly noticeable.

This 170 -square -meter electronic screen is a unique design of the new exploration of the “Ice Cube”. Yang Qiyong, deputy director of the venue team logistics, introduced that the large screen can show the real -time screen of the 4 curling track base camp in the real size, and can also display the running trajectory of the curling in real time after each athlete is completed. This can not only help athletes to observe and judge, but also help the audience understand the tactical layout of each team, so as to better understand the competition and increase the interesting interest. “We want to create a ‘folding space’. The venue is plane in the hall. We use a large screen to set up the venue, so that the audience will look at the game from another angle.” Yang Qiyong said.

In addition to the audience and athletes in the service venue, ultra -high -definition video technology can also bring the “immersive” ultra -high -clear competition experience to the audience in front of the TV. During the Winter Olympics, the 8K ultra -high -definition live technology will be applied for the first time to better present the Winter Olympic Games to audiences around the world.

The reporter learned that the 8K ultra -high -definition live broadcast technology mainly achieves the high -definition live broadcast of the event by using 5G signal high -speed transmission, 8K camera on -site collection and broadcast real -time editing. Compared with previous live broadcast technology, 8K ultra -high -definition live technology can show more details, enhance visual impact and realistic experience, and can cover a larger area to achieve the effect of “see the Olympic Games together in the world”.

Relying on technologies such as “5G ultra -high -definition audiovisual treatment”, the broadcast of the Winter Olympics can also achieve the cloud -based and transientized personnel services of broadcasting equipment, which can not only meet the actual needs of interviews, reports, and release during the Winter Olympics. Provide service support for epidemic prevention work.

Wide in industry applications

With the deep integration and innovation development of the new generation of information technology such as ultra -high -definition video technology with 5G, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, a large number of new applications and new models have emerged, and ultra -high -definition video application scenarios are far exceeding the “video” itself category.

As an ultra -high -definition technology, the application scenario that first touches and popularized and promoted, the field of security monitoring has become one of the important sectors of ultra -high -definition industries. For security monitoring, the clearer the image, the more obvious the details, the better the monitoring effect. The application of ultra -high -definition video solves the pain points of image clarity, and the monitoring scenarios are clearer and accurately, so that video surveillance can truly achieve the goal of “clearing”.

With a clear picture, and the help of 5G, AI and other information technology, security monitoring has gradually upgraded from “seeing clear” to “understanding”. For monitoring equipment, 5G technology can transmit more ultra -high -definition surveillance video resources faster, and can rely on AI technology to analyze real -time analysis to achieve functional detection, face recognition, security early warning and other functions.

Ultra -high -definition video technology can also be used for medical scenes such as operating rooms, medical angiography, and remote consultation. At present, the endoscopic display with a 4K resolution ultra -high -definition medical LCD panel has been applied to the ground, which can amplify the focus of surgery under the premise of ensuring definition and color accuracy to facilitate the accurate implementation of surgery. For the treatment of tumors and other diseases, it has the treatment of tumor diseases and other diseases. Important practical significance.

According to the “Ultra HD Video Standard System Construction Guidelines (2020)”, by 2022, China will further improve the ultra -high -definition video standard system and focus on the standardization of industries such as security monitoring and medical and health. Industry insiders said that the ultra -high -definition video industry will develop at a high speed. Enterprises in the industrial chain should form a joint force. Under the guidance of relevant policies, it will continue to promote the application of ultra -high -definition video technology in various fields to truly realize the situation of “blooming everywhere”.

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