In the face of these home wonders, Germany’s “oil fume to the room” is simply pediatric

After being born, everyone has to live, and a lot of home supplies will be used in life, but the world is so big, because of climate, geographical conditions, and living habits, they have a lot of different living habits. Some of us Thinking of things that are accustomed to it, in the eyes of different cultures, it has become an interesting “home wonders” phenomenon.


Today we will take a look at the unbelievable home wonders, each of which is so interesting. Why is this so?


German range hood, oil fume row indoors


The kitchen is a very important place for us. It is our daily nutrition and food processing factory. In order to live in convenience, we need to prepare some household items. The four most important sets in the kitchen are

Cabinet, stove, range hood, refrigerator


These are thin and ordinary items.

However, in Germany, the range hood is almost a furnishings. There is no flue in the German house. The range hood cannot be discharged outside. The oil fume can only be discharged indoors. For the first time to live in Germany and study abroad, they were in the range hood by Germany. The oil fume smoked in the range hood in Germany was discharged directly into the room and pumped a loneliness.


This is not the individual phenomenon of a few people, but so in Germany. It has something to do with their dietary habits. Germany eat sausage and potatoes, and occasionally fried a steak, and there is not much oil fume at all. Coupled with the internal circulation design, the smoke smoke must be filtered layer by layer, filtering out the harmful impurities, and then discharged back the room. So it is completely enough for the Germans.


However, it is very difficult to make Chinese food. Not only is it unclean, but it will not be handled because the oil fume is too large, and it is crashing from time to time. So don’t think that the imports of imports in Germany are good. German range hoods are not suitable for domestic living habits. Buy it back and put on both ends at home for three days. They are distressed for a minute for chefs who opened Chinese restaurants in Germany.


Indian toilets must put a bucket of water

India is a country that competes with us every day. The gap between the rich and the poor, but whether there is money or money, their toilets have no paper, and they are wiped with their hands.

After getting on the toilet, wet your left hand first, wipe the PP with your hand, and then rinse it with water. The conditions are better, and the hand washed will be cleaned with the hand washing solution. This is very clean. So next to the toilet of their bathroom, they will prepare a small sink, or bring a glass of water into the toilet.

Think about it as if you need to go to the toilet with us to bring paper in. It is the same. It can save money to buy paper with our hands, and also protect the trees to protect the environment.

The magical Chinese universal cover cloth

My mother has a habit. Buying the same household products at home, whether it is a large sofa, refrigerator, or a small microwave oven, the mother will prepare a piece of cloth to cover it.

By the way, I have never seen you have washed that cloth, except sofa.


In the previous era, material was relatively scarce, and things were more cared for. We could understand, but in such a happy era, it was really ugly. Buy a leather sofa, to block the gray, and then cover the textile sofa cover, not only lost the grade, but also lost comfort. What’s more, I have to cover it with a weight scale, which has been completely hindered to use it.

It is recommended that everyone, do n’t cover it anymore, really ugly, and scrubb the dirty, not easier to wash the cloth? Is this the same?

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