Global Beauty: German host Vivian Gibbert, jeans with high heels, trendy trend

This article brings a trendy beauty from Germany.


German beauty host


Her name is Viviane Geppert, who is 29 years old and was born on June 15, 1991 in Kirchzarten, southern Baden, Germany.


This Gemini beauty is the host of German fashion models and well -known TV shows! She is one of the second -season models of Germany’s “Next Top Model”. At the 2016 Oscar awards ceremony, she served as a red carpet reporter of Prosieben. She served as a celebrity magazine “TAFF” and “Red”.

The fashionable and beautiful Wei Wei’an is a hot girl with outstanding face and fashion.

Vivienan Gibn denim jeans fashion wear

Vivien is tall, with a pair of long legs very prominent! The outstanding figure made her a walking hanger beauty. From the figure below, it can be seen that she is wearing a dark blue jeans. The cropped pants can be elegantly exposed to a part of the calf. The legs are decorated with simple folding, which invisibly raised the body height of the whole person. The design of the waist is perfectly fitting the slender waist, without using the waist to bring off the waist. This style is very popular today!

The light -white long -sleeved knitted top, the tight -mouth design of the round neck modifies the position of the neck, with a cool style in the trend of the navel style. The light -colored and dark brown match was selected, light and deep, colorful, and the overall sense of coordination and elegance!

Denim cropped pants can be selected from the beam style, or the straight version of the tube. The version of the straight pants is relatively loose and atmospheric. At the same time, the material of the jeans is not lacking, and it highlights the curve of the hips well.


The upper body is paired with a printed tulle shirt, revealing a forearm, and complementing the style of the calf exposed in the pants. The printing design does not seem rigid, but gives people a playful and agile feeling! With 5 cm high heels, very elegant and charming!


Wild jeans+high heels


As we all know, jeans are quite versatile clothing, whether in life and leisure or workplace work. In the hosting work, using jeans to wear will make people feel very simple and capable! Flower flowing tulle tops are full of vitality and enthusiasm outside the serious hosting work.

With jeans with high heels, it is a particularly popular match today. In the past, more people saw people wearing jeans with small white shoes or flat canvas shoes, but the popular elements have been changing. Now with jeans with jeans with high heels, it has also become a trendy style. Essence

German host Vivian Gibbert boldly adopted the colorful high -heeled shoe style to match the jeans. Light -colored jeans are not only very classic, but not easy to be outdated. And the overall dress color is very layered and looks very rich!


Cowboy wind has always maintained a classic temperament. By matching the trendy high -heeled shoes elements and dazzling colors, the trend is full of cool wind! After watching Vivian’s fashion denim, are you eager to try, try it quickly!

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