Nine ways to warm the winter, you can add it to be perfect

The first cold wave this winter came. Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang, and Changsha “Xiti” in many places in the first snow, and the southern classmates were busy checking the winter gifts. Snow hasn’t seen enough, everyone has rubbed hands, shake their legs, and face the cliff -like cooling. Cold? Reading at night will give 9 ways to warm winter.

There is a kind of cold, called the south winter

Northern Winter VS South Winter,

Which is colder?


The cold wave strikes, discuss again,

Why can the southern winter join the “battle situation”?

“There is nowhere to hide” cold, it is here!

On December 13, Wuhan, Hubei, snowfall.


Wang Zengqi “Winter”

Winter in the south is uncomfortable than the north, and the room is not fire. I took off the cotton clothes at night and drilled into the cold quilt;

Get up early and put on the cold cotton jackets and cotton pants.

Yu Hua’s “My Literature Road”

Heating is too important for a writer. I remember in Haiyan

(Editor’s Note: Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province)

When writing novels in winter, I often write my feet without feeling.

First, frozen numbness, and there was no foot in the end.

Standing up and tossing for a long time, the feeling of numbness came back again, and after a long time, I finally returned to the normal feet.

Zhang Jiawei “How to Warm Winter”

The classmates from the north are holding a quilt to blame, as if the cold in the southern winter, which is responsible for the southerners: “How does the southern cold become this ghost? Is the wild geese flying south? Okay, I have seen it at minus tens of degrees north, but I haven’t been so cold … “

The interval between sentences and sentences trembled with the giggle of the teeth, just like Zhang Wuji hit the chills of Xuanming God Palm.

On December 14, the snow scene of Nanjing Muzi Temple Scenic Area.


The south is so cold that he has nowhere to hide. The northeast outdoor is 25 degrees indoor at minus 20 degrees, and 0 degrees indoor 0 degrees outdoors in the south.


You wear a down jacket and pour a pot of cold water on your body, which is the kind of cold.


Cold to exercise your willpower! Especially when I get up! It really depends on the righteousness.

On December 14, Xuejing, Huangshan Village, Huangshan, Anhui.


Winter is so cold, how does the southerners take a bath?

1. Heating fan/Yuba/Yau Ting

2. Hard scalp

3. full of righteousness


4. Courage

5. Shake

6. Quickly decision

7. Round bath (suitable for the top bath)

8. Long model thickened plus velvet bathrobe

9. Run after washing!

Nine ways to warm the winter


Do you have a new understanding of the “Wet and Cold Magic Attack” in the South?

The southern winter is wet and cold, the water and gas are pervasive, the door locks the windows, wrapped the clip, is still cold; the northern winter is dry and cold, but you think that wrapped tightness is warm. In fact, when you go out “freezing your hands and frozen feet”, it is also uncomfortable.


When the cold wave comes from north to south, we all need to find a way to warm the winter.



Treasure, add clothes

Wind wind rushing waves, Fox Qiu can protect the cold.


——Tang Han Yu “Jiang Han Answers Mengjiao”

“Are you wearing autumn pants?” When you feel chill, you need to add clothes in time and take care of yourself! Your autumn pants, wool pants, cotton clothes, down jackets … Is it arranged?



eat hot pot

When the winter came, Wang Qiyao burned a hot pot in his own house, sitting while sitting and talking, and slipped away without knowing time. ——Wang Anyi “Song of Everlasting”

After “the first cup of milk tea in autumn”, “the first hot pot in winter” took over. Regardless of whether it is exclusive or a group of people, hot pot is a must -have in winter.


Hot tea

The cold nightkee came to tea as wine, and the bamboo stove soup was boiling.


—— Song · Du Yan “Cold Night”

On the cold day, holding a hot tea in his hands, the hot and sullen fragrance was gentle and intoxicated.


Lai in the bed


The ground is exquisite, and the fire points are quiet.

Changshu slept on his feet, and returned to Zou at the beginning of warmth.


Three -foot snow in front of the door, the nose was resting.

——Gim Zhao Bingwen “Night Lie Ku Na Nuan”

Thousands of gold buy a foot -wife, night and night sleep.

——Peong Huang Tingjian “Two of the Play Wind Warm Bottle”

Whether it is the ground puppet in Zhao Bingwen or the love of Huang Tingjian’s love, finally pointing to a quilt that is unwilling to drill. May you sleep warmly, and you feel like Tianming.


Bathing warm sun

Like those horses, before I avoided the winter, I went to the northeast bank of Waldon. There, the sun was released from Gangsong and Shi Bank to become a stove on the lake; at this time, I took the opportunity to bask in the sun. Warm and warm, doing so is more pleasant and more hygienic than heating.

—— [Beauty] Henry David Sulor “Lake Walden”


The sun is warm in winter, sweeping the haze in my heart, and quietly enjoying the rare comfort.


Travel to a warm city

I really envy the friends in Guangzhou. Outside the courtyard, there are flowers in the four seasons, and how good the flowers are! The white magnolia is as high as a few feet, and the dried son is thicker than my waist! The heroic kapok is full of red flowers, how momentum is full of red flowers! Even ordinary flowers, four seasons of begonia and hydrangea, are particularly strong, Ye Mao is flowing, the flowers are small and the brave is not small! Look, in winter, there are strong papaya outside the window! It’s impossible to compare!

——Lao She “Spring to Recall Guangzhou”


In winter, when you travel without snowflakes and only ice cream, you have a flavor of “anti -season” life.

@小: In the winter of Guangzhou, there are no snowflakes, only flowers.



Hugging with cute pets

In the middle of the night, I often felt cold on my face in my dream. It was the kitten licking me with my tongue, and sometimes I drilled into my quilt.

Occasionally, one night, she didn’t come to my bed. I felt empty and lonely, and couldn’t sleep for a long time. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my feet were heavy, and I touched it with my hands: a furry ball, I had a sweet sense in my heart, and fell asleep again, like swimming in Tiangong.


—— Ji Xianlin “Mimi”

Plush warmth, it is estimated that no one can resist in winter, hold your cute pets.


Go to a friend of a friend

If you do n’t leave the mountain road, you have passed the snow.

——Tang Zhang Jiuling “Answer Lu Yan”

I heard that my friends used pine leaves to make wine, so regardless of the snowy road, they had to gather with friends. A party is in my heart, and the snow is no longer cold.


Recalling a beautiful life clip

Speaking of winter, I suddenly thought of tofu. It is “Xiaoyang pot” (aluminum pot) boiled tofu in white water, hot.


Sitting around the table was three father and our brother. “Yang Furnace” is too high. His father often stood up, raised his face slightly, looked at his eyes, stretched into the chopsticks from the hot air, pinched tofu, and placed in our soy sauce dishes one by one. We sometimes do it ourselves, but the stove is too high, and we still enjoy it.


We all like this kind of white water tofu. As soon as we served, we looked at the pot, waiting for the hot air, waiting for the tofu that fell from the chopsticks from his father.

No matter how cold it is, the wind and snow, thinking of these, I always feel warm.

—— Zhu Ziqing “Winter”

There is always a beautiful memory that makes you feel warm in winter.

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9 ways to warm the winter

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