Zhou Xun upgraded to “Miss Chanel” real cow! Wearing a white short skirt debut, double crit in appearance value

When it comes to Zhou Xun, I will think of her title of “Chanel on the World”, and every time Zhou Xun wears Chanel, it is very perfect, and there is almost no overturning performance. Not long ago, Zhou Xun released the event as a spokesperson. At the meeting.

This time Zhou Xun chose a Chanel dress again, a fitted dress and an elegant detail design, but this time Zhou Xun really became Miss Chanel, which not only made her shape the most perfect this time, but also completely thoroughly. Make the whole person’s temperament greatly improve and change.


The style of the whole skirt is on the knee length, adding a lot of sexy and elegant feeling, and the tight silhouette and the classic fabric style make the whole skirt look particularly exquisite and unique. At the same time, this The shape of a personal body also made Zhou Xun’s good figure perfectly show.


There are many details in the body to modify the figure. Although it is a tight style, the short skirt is long and the proportion of the figure is extended to the greatest extent. And the design of the collar and the shape of the seven -point sleeve also makes the whole body sense of rich levels, with a lot of sexy, neckline, cuffs, pockets, and skirts stitching. At the same time, the white dress with a whole body is full of highlights, and the black bow in the middle of the neckline is the finishing touch of the whole body.


Zhou Xun, as the world, can interpret its own taste every time, especially wearing a classic suit, and you can wear your own ancient and strange sense of stunning, but to say that it is really amazing, it is really this this. Once, Zhou Xun, wearing a dress, felt like Miss Chanel was resurrected.

But now many stars can perform the unique and fashion sense of Chanel, which has also made Chanel’s most classic elegant style, and there are more possible changes. For example On the body, it breaks the inherent style of the brand. The original elegant and exquisite Chanel jacket, wearing it on Quan Zhilong, the size of the large size and the obvious shoulder pad design, all of which increased the sense of fashion style of the whole person. Coupled with accessories matching with accessories matching The colorful, let Quan Zhilong completely make Chanel’s style completely a big change.

Not long ago, Chanel’s exclusive supermodel


Amanda Sanchez showed his own set of pair mirror wear. AMANDA SANCHEZ, who has been in Chanel for 20 years, can wear Chanel taste even if it is a private server. The body’s vitality and sports style have a lot of elegance. The two styles with great contrasts are even more amazing and dazzling.

For the interpretation of stockings, amanda Sanchez also has her own unique way to wear. The sexy sexy of the black silk can also be worn by her full vitality. The checkered black stockings can be more difficult to wear more fashionable and high -level than the pure color thin black black black black black black. Feeling, but amanda Sanchez with black shorts and sneakers, but perfectly interpreted the elegance of vitality, coupled with white shirts, also made the classic black and white color matching more advanced. Therefore, there is really no kind of Chanel. In a specific style, one hundred people wear one hundred.


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